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How Framebench Got 500 Signups in 3 Days

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How Framebench Got 500 Signups in 3 Days

  1. 1. Success Stories How Framebench used SlideShare to get 500 signups in 3 days Attracting new customers is an ongoing challenge for startups. This success story highlights how Framebench used SlideShare to promote its brand and attract customer leads – all with one presentation. When Rohit Agarwal, Founder of Framebench, wanted to increase usage of his company’s new product, he turned to social media. He spread the word about the product via his company channels on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and on the Framebench blog. But he was aware that the reach of his own channels had limitations. Content marketing was a powerful tool to increase visibility for Framebench, but it would not deliver results if limited to only his company’s social media platforms. Agarwal decided to turn to SlideShare.“With a reach of 55 million monthly users and a professional audience, SlideShare seemed like the right platform for us,” Agarwal said. “It took care of one side of content marketing – the content distribution.” Reaching a wider audience Framebench’s first upload to SlideShare was in September. It was based on a blog post, which was converted into a visual presentati on. It garnered about 8,000 views. While the number wasn’t huge to Agarwal, it was enough for him to know that the platform had traction. The next SlideShare Agarwal uploaded was better designed. It was a presentation titled, “How to manage Client Feedback – for designers,” and it received 400,000 views in just two weeks! A way to impact key business metrics What is Framebench? Framebench is a visual collaboration tool built by designers for designers. It aims to change the way creative teams and individuals share real- time feedback and review images, videos and PDFs. http://slidesha.re/1fqjDeX “ Rohit Agarwal Founder, Framebench ” 450,000 Views on a presentation led to: 500 Shares and even more followers on social media 500 Sign-ups in 3 days 75 Leads Key Metrics SlideShare helped us move metrics such as more sign-ups, more followers on social media and more shares. For best results, create quirky, well designed and new content for SlideShare.
  2. 2. Success Stories Framebench will continue to leverage SlideShare as a critical social channel that can generate real business leads and traffic. “There will be a more focused content strategy behind sharing on SlideShare,” Agarwal said. According to him, “quirky, simple, yet attractive content” works well on the platform. He analyzed top content on SlideShare and also found that SlideShares should be “new and well-designed to garner more views.” Browse more success stories on our blog. Want to leverage SlideShare for content marketing and lead generation? Visit our plans page for more details. Focused content strategy Quick tips to increase the quality of your leads via Slideshare: Optimize your content for Google search. SlideShare presentations have high influence in search results. If your presentations are optimized for keywords that you’d like to be associated with, you are likely to attract relevant customers. Use LeadShare’s “Get in Touch” button rather than making lead forms mandatory. This will make your leads more qualified. Agarwal promoted the SlideShare on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and got more than 500 shares. SlideShare also began to promote it as featured content because it was trending on social media. The popularity on SlideShare impacted two major metrics for Framebench. Having the presentation featured on SlideShare gave a lot of visibility to Framebench. It increased its website traffic and led to 500 sign-ups for the product in just three days! Having signed up for a SlideShare PRO account, Framebench had access to LeadShare — a service that collects leads directly on the uploaded SlideShare. In just two weeks, the lead limit for his level of PRO service (75 leads) was exhausted. But generating leads does not necessarily mean more business. Leads need to be qualified to be meaningful. For Framebench, business is defined by active usage of its tool. And the leads from SlideShare directly led to active usage. LeadShare generated 75 leads for Framebench, 20% of which were qualified, and about 5% of which were active users. Of the 500 sign-ups, 45% are currently active users of the product. That’s a great hit rate from just one SlideShare.