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Smartphone mobile browse to buy email tactics silverpop etail

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Successfully Use Email to Close the Smartphone Browse-To-Buy Gap - presented by Loren McDonald at eTail East, August 2014

It’s likely that many people are viewing your emails and visiting your website on their smartphones. But how many of them are converting? Conversions can be negatively impacted by various factors, including clicking from a mobile-friendly email to a non-mobile website or landing page, distractions and multitasking on the part of the recipient and the awkward or time-consuming registration and payment process on a small screen.

While addressing some conversion roadblocks might require extensive website and ecommerce makeovers, email can be a key tool in helping to take the friction out of smartphone shopping.

In this session, McDonald highlighted tactics designed to make your emails an engaging (and mobile-friendly) experience that will lead consumers to keep your messages in their inboxes until they're ready to act, including:
• Use responsive design techniques
• Add an email message to your onboarding program that encourages customers to register an account and/or store payment information
• Promoting social sign-in
• Creating educational emails for your shoppers
• Re-sending
• And much more

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Smartphone mobile browse to buy email tactics silverpop etail

  1. 1. Successfully Use Email to Close the Smartphone Browse-­‐To-­‐Buy Gap
  2. 2. Implications Agenda The Data 7 Email Tactics / Solutions Takeaways / Q&A Today’s Agenda
  3. 3. The Data @LorenMcDonald
  4. 4. The Smartphone Paradox 66% higher than tablet rate 43% of tablet rate 28% of tablet Less rate browsing time/page views
  5. 5. Source: Litmus, Jan 2014
  6. 6. Silverpop Retail Mobile Benchmarks – Highs and Lows Low, average or high -­‐ your mobile readership is only increasing – and can’t be ignored.
  7. 7. Implications Agenda The Data 7 Email Tactics / Solutions Takeaways / Q&A Agenda -­‐ Implications
  8. 8. 1. More than just “design” – Think “context”
  9. 9. 2. Poor Smartphone Purchase Experience Almost unreadable Disappearing cart pop-­‐over Multi-­‐step process for unregistered
  10. 10. 3. Inferior Email Experience “Shop gifts …” Setting up for abandonment Mostly unreadable – “everything”
  11. 11. Implications Agenda The Data 7 Email Tactics / Solutions Takeaways / Q&A Agenda – 7 Email Tactics / Solutions
  12. 12. 1. Update Onboarding / Welcome Emails With Mobile Shopping Info. @LorenMcDonald
  13. 13. Typical Welcome Email Approach Immediate 3-­‐7 days 7-­‐14 days Immediate Stand alone Email # 1 Email # 2 Email # 3 3-­‐part series
  14. 14. Add to an existing email or add as a new email in onboarding series • Payment alternatives (e.g. PayPal) • Register today / social-­‐sign-­‐up option • Download our mobile app • Use our wishlist / save for later function to complete the purchase process later
  15. 15. 2. Use Responsive Design – Especially for Remarketing Emails @LorenMcDonald
  16. 16. Screensize-­‐apalooza Small Medium Large iPhone 2.3” wide Galaxy Note 3.2” wide Nexus 7 7.3” wide BlackBerry 2.6” wide iPad Mini 5.3” wide Excite 13 8.5” wide Chart Source: Litmus
  17. 17. Are your emails touch-­‐friendly? Old mouse New mouse
  18. 18. The Simple Difference – Responsive Emails Desktop Mobile
  19. 19. Responsive Design -­‐ Hiding -­‐ Moving -­‐ Increasing font size -­‐ Increasing button size / layout Source: Trendline Interactive
  20. 20. 3. Mobile Browse Remarketing Emails @LorenMcDonald
  21. 21. Smartphone Shopping – Sniffing Around
  22. 22. Shopper Visits UncommonGoods “For Him” Pages
  23. 23. “For Him” Browse Retargeting Email 2.2% conv. rate vs 1.6% for Broadcast emails -­‐ Trigger a few hours after browsing? -­‐ Make mobile friendly -­‐ Goal: Get smartphone shoppers to return to tablet/desktop
  24. 24. 4. Cart Abandonment & Wishlist Remarketing @LorenMcDonald
  25. 25. Cart abandonment remarketing will become even more important in the era of mobile shopping. Think about it…
  26. 26. Desktop centric Lots going on Simpler, more mobile friendly
  27. 27. Smartphone Cart Abandoners – Ideas to Test Test timing – within an hour vs a few hours later Mobile friendly or responsive Add alternative payment process copy
  28. 28. Abandon Wishlist Reminders Offer a wishlist -­‐ use remarketing emails Responsive / Mobile Friendly
  29. 29. 5. Holiday Shopping Reminders @LorenMcDonald
  30. 30. -­‐ Register now for easier and quicker checkout process during the hectic holidays. Registering also makes shopping on your smartphone or tablet a breeze. -­‐ We offer PayPal payment option – leave your credit card in your wallet or purse! -­‐ Download our mobile app for a superior mobile shopping experience. -­‐ Use our wishlist / save for later function to complete the purchase process later. -­‐ Register with social sign-­‐in using your Facebook account.
  31. 31. 6. Resend Promotional Emails @LorenMcDonald
  32. 32. Resend to openers Highest revenue-­‐ generating Ideas promotion in 2013 -­‐ Resend to mobile openers -­‐ Testing timing / 24 + a few hours later? -­‐ Use responsive or mobile-­‐friendly design
  33. 33. 7. Save Till Later Reminders @LorenMcDonald
  34. 34. Save for Later Reminder – Email/SMS Sign-­‐Up Send Email or Text Reminder Email Mobile
  35. 35. Return to Cart Simple mobile-­‐ friendly email reminder
  36. 36. Implications Agenda The Data 7 Email Tactics / Solutions Takeaways / Q&A Agenda – Takeaways / Q & A
  37. 37. Email Tactics Add Mobile Info to Welcome Series Go Responsive or Mobile-­‐ Friendly Deploy Browse & Cart Reminders Resend to Mobile Openers Standalone Mobile Info Emails Test Timing of Remarketing Emails Takeaways / Action Steps
  38. 38. www.silverpop.com @Silverpop The Silverpop Digital Marketing Platform