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Tried and Tested Tips for Customer Satisfaction

Quality customer service is vital for any organization's growth and success. Show your customers you truly care with these tried and tested tips.

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Tried and Tested Tips for Customer Satisfaction

  2. 2. Source: Econsultancy CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS A PRIORITY IN THE RETAIL INDUSTRY Here are some tips to make your customers happy. It indicates repurchase intentions It differentiates a retailer from its competitors It acquires new and retains old customers It lessens negative word of mouth
  3. 3. Source: Econsultancy TREAT THE CUSTOMER LIKE A BOSS In a study conducted among 5,000 UK shoppers, respondents said customer service is the most important area retailers should focus on. High-quality products - 56% Low prices - 55% Efficient customer service - 61% Three most important areas for customers: 1
  4. 4. HANDLE CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS LIKE A PRO Be sorry for the inconvenience Empathize; put yourself in the customer’s shoes Listen sincerely to the customer Get all the facts before offering a solution Ensure the customer is happy with the solution 2
  5. 5. SURPRISE CUSTOMERS WITH GIFTS OR EXTRAS Source: Yahoo | HelpScout 3 THE GIFTS CAN BE GRAND: In 2013, WestJet arranged for a virtual Santa to ask Calgary- bound passengers what Christmas gifts they’d like. When their flight landed, the passengers were presented with the gifts they had named. Video of the event went viral. OR SIMPLE: In a classic 2002 study, a restaurant’s waiters began offering each customer a mint as they were leaving. This small act increased tip amounts by up to 23%.
  6. 6. Source: BoxTechnologies DON’T KEEP CUSTOMERS WAITING In a study conducted among UK shoppers, customers felt dissatisfied due to long queues. 4 Reconsider a purchase due to queuing times 41% Turn to a competitor with a quicker queue time 74% Avoid shops if they perceive the queue to be too long 86%
  7. 7. LISTEN TO CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Areas to consider in a customer satisfaction survey: Price Customer service Product Repeat purchase intention Probability of recommendation 5
  8. 8. Source: Traf-Sys PERSONALIZE YOUR SERVICE 78% of consumers are more likely to be repeat customers if they receive targeted, personalized offers from a retailer. 6
  9. 9. DRAW ATTENTION TO SOCIAL PROOFS Help customers justify their purchases with social proofs such as: Testimonials Ratings Stories Customer reviews 7
  10. 10. "Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement." ~ James Cash Penney, Founder, J.C. Penney Stores Thank You
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