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Sharing Stories: Powerful Lessons in Digital Storytelling GAETC

  1. Sharing Stories Powerful Lessons in Digital Storytelling
  2. Cave  Pain)ng  by  Ryan  Somma,  Flickr  
  3. “It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” ~ Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind
  4. Brainstorming,  Birth  of  an  Idea  by  Superla)ve00,  Flickr  
  5. Characters Materials Plot Story Title Type Theme Setting
  6. Storyboarding ©Kevin Hodgson,
  7. © Bernajean Porter,
  9. Comics Head IOS/Android •  hoose  from  many   C frames,  templates,   cap)ons,   characters,   backgrounds,  etc.   •  rite  text   W •  rawing  tools   D •  pload  images   U •  reate  a  comic   C book    
  10. Incorporate authentic materials
  11. Hardware
  12. Software
  13. Use web tools & apps!
  14. https:/ /
  15. https:/ /
  16. https:/ /
  17. Show and Tell with a Cell
  19. Character Texts •  tudents choose S from art collections by artists •  reate the text C •  mbeddable E
  20. Character Texts •  tudents can upload their pics or choose from a variety of S characters & backgrounds •  an narrate with text C •  mbeddable E • nteract with a book using Augmented Reality I •  ree iPad app with QR Code Scans F
  23. Recreate Mayflower Experience
  24. Choose from different storylines
  25. Choose from various backgrounds
  26. Choose characters & record your movie
  27. StoryKit
  28. StoryKit
  29. BookCreator Lite App •  asiest way to E create multimedia books & publish to iBook store • nclude audio, I music, videos, images
  30. Bookabi IOS App Features:   -­‐  2D/3D  characters  that  move   &  rotate   -­‐  Add  text,  speech  bubbles   -­‐  re-­‐loaded  backgrounds,   P objects  and  s)ckers   -­‐  se  your  own  photos   U -­‐  ecord  &  listen  to  audio   R -­‐  ave  to  iTunes,  email,  print   S
  31. Story Creator IOS App
  32. Fairy Tale IOS App Features:   •  ouch  characters  &  objects     T to  make  noise  &  move   • llustra)ons  can  be  moved,   I expanded,  reduced  or  rotated   •  ecord  your  voice   R •  dd  text   A •  hared  via  internet  &  iTunes   S
  33. Assessment? Kathy Schrock Rubrics
  34. Get them to sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  35. Find resources at
  37. Image  by  John  Corvera,  Flickr   Our students can be the heroes of their life stories, we just need to show them how to begin their stories…
  39. We  hope  you  enjoyed   this  GaETC  session.     Please  give  your   feedback  at