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Sherri Hansell Gallery Pitch Deck.pdf

  1. PITCH DECK S H E R R I H A N S E L L D E S I G N & M A R K E T I N G Aurelia Gallery Pitch 2022
  2. AGENDA Introduction - Art experience Opportunities Management
  3. ART EXPERIENCE Website / Social Media / Media Training - Debby Miller - Kathy de Rosas - Elaine Michaud - Michael Schultheis Art John F. Kennedy University Gallery 2008 - 2013 - Public Relations - Social Media - Events - Photography - Curation - Website - Newsletters - Artist studio management Kathy de Rosas - Gallery Exhibition at JKFU Gallery MFA Thesis Show Website, Design, Website, Social Media, Social Media training, Gallery Package, Public Relations.
  4. ART EXPERIENCE California College of the Arts 2018 - 2019 Industrial Design and Furniture Programs - Events - Press Releases - Social media - Signage - Gallery curation and management - Studio management - Exhibitions: Student and guest shows - Fundraising Additional industries: K-12 Education, Automotive, Computer, Finance, Food, Higher Education, Pet Care, Retail. Branding, Strategy, Design, Marketing, Project management. Non-profit and for-profit experience
  5. ACHIEVABLE GOALS Increase gallery brand and artist awareness Attract art buyers Generate sales leads Increase e-commerce sales Drive traffic to gallery events Improve marketing ROI Encourage engagement with prospects Establish authority in your market Gain collector referrals Target Audience
  6. OPPORTUNITES Social Media Opportunities Opportunities will be defined and measured by business goals
  7. Trend Magazine Event. Cross promote events by creating events in Eventbrite and sharing on social media. Create partnership for event. Like, comment, and share posts on Trend Social media. PARTNERSHIP PROMOTION Local Aproach Review competitors in Santa Fe for Hashtags / SEO / posts likes / Review competitor website key words HASHTAGS/SEO/@MENTIONS Use Canva to create corporate brand, build ads, stories, videos, etc. CANVA
  8. Join Facebook Groups in Santa Fe. Facebook groups are special groups around a topic/interest. Post events. Participate in conversations. -Santa Fe Facebook Group 1. 8k FACEBOOK GROUPS Create an exhibition template for offline and online. For example, start each new gallery show by swapping out graphic headers with images, exhibition dates, and show name. GALLERY SHOW TEMPLATE Using @mentions to tag artists and gallery and direct link to purchase artwork itmeshttps://www.aureliaga have-it-in-me ONLINE SALES AND @MENTIONS
  9. Post newsletter links on social media and build in requests for emails. Build in marketing automation and landing pages. All email communication should have link to sign up for newsletter. OPTIMIZE EMAIL Organic search and growth are becoming harder and harder to achieve. One technique is promoting a post with high engagement, such as video posts. ADVERTISING
  10. MANAGEMENT Yearly Content Planning Spreadsheet Facebook and Instagram business suite
  12. FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM BUSINESS SUITE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT Setup Aurelia Gallery - Manage social media in one dashboard - keyword research - post timing - tracking pixel for the website - advance scheduling posts - content creation - videos - ad buying - direct messaging - competitor analysis - analytics,etc
  14. (This list may be supplemented and changed as necessary depending on business goals.) Research, brainstorming, development, and implementation of integrated marketing communication plans and special projects. Support the design and development of multimedia content and resources. Provide editorial support and publish content for social media, websites, and email communications. Manage advertising budget, planning and research. Potential Responsibilities:
  15. Engage target audiences, members, and partner organizations by cross-promoting news and resources on social media and in other outlets Perform other related communications functions as needed. Assist with maintenance and updates to the website. Setting up gallery template. Setting up Canva. Can include training for gallery assistant Time Commitment: 15-20 hours per week (Approximate based on the communications needs and projects) Time can be flexible based on current needs. Project sign-offs. Weekly reports. There will be some time for creating a marketing plan, set up FB & IG Business Suite, and any other systems. Hourly Rate: $30