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TSE | B2B Lead Gen Solutions | 2020

  1. Precision Targeted Marketing Solutions
  2. Exhibition opportunity fall through? What now? Let’s not beat around the bush - field marketers including exhibitions in their lead generation strategies are suddenly finding themselves at a loss with trade shows, conferences and large gatherings being cancelled or postponed. The good news is that their leads are still out there, and with fewer opportunities to attend large gatherings to make connections, they’re dedicating more time to sourcing solutions through other channels, like the Web. All that’s needed is a way to connect field marketers with their target audiences online.
  3. The greatest challenges in B2B Marketing ● Generating MQLs ● Passing MQLs To Sales Faster ● Meeting GDPR & Global Privacy Standards ● Executing on account-based marketing initiatives ● Proving ROI from marketing efforts
  4. LinkedIn’s potential to accelerate the B2B marketing funnel is unmatched owing to their B2B user base. but the tactics needed to facilitate the LinkedIn lead journey remain unconnected. We design programmes with fully managed, end-to-end services to solve connecting the golden thread for B2B buyers. ● B2B targeting & personalization ● Lead Forms with qualifying criteria ● End-to-end privacy controls ● Full funnel ABM paths ● Full funnel conversion and ROI tracking How a managed LinkedIn programme can help
  5. LinkedIn Integrated Tactics Segmentation & personalization After establishing personas, we segment your audiences by multiple demographic parameters (geo, seniority, industry, function, role, tenure, skills etc.) and interests to serve the most resonant messaging to each segment at the right time. How we use LinkedIn to ensure client success Always-on agile improvement Our dedicated team optimises every campaign and audience segment throughout the acquisition phases to ensure your budget goes further. Multiple Paths Your audiences have diverse online behaviours and preferences. We cover all major routes through the platform to ensure full coverage and optimal budget distribution.
  6. A fully integrated and optimised LinkedIn strategy leverages the interconnectivity of these four key pillars. Opportunity Nurture Reach Full funnel Insight Lead Ads Retargeting Linkedin Company Page Linkedin Ad Suite Linkedin Groups LinkedIn Social Selling The LinkedIn Marketing Suite in Action Content Strategy Each pillar and funnel layer uses different yet complementary content types to nurture audiences through the funnel. Sponsored Ads Four Pillars 1. LinkedIn Social Selling 2. LinkedIn Ad Suite 3. LinkedIn Groups 4. LinkedIn Company PageWe bring the entire LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Suite to bear on your business need, or carefully select those pillars that will have the highest impact and craft a campaign based on your segmented personas. Personas and Audience Segmentation Strategy and segment-based ad variations
  7. WEBSITE RE-ENGAGEMENT Leads are offered a consultative meeting with sales Website activity for each account is tracked and followed up on with retargeting. DIRECT MESSAGING ACCOUNT-BASED ANALYTICS First touch - Interest targeting - B2B Programmatic - Persona focused - AGILITY Persona based messaging Creative refresh in every phase Optimize bidding Prioritize Account Engagement Re-targeting - Opt-in more contacts - Upsell new products - Upload email lists Account Expansion - Include decision making unit - B2B Programmatic - Account focused Includes privacy policy opt-in and custom qualifying questions OPT-IN MORE INFO CTA LEAD ESCALATION LINKEDIN LEAD FORM LINKEDIN ADVERTISING Native and programmatic advertising. Provide opportunity to convert Full funnel ABM paths
  8. Global Arc: Highly targeted Case Study - Global Arc Global ARC events convene a network of the world’s foremost pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations and asset managers, offering investors a dispassionate, incisive analysis of geopolitical, economic and investment issues. With their narrow audience of institutional investors and asset managers, LinkedIn was the natural choice for helping them develop, implement, and provide measurable return on a year-round digital communications strategy LinkedIn Tactics Used ● Social Selling with 1st level connection email extraction ● Profile Growth ● Community Management ● Social Media Management (incl. Facebook, Twitter) ● Research & Extract Competitors’ Groups The extraction of 1st level connections’ email addresses proved to be a great addition to the social selling process, helping grow their database of decision makers at Asset Management firms and hand-picked Institutional Investors from desired accounts. This audience can now receive content updates and personalized inbox communications. ● 2628 LinkedIn connections growth 209 Investor leads generated through Social Selling 110 Asset Manager leads generated through Social Selling 3307 Emails retrieved from LinkedIn 1526 Investors email addresses retrieved 1781 Asset Manager email addresses retrieved 3544 unique emails generated through social selling and email extraction 210 Asset Managers community members growth. 180 Investors community members growth.
  9. How we generated 140 on-target leads for F5 & Red Hat Case Study - F5 & Red Hat F5 - a global company specialising in application services and application delivery networking (ADN) - and one of their suppliers, Red Hat - the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions - sought our assistance in helping them break into the DevOps movement in South Africa. Our solution was a campaign built around an integrated LinkedIn journey, culminating in a highly relevant, tailored local event: ● We kept costs low with a strong incentive to reduce cost per lead. Our proprietary bidding strategies also beat market rates for B2B leads by a massive 96%. ● We kept the campaign performance high with super-targeted parameters (specific locations, industries, company sizes, interests, titles and seniority) ● We optimised the lead journey for frictionless data capture, using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms in a novel and innovative way, embedding survey questions into each form. Registration Rate Optimisation - Heat Maps LinkedIn Advertising (matched audiences) KPI Leads required 40 Achieved Leads obtained 140 $28.57 Achieved Cost per lead $208 Industry Avg. Cost per lead
  10. How we generated 50x ROI for F5’s NGINX Business Breakfast Case Study - F5 NGINX F5 is a global company specialising in application services and application delivery networking (ADN). F5 invites potential clients to Business Breakfasts where they can receive value and have questions answered by specialists in real time. Key Result: 8 attendees acquired with potential business of $200,000 generated. Our Solution Based on our experience marketing internal corporate events, we implemented a highly targeted, ABM-focused social recruitment campaign via LinkedIn. Not only does LinkedIn allow us to target the right audience, it also gives us the opportunity to personalise the messaging to the audience. Owing to the niche audience and personalization potential, the campaign required a strong indication of interest, we took an agile approach to ensure that our messaging adequately communicated F5’s industry expertise and firmly established the event as a valuable opportunity to network, connect and gain valuable insight around multi cloud solutions. Attendees acquired Potential business generated ROI per attendee 8 (50% of total attendees) Over $200,000 $24,500
  11. The art of B2B communities Case Study - IOT & Security We’ve dozens of industry leading technology communities on LinkedIn. We specialize in building and maintaining engagement in these communities for business outcomes (sales, engagement & thought leadership) to engage Some of our the communities we’re proudest of Positioning & Theme Member growth Content & Engagement Proactive Community Management
  12. The Team Meet our team of LinkedIn professionals We believe anything can be accomplished when excellent individuals work together in a tight-knit team. We’ve assembled a diverse group of customer-centric B2B Marketing Professionals whose sole purpose it is to seek new and inventive ways to show our clients ROI and provide superior customer service. Nick Nel Client Success Manager Husain Senior Project Manager Wayne Analytics Specialist Zaid Head of Design Grafton Online B2B Community Manager Regan George CEO and Founder Joseph Online B2B Community Lead Elisah Senior Project Manager Cairn Paid Media Specialist Sergei Copywriter Matthew Social Sales Enablement Lead Eben Meyer Managing Partner, B2B Solutions
  13. Our services 1. LinkedIn Audience Research 2. LinkedIn Paid Media Programmes 3. Community Build & Management 4. Company Page Growth and Management 5. Content Creation 6. Linkedin Event Management 7. Sales enablement programmes through LinkedIn 8. Account-based Website Analytics
  14. Clients What they have to say about us…. Nicole Bono Marketing Director, Fuel Education “I am astounded by the engagement, the Community continues to generate trackable leads, The Social Effect are true partners” Chriselna Welsh Field Marketing Manager, SSA Region at F5 “Thank you for all your hard work and efforts this year to make each campaign a success! It’s been a great year yet again and I would not have been able to do what I do without my digital marketing superheroes! I can truly say that your team is an extension of our team and a great business partner to work with. (Plus the fact that you guys are just genuinely nice people makes my job even easier). ”
  15. Clients What they have to say about us…. Gary West VP, Europe “You have turned on a constant flow of highly qualified ISV leads for Salesforce at a fraction of the cost of using traditional marketing channels” Tara Lovelock Marketing Director, Messe Frankfurt “Nothing but positive comment regarding The Social Effect’s outsourced community management solutions. All expectations exceeded! ”
  16. Clients What they have to say about us…. Mike Anstey CEO, Pilot Lite Venture “Our community has saved us thousands in buying databases and has led to a 100x ROI” Lisa-Marie Thaden Program Architect, IDG Germany “I had the pleasure to work on several projects with the social effect. What all project had in common: great consultancy,dedicated program managers and overall an exceptional client centricity. Programs included lead generation, social selling and virtual event campaigns.”
  17. Clients What they have to say about us…. Chriselna Welsh Field Marketing Manager, SSA Region at F5 “The DevOps campaign run with The Social Effect had resulted in a much better than expected outcome as we managed to quickly and effectively reach (and exceed) the measurables for the campaign. The campaign was also very well thought out and incorporated various digital marketing tactics to attract and drive engagement from a new group of personas. We also gained valuable insights into the local DevOps community and their areas of concern and interest.”
  18. Clients Some of our Clients
  19. Paid Social Media Tactics Other channels that work for B2B Paid Digital Tactics ● Content Sharing/Tagging (proprietary) ● LinkedIn Events ● Traffic & awareness ads ● Ads (multiple formats incl. video) ● Connect & Invite (proprietary) ● Traffic & awareness ads ● Targeting followers/look-a-likes of competing companies ● Multiple ad formats (incl. video) ● Traffic & awareness ads ● Custom Audience (proprietary using LinkedIn data) ● Native & Lookalike audiences ● Facebook audience network (20+ million other websites, apps etc) ● Multiple ad formats (incl. video) ● Event Page ● Retargeting ads ● Traffic and awareness ads ● Leveraging Facebook audience targeting (mentioned above) ● Multiple ad formats (incl. video) ● Awareness & traffic ads ● Pre-roll video (ads) ● Retargeting (Google audiences) ● Programmatic Advertising ● Programmatic Retargeting ● AR Display network ads ● Programmatic Advertising ● Dynamic Retargeting ● Geolocation ads ● Analytics ● Retargeting ● Display network ● Programmatic advertising ● Search ads Our Agile Methodology: each channel, ad creative/copy, format is tested against the other/s to optimise and isolate the best ROI on ad spend.
  20. The Social Effect Limited | +1 628 867 8260 | | Linkedin Community Ready to reignite your lead generation? Let’s chat