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  1. 1. Helping Customer Communications Work Better
  2. 2. Xerox Internal Use Only Evolving trends and customer dynamics 2 December 2, 2016 Source: 1) InfoTrends; 2) Accenture; 3) Monetate; 38%of customers want communications that are more personalized and easier to read(1) 6%of companies have a personalization strategy(3) 34%of customers want to be able to select their communications preferences(1) 65%of customers are frustrated by inconsistent experiences across channels(2)
  3. 3. Xerox Internal Use Only Evolving trends and customer dynamics 3 December 2, 2016 Source: InfoTrends Micro to Mega: Trends in Business Communications Enterprise StudyResearch, November 2015 “Enterprises seek partners with broad capabilities in order to enhance the customer experience.” “Digital media spending is outpacing print spend, but both are vital and play distinct roles.”
  4. 4. Customer expectations, business processes, technology, and the use of data have changed at a radical new pace. As such, strategically managing your communications is fundamental to creating – and maintaining – an excellent customer experience. 4 December 2, 2016
  5. 5. Multiple ResponsesPermitted N = 800 Enterprises in Western Europe and North America Source: Customer Engagement Technologies State of the Market Study, InfoTrends 2015 Improving customer experience is a priority. 5 December 2, 2016
  6. 6. We believe that relevant and timely customer communication is the key to an effective customer experience. Since the journey is no longer linear, a holistic approach is required across the customer lifecycle. 6 December 2, 2016
  7. 7. Xerox Internal Use Only f December 2, 2016 We enable relevant communications that support the Customer Experience Lifecycle. 7 Need Receive Use Maintain Recommend Grow Acquire Onboard Serve MARKET ANDSELL SUPPORT ANDSERVE Select Research Purchase
  8. 8. 8 December 2, 2016 Customer Lifecycle Onboard Serve GrowAcquire Promotional Communications Business and Transactional CommunicationsCategories The Xerox Communication Services Continuum Communications Advisory ServicesConsulting Helping to transform the way the world communicates and shares content. Document Publishing Services Collateral Management Services Demand Generation Services Transactional Print & Mail Services Inbound and Outbound Digital Services Product Information Management Services Multichannel Communications Services Service Offerings
  9. 9. f It’s not just a service, it’s a complete ecosystem of capabilities designed to deliver Communication Process Management 9 December 2, 2016
  10. 10. By helping you identify and transform key communication touch points across each customer journey, we can deliver a truly transformative service that will significantly improve business effectiveness, relevance and results. December 2, 201610 Our value proposition:
  11. 11. Step 2: After consolidation Step 3: Re-engineered for effective messaging Step 1: Document consolidation Step 4: Interactive multi-channel delivery Print or emailed PDFPrint Interactive 1st Generation 2nd Generation Next Generation Creating one clear consistent communication across all channels is critical. 11 December 2, 2016
  12. 12. Let me show you what executives like yourselves are deciding… December 2, 201612
  13. 13. Solution End-to-end management of design, content creation, translation, print and digital delivery of glove box content while maintaining needed regulatory compliance. Automotive Results Improved customer experience with relevant content personalize to each VIN number. Enhanced brand differentiation. VIN-drivenpersonalization and multi-channel delivery make standard glove box content accessible and relevant for each new owner. December 2, 201613
  14. 14. Solution Central managed production centre with automated creation of personalised welcome packs and call centre integration. Statements tailored to relevant investment sectors for each customer. Results Improved customer experience and query resolution. >20% cost savings combined with reduced errors. Insurance With improved design, automation and transactional print capabilities, relevant personalization becomes easierand more effective. December 2, 201614
  15. 15. Solution Fully automated e-mailroom, processing and cataloguing all inbound correspondence. Xerox enterprise content management service to automate downstream customer communication distribution and processing. “We’ve moved from workingon a ‘best endeavours’basis to deliveringa market-leading service – and we regularly exceed our own targets.” Dick Parkhouse, Executive Director for Strategy and Change Co-operative Financial Services Results 86% reduction in turnaround time. Operational cost savings through reduction in manual processes. Improved compliance. FinancialServices December 2, 201615
  16. 16. Solution Single supplier for above- and below-the-line campaigns. End-to-end campaign management process; fully managed service with integrated reporting on quality, SLAs and spending. Results Improved brand compliance and business unit satisfaction. Cut costs more than 25% by consolidating the marketing supply chain. Pharmaceuticals Consolidation drives significant marketingsupply chain cost savings for a global pharmaceutical company. December 2, 201616
  17. 17. 50+ Global Brands supported with creative services Brand Deployment Worked on multiple rebrand projects over recent years 25,000 Digital assets managed for clients Integrated Workflow Systems Benchmark technology for end-to-end job management Multi-Channel Delivery Adaptive design for multiple platforms & devices 10,000 Marketing campaigns or projects managed each year 100+ Multi - Languages supported with translation services Global Delivery Network Flexible model of on-site, near-site, offshore 150+ Creative and digital professionals Xerox client experience at a glance December 2, 201617
  18. 18. Served by on-site Communication Advisors NEW modern self-serve online experience Entry point for services requests Our Client Businesses 18 December 2, 2016 Communication services delivery model Xerox Service Delivery Environment On-site Communication Hubs configured to onsite needs, small to large Shared Communication Hubs strategically located and optimized Production Operations Centers operated by other Xerox Divisions Third Party Suppliers leveraging Xerox Premier Partners and Extended Relationships
  19. 19. Consulting methodology Phase 1 Structured Questionnaires Workshops 1 to 1 Interview s / Desk Research Review Collaterals Phase 2 Process Maps Technology Use Cases Roles & Responsibilities Phase 3 Solution and Service Options Target Operating Model Analysis & Mapping Executive Information Exchange 1 Discovery 2 Analysis& Mapping 3 Solution Design 4 Change Management 5 Phase 4 Contracting Transition Transform Implement 6 Performance Review & Continuous Improvement 7 Measure Improve
  20. 20. Xerox Internal Use Only • Current State Business process mapping and interviews • Current State evaluation • Future state solution design • Solution Architecture • Business case development Consulting Services Specialism • ITIL Based delivery framework • ISO27001 • SOX certified • Safe Harbor Certified • PMP certified project managers • Six Sigma Black Belts • Access to 25,000 customized learning resources • Global presence World Class Accreditation • Project management • Change management • Software installation • Software configuration • Software customization • Software integration services • Proof of concept services • Training services Professional Services Depth • 12 Global Delivery Call Centers with follow the sun support • 180 countries supported • 3rd level support provided for 3rd party offerings by partner Support Services - Comprehensive Offer Operational core strengths 20 December 2, 201620 December 2, 2016
  21. 21. Why Xerox? 21 Our world view: Communications and content are immediate and always on – across both digital and analog. Who we are: Changing the way the world works, communicates and shares content in all its forms. Why we are different: Market-leading innovation to power digital transformation. December 2, 2016
  22. 22. Xerox Internal Use Only Maximizing the effectiveness of your customer communications is critical to your success. A Communication Assessment is the first step. 22 December 2, 201622 December 2, 2016 “We always want to try and stay ahead of the competition… A lot of our ideas come from brainstorming with Xerox, and saying: can you do this? Can you do that? Miraculously, the Xerox team always seems to deliver.” Joanne Reynolds, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Honeywell ED&S
  23. 23. © 2016 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and Xerox and Design® and are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. BR19669
  24. 24. What did your print and mailroom look like 5 years ago? What does it look like now? What will it look like in 5 years? Where are you innovating in this business? Are you keeping up with communication trends? Are your communications consistent and relevant across the customer lifecycle? December 2, 201624 Consider:
  25. 25. 25 December 2, 2016 Helping to transform the way the world communicates and shares content. The communications gap today Traditional Print and Mail Room Corporate Marketing and/or Agencies Complexity Gap Holistic management of customer communications can be lacking, putting the consistently excellent customer experience you want at risk
  26. 26. 26 December 2, 2016 Helping to transform the way the world communicates and shares content. Bridging the communications gap with Xerox Traditional Print and Mail Room Corporate Marketing and/or Agencies We can remove the Complexity Gap with DocumentPublishing Services
  27. 27. December 2, 201627 Manufacturing Solution Redesigned document suite validated with end-user testing. SME-approved content database and templates reduced development time. Results 30% reduction in page count. Full EU regulatory compliance. Reduced after sales support is drivenby easy-to-use product information deployed in multiple languages.
  28. 28. Solution Redesigned bills to improve customer experience, facilitate marketing and create consistency. Optimized print production with Lean Six Sigma-based plan. Redesigned statements improve customersatisfaction and upsell potentialwhile decreasing billing-related inquiries and frustration. Results 30% decrease in billing inquiries to Customer Care Centre. New cross-selling capabilities with year-over-year savings. Information Technology December 2, 201628
  29. 29. Xerox Internal Use Only Internal slide on conversation topics Problem • Legacy systems and manual processes impact front and back-office operations Problem • Too many suppliers, too many IT systems. • Different processes and systems in different business unitsand geographies. • Manual processes Problem / Opportunity • Digital communications present an opportunity to improve customer experience, throughout the customer lifecycle. Implications •Front office – inefficient customer communications •Back office – information and data that supports critical business processis hard to extract, analyze or process it quickly Common business goals •Integrate the output – data – of different systems (rather than the systems themselves) •Seamlessly integrate electronic and hard copy information to automate workflow •Reduce process cycle time and cost of managing documents in the back office. Implications / Current state • Poor and disjointed customer experience, across lifecycle, across channels. • Hard to use data to personalize experience for customers • Too many digital solutions are not scalable across the enterprise. Common business goals •Digital transformation of customer communications – take an ‘outside-in’ approach that improvescustomer experience across channels and lifecycle. •Deploy analytics to personalize customer experience. •Customer acquisition, retention, upselling etc. Implications • Pushes up costs • Slows down innovation • Hard to manage compliance Common business goals •Standardization and consolidation of suppliers, systems and processes – best one way. •Shared services model December 2, 201629