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Must Read Branding Tips That Attract Loyal Customers

What does your company promise to your customers? Does your brand convey such promise? Hope this presentation helps you boost your brand. Don't forget to click the play buttons on Slides 10 and 14.

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Must Read Branding Tips That Attract Loyal Customers

  2. What do Apple, McDonalds, Starbucks and Toyota have in common?
  3. THEY HAVE SUCCESSFUL BRANDS But what is a brand ? What makes a brand successful ?
  4. “A brand is defined by a set of values and promises made by a company. It’s not something you wear or use – it lives in the consumer’s head and heart. You don’t own it – your customer does.” Scott Bedbury WHAT DOES THIS DEFINITION IMPLY?
  5. CREATE A BRAND that represents your company’s voice 1 What do you believe in? What are you here for? What makes you different?
  6. NIKE STANDS FOR FITNESS. JUST DO IT The slogan encourages you to fight against laziness and procrastination, and to choose to be healthy.
  7. MAKE YOUR BRAND VISIBLE AND RECOGNIZABLE 2  Logo  Tagline  Packaging  Brochures  Website  Shirts  Calendars  Giveaways
  8. It uses minimalist design for their products, packaging, and outlet stores. Apple values simplicity.
  9. 31% FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMER’S EMOTION 3 Analysis of data from the UK-based Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) states that campaigns with pure emotional content reported the largest profit. Emotional Combined Rational %ReportingVery LargeProfitGains Source: BufferApp 16% 26%
  10. www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7pijrAOLdg MONSTER.COM PRODUCED THE DEPRESSING WHEN I GROW UP COMMERCIAL IN 1999 It gave the website 400 more searches per minute than before the ads ran. Source: Entrepreneur
  11. You sell toothpaste Customers buy freshness and confidence 4 BE AWARE OF YOUR MARKET’S NEEDS Customers don’t buy what you sell
  12. THESE FAMOUS SLOGANS SELL? WHAT DO FINGER LICKIN' GOOD Tastiness, not food IT'S EVERYWHERE YOU WANT TO BE Convenience, not credit card CONNECTING PEOPLE Relationships, not phones SAVE MONEY. LIVE BETTER. Prudence, not cheap products
  13. 5 CONCENTRATE on storymaking STORYMAKING You tap into the stories people share with others. STORYTELLING You tell customers your brand’s story. Source: Adage
  14. You hug it, it returns the favor with a can of coke. COCA-COLA HUG MACHINE Coke is a great STORYMAKER of HAPPINESS Lots of happy stories from students. RESULTS
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