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Advance 3-D Matrix Vector Chess BOOK

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This book contains Diagrams , Illustrations , Drawing and Photos about the space-age games of Advance Chess. It also provides mathematical symbols that shows the relativity positioning Logistics of the pieces to one another.
Readers who benefit from my book are :
1. those who may find that the classical game of conventional chess a bit boring.
2. those chess readers who are eager to learn the new , exciting concepts of Advance 3-D Matrix Chess.
3. those readers who are chess enthusiasts and have high expectations of the game.
4. those readers who have an open mind and are receptive to the new challenges of the game of chess.
5. those readers who seek finger-nail-biting , seat-gripping excitement in the new exciting games of Advance 3-D Chess.
6. those chess readers who crave for hours of entertainment with non-conventional , out-of-the-box strategic games that are mind-boggling and mind-baffling.
7. readers who are avid Chess players who may fall in the spectral range ranks of Beginners , Intermediates , Semi-Professionals and Professionals.
8. readers who play chess as a hobby and who take joy in experiencing for the first time the learning experience about the complexities and challenges of the intense psychological warfare of Matrix Chess.
9. chess readers who desperately want to divulge into the pseudo-dynamics and quasi-kinetics World of Chess in order to explore and to exhaust the opportunities to test the plasticity boundary limit ranges of their full spectrum cognitive elasticity cognition capacities.
10. those chess readers who want a different perspective to their intelligence tests for Logistics and Strategics Diagnostics and Prognostics Analysis.
11. chess readers who want to acquire the new , exciting gaming knowledge of Advance 3-D Chess and progress ahead of the learning curve well above the Masters and Grand-Masters of the classical game of conventional chess.
12. chess readers who crave for the ULTIMATE Collector's item in chess gaming.

This book offers some important moral lessons for those readers who are open minded to newer opportunities to explore and to exhaust the tapestry of psychological warfare under the philosophical guidance to exhaust the possibilities to newer approaches to life. The book allows readers to Live for Greatness. The Greatness that comes from your mind and heart. It espouses the philosophy that,
" You are what you think and you think therefore you are ."
The book dares readers to explore and to rediscover their innate dormant passion for excellence in their quintessential cognition quest in a journey that provides fun and entertainment in the process.
The illustrations in my book makes learning from it fun and easy to understand. The book also provides statements that displays symbolic mathematical letters which shows the chess piece movements, their relative positioning to one another and thus their mathematical spatial relativity.

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