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  1. Music Video Ideas by Andjela Roganovic
  2. Synopsis A music video synopsis is a one-page summary that familiarises the reader (producers, investors, directors, theatres, agents, etc.) with the plot, characters, and placement of songs within video. The music video synopsis should achieve two things. First, it should convey the basic plot and characters of the video. Secondly, it should be intriguing! We will use the following steps to create the content for our synopsis:
  3. Music Video Idea 1 • This music video will be filmed in a urban setting and it will focus on depicting the nature and the characteristics of specific area and the lead character connection with the area he lives in, as well as his inner aspirations and desires. • The video will portray social and economic dilapidation, and it will be a homage and ode to his hometown with the snapshots of the characters daily realities. • The video will show scenes of the area as the character drives the car in order to pick up his girlfriend. • The lead character during the driving and waiting scenes will perform the song. • The car will be used as a statues symbol. • In addition to the main footage a cut away shots of a girlfriend getting ready for a date could be interlaced.
  4. Music Video Idea 1 Mood board
  5. Music Video Idea 1 Pros & Cons Pros • Follows and depicts visually and stylistically music genre symbolism • Not demanding and time consuming shooting schedule • Only one character • Accessible locations • Not official permission needed • Low budget • Minimum crew required Cons • Difficult and demanding to film inside the moving car • Passerbyers might disrupt and prolong the filming • Appropriate car needed
  6. Music Video Idea 2 • This music video idea will be focused on an artist recording the song in a music studio. • The intro scenes will show artist making final corrections to the song before stepping into a recording booth. • The studio footage will be used as a main visual anchor for the viewer. • The video will cross-cut between the artist recording and story scenes shot in different locations. • The story scenes will depict flashbacks and snapshots of his previous relationship and those scenes will be matched with a specific verses from the song.
  7. Music Video Idea 2 Mood board
  8. Music Video Idea 2 Pros & Cons Pros • Visually interesting and appealing • Main footage filmed in a controlled environment • Stylistic contrast with recoding sequence and memory flashbacks • Emotional response and link between the lyric and moving image Cons • Access to recording studio • Studio staff/extras needed • Filming of varied locations
  9. Music Video Idea 3 • This music video idea will depict a flirting phone video call between a couple. • The video will be intertwined with camera and actual phone recorder footage. • Both characters will be in their bedroom wearing casual informal cloths. • The video will portray male protagonist singing the song, while the female character will mainly depict reaction to the lyrics. • The video could be in some segments, edited in a two slip screen mode. • The video will not be explicit but rather it will be suggestive. • The end of the video could be interacted by somebody knocking or barging into the bedroom of one of the characters.
  10. Music Video Idea 3 Mood board
  11. Music Video Idea 3 Pros & Cons Pros • Intimate depiction of relationship that can appeal to female audience • Suggestive and flirtatious scenes • Filmed indoors and in a controlled environment • Only two characters needed • Use of POV phone footage Cons • Filming separately and on different location • Emotional and reveling acting needed • Demanding and time consuming editing
  12. Music Video Idea 4 Version 1 • This music video idea will show characters of different age, style, and ethnicity walking into the shot from different directions and lip-sync a line from the song while dancing. • As they walk in they will disrupt in a humorous and in a slapstick comedy way the character that was performing before them. Version 2 • In contrast to version 1 in this idea varied characters in regards to age, appearance and entity walk in front of the camera sideways from left to right. • As they step in front of the camera they lip-sync a line from the song and then they step out as another character steps in. • The whole footage will be filmed using still camera framed to roughly medium shot. • The green screen can be used in post-production to add textual or visual graphical elements. Floor Plan Version 1 Floor Plan Version 2 MS
  13. Music Video Idea 4 Pros & Cons Pros • Untypical video for the music genre • Filmed using static camera • Humorous style • Resembles art video installation work • Visual simplicity Cons • Large number of extras needed • Long rehearsal time prior to filming • Difficulty to achieve continuity if it is not filmed in one take • Access to large studio • Advance post-production techniques needed if the footage for the green screen is to be added
  14. Music Video Idea 4 Mood board
  15. Music Video Idea 5 • This music video idea is inspired by TV music talent competition contested by aspiring singers and musicians. • The video will be filmed in a fake/mock documentary style and it will depict the search for new trap/hip hop artist that will represent NEO. • The video will capture judging panel reactions, the atmosphere during the casting, artist performance as well behind the scene footage. • The video can be split into three main sections. The first one would be casting selection, the middle and most important section would be selected contestants performing segments from the song and the final segment would be the announcement of the winner.
  16. Music Video Idea 5 Mood board
  17. Music Video Idea 4 Pros & Cons Pros • Documentary style that mocks mainstream music and instant celebrity culture • Story telling narrative structure Cons • Large number of cast • Filming on different location • Demanding pre-production • Access to studio