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10 Million Uploads: Our Favorites

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As SlideShare hit 10 million uploads -- thanks to all of you! -- we at SlideShare took a step back to reflect on all the great presentations we've seen over the years.


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10 Million Uploads: Our Favorites

  2. 2. Sometimes a presentation that wasn’t initially designed tobe posted on SlideShare is. This presentation by SequoiaCapital devastated the private equity market and acceleratedthe recession in the Silicon Valley at the least.”ROSS MAYFIELD, Marketing & Biz Dev“
  3. 3. My all-time favorite is probably ShiftHappens. This was thewinner of our first contest and I think this presentationheralded a new era in presentation design.”RASHMI SINHA, Co-founder & CEO“
  4. 4. SlideShares biggest contribution to the web is the idea thatprofessional content can have a social life — and this Netflixdeck stands testimony to this idea. It continues to inspiremillions of people every day in their professional lives.”AMIT RANJAN, Co-founder“
  5. 5. Some works are classic. ‘Brand Gap’ shows how cleverlyand creatively crafted content stands apart and is a potenttool for mass education. It should be a staple in advertisingand branding curriculum.”ARCHANA KULSHRESTHA, Content Evangelist“
  6. 6. “Lets face it, PowerPoint is todays business lingua franca — yetvery little consideration is given to the actual design of the deckitself. This is why Jesse Dees evocative You Suck at PowerPointis so spot-on. If you are interested in using SlideShare as amedium for content marketing, you need to avoid thesemistakes at all costs and, ultimately, not suck at PowerPoint.”KEVIN FISHER, Global Solutions & Services
  7. 7. “The battle that makes up the face of web operations is changing.Developers cannot live to fight battles in a pre-productionenvironment only. Production is the new battle field and a newsoldier can save the day. Long live Dev Ops!”CASEY ABERNATHY, Software Engineer
  8. 8. “This was the moment when I knew my co-worker and I weregoing to be fast friends.”CASEY BROWN, Senior Site Reliability Engineer
  9. 9. “The ‘build, deploy, measure, start over’ cycle should beembraced by every web company.”SYLVAIN KALACHE, Operations Engineer
  10. 10. “Previously Mary Meeker published insights on the Internetindustry through Morgan Stanleys equity research team. Havingmoved over to KPCB it was awesome to see Marys report andinsights available for free across the world, on SlideShare. I thinkthis distribution of fantastic content is at the core of whatSlideShare does for our community, and at the heart of howSlideShare can change the world at massive scale!”JOHN LOOF, Associate Product Manager
  11. 11. “This presentation inspires me to prioritize and do morein limited time.”AMIT SAWHNEY, Senior Product Manager
  12. 12. “Why make your own mistakes, when you can learnfrom someone else’s experiences?”ARPIT DHARIWAL, Product Manager
  13. 13. “‘What people say they want and what they’re willing to worktheir asses off to get are two different things.’ — Hugh MacLeodSo what are YOU willing to do? Life is a journey — make itfreakin spectacular!”PRANAV PRAKASH, Software Engineer
  14. 14. “This mouth-watering presentation is a treat for the eyes andmakes the taste-buds nostalgic, which is at the heart of it. Afterseeing the presentation, I feel on my tongue the words ofWordsworth: ‘And then my heart with pleasure fills…’ ”UPALI BASU, Analyst
  15. 15. “How do you continue moving fast at scale? This deck introducedus to the idea of DevOps and influenced our thinking aboutreleasing software. One of the most powerful ideas that shapedSlideShare.”KAPIL MOHAN, Technical Architect
  16. 16. “Great use of a presentation to summarize how we shouldall be thinking about our career, our development and ourprofessional success.”REHAN MOHAMMAD, Business Operations Manager
  17. 17. “This is a fun, visually engaging presentation that showsthat anyone can take just about any topic and turn it intoa page-tuner.”MARISA WONG, Managing Editor
  18. 18. “It reminds me of the two years I lived in Japan, andoffers great advice for anyone who is looking to visit!”BEN WOODARD, Customer Evangelist
  19. 19. “The web is out there for you to play and have fun. Lots of fun!”NEHA JAIN, Software Engineer
  20. 20. “‘Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected’— William PlomerConnecting the success saga of one of the most famous videos ofour time to email marketing strategy is the purest and truest formof creativity . And oh yes, the preso is awesomely kewl too!”SAPTARSHI CHATTERJEE, Software Engineer
  21. 21. “This presentation explains the competition and the businesslandscape around Facebook very well. Added: a theoreticalexplanation of how the concepts that make Facebook wereenvisioned, and why they are so strong emotional motivators.”ARINDAM CHAKRABORTY, Software Engineer
  22. 22. “I have some slides from this deck pasted on my workstationto remind me of these best practices daily.”AKASH AGRAWAL, Principal Engineer
  23. 23. “This presentation summarizes the principles of Steve Jobs, whogave us some of the most wonderful products. I try to imbibe thesame principles in my work and life.”NIKHIL CHANDNA, UX Designer
  24. 24. “This has given me the most smiles!”SHIRSENDU ‘TROY’ KARMAKAR, Senior Software Engineer
  25. 25. “I started appreciating this more and more after reading Eric Ries’‘The Lean Startup ’”PRASHANT VERMA, Engineering Manager
  26. 26. “This pretty much pioneered the visual resumé meme and theminimalist presentation design movement.”ARUN J, Principal Designer
  27. 27. “Social networks are valuable. This deck gives you tips on how toengage your networks with a bunch of stats and pretty pictures.”ELLIS WENG, Software Engineer