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Youth should take the roles in nation building only (Autosaved)

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Youth should take the roles in nation building only (Autosaved)

  1. 1. Youth’s role in nation building 1 Youth should take the roles in nation building only Name: Siratun Nur Bin Rahman ID: 15104060 Section: 007 Course: ENG091 Spring’15 BRAC University Submission Date: 05-04-2015 Faculty: Md. Mizanur Rahman
  2. 2. Youth’s role in nation building 2 Outline Paragraph-1: Introduction a) Introductory sentence b) Background information c) Thesis statement: In my opinion youth should take role in nation building only as they are active, enthusiastic and they have the ability to make the change in the country. Paragraph-2: Argument-1 1) Main idea: Young people are interested in bringing change to the nation. 2) Supporting details: a) New ideas b) Enthusiasm c) Energetic d) Work hard Paragraph-3: Argument-2 1) Main idea: They can communicate easily. 2) Supporting details: a) Communication is easy for them. b) Idea about reacting with people. c) Can convince people. d) Can make friendship easily. Paragraph-4: Argument-3 1) Main idea: Handling the new generation. 2) Supporting details: a) Knowledge about the change b) Can cope up with the change c) Understanding the consequences of the change d) Idea about ups and downs
  3. 3. Youth’s role in nation building 3 Paragraph-5: I) Counter argument: a) Lack of experience b) Taking decisions rapidly II) Refutation: a) Experience is not necessary for doing something new. b) By taking rapid decision problems can be solved rapidly Paragraph-6: Conclusion: I) Restatement: Youth should take the role in nation building only II) Call for action: a) Inspire b) Training c) Support
  4. 4. Youth’s role in nation building 4 “Youth should take roles in nation building only” The role of nation building is a very much responsible and important work. The people who work for nation building should be reliable and trustworthy. The youth generation of today’s era are taking much interest in nation building issues. They have creativity and they are also willing to bring a positive change in the nation. In my opinion youth should take role in nation building only as they are active, enthusiastic and they have the ability to make the change. Firstly the young people are much interested to bring a change to the nation they have many new and innovative ideas about making a positive change in the nation and they also have the ability of solving problems in new and easy ways. The youth has enthusiasm to make the nation better and they also can contribute a lot in nation building. They are very energetic to their work and they do not get tired of doing something so easily. They can work very hard to achieve their determined goals. Thus they can bring a change to the nation by working for it. Secondly the youth are very good with communication. They can communicate with people easily and they do not hesitate to talk with strangers. They have better idea about dealing with people and they also know where to express their feelings and where to keep their mouth shut. They can be very intimate with people with their friendly behavior with them. They can convince people with their innovative point of view so that the people agree with them happily. They can make friendship with the people and they can understand their demands, problems etc. and they can take steps to solve them. A nation stands upon the people and having good communication with the people can help a lot to build it properly. Thirdly the youth are from the new generation and they know many things about technologies, lifestyle and many more of this modern age. Many things have been changed in this new era and since the youth are from this era so they have the clear idea and knowledge about the changes. They can cope up with changes easily and it helps keeping themselves up to date with everything. They can clearly understand the consequences of the changes in the nation and take proper control over it. They can assume what kind of ups and downs they would have to face to bring a change in the nation and thus they can prepare themselves for the odds and contribute to the nation building. People may say that the youth do not have any experience in nation building so it’s good to keep them away from taking role in nation building. They may also accuse them about taking decisions rapidly. But I would say that it is not at all necessary to have experience for doing something new. If you want to do something new then you just simply need to do it. You will not have to wait for gaining experience to do that. If the decision is not taken immediately or rapidly then how can anyone solve a problem as early as
  5. 5. Youth’s role in nation building 5 possible? They take rapid decision only to find a solution of the problem thus the people will not have to suffer for a long time. In the end, we can agree to the fact that only youth should take role in nation building thus we can make a developed nation. The government should inspire the youth to take role in nation building and need to give them inspiration and proper training. Above all, the government as well as the people is supportive to the youth.