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Digital marketing trends for 2018

  1. 1 #DigitalPriorities Digital Marketing Priorities 2018 brought to you by Digital Marketing Trends 2018: From AI and AMPs to DMPs and PWAs Dr Dave Chaffey, co-founder and Content Director, Smart Insights
  2. 2 Latest Gartner Hype Cycles compilation
  3. 3 Today’s Agenda • AI and Machine Learning including NLG • AMPs and PWAs • DMPs including CDPs • CRO • GDPR • RACE Lifecycle optimization Smart Insights 2018 Digital marketing trends article
  4. 4 Co-founder and Editor of - a marketing advice community with > 1/2 million uniques/quarter. Premium members in over 100 countries use our planning guides, templates and online courses to Plan, Manage and Optimise their digital marketing. We also offer consulting and training for members. Digital Marketing strategist, consultant, trainer and author since ‘97 Free Basic membership About Dave Chaffey
  5. 5 Before we start… house keeping • A recording for the webinar will be sent via Email • Slides will be available via Smart Insights Slideshare • Please get involved with the interactions: • Share viewpoints or questions via #DigitalPriorities @SmartInsights • Give your views in the votes • Do ask questions at any point via the Questions panel • We will leave c10 minutes for questions at the end
  6. 6 How do your digital marketing skills rate? - Free digital skills assessment
  7. 7 … and your digital marketing capabilities? - Free capability review
  8. 8 AI and Machine Learning Practical marketing applications of artificial intelligence
  9. 9
  10. 10
  11. 11 Marketing AI options Source: Premium members Machine Learning and AI briefing
  12. 12 AI experimentation example Zalando’s vision • We wanted to ensure that we’re bringing data-informed decision making to the forefront of our processes by establishing a true data and experimentation culture that could ultimately become a competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing world. • Zalando has always been a data-driven company and analytics has been one of our key success factors. We believe that much of the success (or failure) of a product rides on data, and on how it is used. • This brought about the following question: How can we elevate Zalando to the next level of data-informed decision making? This is how the Product Analytics department came to life.
  13. 13 Predictive analytics for automation example Analysis of historical Transactions and customer profile data Predictive scoring of prospects and customers
  14. 14 NLG: Automated copywriting Sources: Phrasee for Email and Automated Insights / Wordsmith
  15. 15 AMPs Using Accelerated Mobile Pages project for SEO
  16. 16 An AMP example - served from Google’s servers
  17. 17 Do you AMP? • A. Yes – Have more > 1 year • B. Yes – previous year. • C. No – planned for 2018 • D. No – Not planned • E. Not sure
  18. 18 How do you compare?
  19. 19 Source: Two years of AMP pages – David Besbris, VP Google Search, AMP Lead at Google
  20. 20 Are you harnessing Google’s SERP features?
  21. 21 PWAs Progressive Web Apps
  22. 22
  23. 23 Pros and Cons? + Rapid install + download = better results + Less data transfer and can potentially work offline + Potentially single code base rather than separate Web vs iOS/Android native apps + Magento2 support - Rely on ‘Web App Manifest’ and ‘Service Workers’ - Apple don’t support yet in Webkit/iOS/Safari - React Native is another standard used by Facebook, AirBnB - Lack of skills since new?
  24. 24 DMPs and CDPs Data Management Platforms and Customer Data Platforms
  25. 25 Source: DMP 101 by Eddy Widerker DMP gives you an SCV…
  26. 26 Source: DMP 101 by Eddy Widerker Single Customer View for John
  27. 27 4 use cases Source: DMP 101 by Eddy Widerker Lookalike modelling / ProspectingMedia suppression Site / Email personalization Media personalization
  28. 28 CRO ‘Conversion Rate Optimization’
  29. 29 Q Are you REALLY mobile AND desktop optimised? NOT simply mobile first!
  30. 30 Q Are you mobile adaptive rather than responsive?
  31. 31 Rules-based Machine-driven AB testing 1:1 Optimisation Segmentation Q Which of these personalisation techniques do you use on site? Source: Retail Week
  32. 32 Example of brand messages: USPs and OVPs
  33. 33 Example of testing USPs/OVPs • An A/B test that included USPs on the homepage resulted in a 6.2% increase in new visitor conversion rate and a 3.7% increase in overall conversion rate. • Following this, Eurostar created targeted messaging for registered users to increase the number of registrations on site to help improve their customer insights. • Generating significant double-digit increases in conversions for new users
  34. 34 Google Optimize is now live Smart Insights Quick Wins
  35. 35 GDPR European General Data Protection and ePrivacy initiative
  36. 36 Q Are you ready for GDPR?
  37. 37 Smart Insights GDPR Briefing
  38. 38 RACE Lifecycle optimisation Plan > Reach > Act > Convert > Engage
  39. 39 Is your ‘always-on’ lifecycle marketing effective and efficient?
  40. 40 Customer lifecycle touchpoint review – filling gaps and optimisation needed!
  41. 41 Recommendation – report your MoM and YoY channel deltas through Google Analytics API Smart Insights RACE Digital Marketing Dashboard for Google Sheets Google’s Data Studio is a new option that uses GAAPI
  42. 42 A final trend - Conversational UIs?
  43. 43 B2B Conversational UI funnel nudge examples
  44. 44 Customised tools – the 4th Wave of Content Marketing Source: Scott Brinker, The 4th Wave of Content Marketing
  45. 45 Do you have the personal skills to compete? Try our Free Skills Assessment:
  46. 46 Have you reviewed your capability gap? Free benchmark templates:
  47. 47 Let’s Connect – Questions and discussion welcome!

Notas do Editor

  1. Take note when Google CEO Sundar Pichai says this
  2. Some examples in Awards mentioned performance improvements
  3. Others include Forbes, Washington Post, Myntra (Indian Ecommerce) company.
  4. Showing the need to integrate web experiences with other paid, owned, earned channels
  5. An example of automated real-time personalised messaging on Smart Insights