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Lead Generation on SlideShare: A How-to Guide

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Lead Generation on SlideShare: A How-to Guide

  1. 1. A LinkedIn Company
  2. 2. Lead Generation on SlideShare Let your audience find you—more than 70M professionals actively look for content like yours on SlideShare every month. You can convert this targeted audience into quality business leads. Attach a customizable lead form to your SlideShares and get: • LinkedIn Autofill functionality leads to higher form conversion • Capture leads from consumers on the go with mobile functionality • Customizable lead forms • Leads targeted by geography • Marketing automation integrations for quick and seamless leads review • More leads from more channels • Lead relevance • Actionable leads 01
  3. 3. Why use SlideShare for lead generation? Amplified REACH Lead RELEVANCE Actionable RESULTS As one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world with more than 70M professional users, SlideShare can help you distribute content at scale. More than 70% of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted search by users looking for content like yours. SlideShare also gets 5X more professional users than any other social platform. *ComScore The lead form can be customized for your needs, allows geo- targeting and reaches your audience on desktop and mobile to create quality leads. Because it places SlideShare’s content distribution power in your hands. + = 02
  4. 4. Ready to get started? 4 steps and you’re on your way to generating quality business leads 03
  5. 5. Step 1: You can start creating your lead form by clicking on “Collect Leads” in the navigation bar. Pick a presentation from “My Uploads” in your dashboard or upload a new one. 1 2 3 Choose upload Create Lead Form Review and Publish 04
  6. 6. Step 2: Set up your lead form This is internal and for your reference only. Eg: SlideShare Lead Gen Campaign 1_March. This is visible to your viewers. Quick and direct descriptions work best. Think about what information you need from your prospects. Decide on the placement of your lead form. This will directly impact the number of leads you generate. Add your lead form campaign budget and set geographic targeting Add custom questions: 1 2 3 Choose upload Create Lead Form Review and Publish 05
  7. 7. Step 3: Preview your lead form and publish LinkedIn Autofill leads to higher form conversions. When users share their LinkedIn details, the quality of leads is also likely to be higher. 1 2 3 Choose upload Create Lead Form Review and Publish 06
  8. 8. Step 4: Review your leads 1. Select Account Settings to sync Marketing Automation tools with your account. 2. Review your leads in the lead dashboard. Export a .csv file or view in Hubspot directly. 07
  9. 9. Best Practices 08
  10. 10. Picking the right SlideShare Optimize your content mix for lead generation. Case-studies and thought leadership content are most viewed during a buyer’s research phase. Expect high views but lower lead form conversions for such content. Tip: Ask less questions in the lead form. On the other hand, educational or promotional content is viewed when a buyer is interested in knowing more about your product/service. In this case, expect lower views but higher lead form conversions. This is your opportunity to ask your prospects more questions. 09
  11. 11. Titles are the start of your funnel Make sure your title accurately describes and sells your content. Tip: Don’t forget to add a detailed description to make your content more discoverable in search. Leverage SlideShare to boost your search visibility. 10
  12. 12. Entice your audience with eye-popping cover slides A book really is judged by its cover. This is what will initially attract viewers. Craft a cover slide that people can’t resist clicking on.
  13. 13. Where to place the lead form Slide placement impacts the number of leads you generate and the quality of leads. • For example, attaching a lead form when the viewer reaches the last slide or has downloaded your SlideShare is likely to capture relatively less, but higher quality leads. It indicates the viewer’s interest in that piece of content/topic. • Attaching a lead form in the middle of the SlideShare can get you a higher number of leads given that a lot of users tend to drop off before the end of the SlideShare. • A/B test the slide placement and find the right balance for your needs. 12
  14. 14. Distribution is Key Embed on the Web: Expand your reach by embedding your SlideShares in blog articles, websites, LinkedIn posts and more. Great content is not great until it reaches the right audience. Be Social: Reach more viewers by sharing your SlideShare content on social media, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. 13
  15. 15. More best practices for lead generation success. Social Media Examiner (2013)SalesForce (2014)HubSpot (2014) Some product information in the above articles may be outdated. Please reach out to us at support@slideshare.com for any questions/clarifications. SlideShare is the best place to leverage the high intent of an audience that’s engaged with your content already.