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National gallery of modern arts

case study of National Gallery of Modern Arts, New Delhi

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National gallery of modern arts

  1. 1. National Gallery of Modern Art, Jaipur House, India Gate MuseumTime: Open every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Closed on Mondays & National Holidays Entry Fee: Children / students – free Indian nationals – 20/- Foreign nationals – 500/- Location Map
  2. 2. Jaipur house bus stop – 400mts Khan market metro station – 1.4kms Indira Gandhi international Airport – 14.5kms Khan market metro station Jaipur house bus stop Road network and traffic network Gate no.1 Gate no.3 Flow of traffic Nearest stops - Road network
  3. 3. ABOUT NGMA  The National Gallery of Modern Art was inaugurated on March 29, 1954 at Jaipur House, New Delhi.  It is the premier art gallery under ministry of culture.  Located very close to India Gate, this building was earlier the residential palace of the Maharaja of Jaipur.  It exhibits around 4,000 paintings, graphics, and sculptures of modern artists.  The gallery arranges special exhibitions for those who wish to exhibit their works. acquire and preserve works of modern art from 1850s onward organize, maintain and develop galleries for permanent display organize special exhibitions develop an education and documentation centre develop a specialized library of books, periodicals, organize lectures, seminars and conferences, and to encourage higher studies and research
  4. 4. PLANNING Site plan Entry / exit Entry / exit Jaipur house Central court New wing gallery block Institution & administration block 4 5 6 3 1 1 4
  5. 5. 2 2 PARKING 1 1 1 Gate no. 1 ENTRANCE Sher Shar Suri Marg 4 4 4New Wing Block ENTRANCE 5 5 5 INSITITUTION BLOCK ENTRANCE 6 6 6 CENTRAL COURTYARD 3 3 JAIPUR HOUSE
  6. 6. Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan Jaipur House is the former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur in Delhi. Today it houses the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), India's premier art gallery which was established here by Ministry of Culture in 1954. The structure has a butterfly layout and a central dome, structure is clad in red & yellow sandstone. Jaipur house
  7. 7. HVAC plant room services Storage areas Parking areaBasement plan Storage areas Service areas Parking Level - 5400 Lower Ground Floor Plan Level - 1920 Cafeteria Display areas / exhibition space New wing
  8. 8. Ground Floor Plan Level +960 Display areas / exhibition space Auditorium Circulation Administration Ticketing / Museum shop Toilets
  9. 9. First Floor Plan Level +3840 Second Floor Plan Level +7680 Connecting ramp Connecting ramp Display areas / exhibition space Library Circulation Administration Toilets Storage
  10. 10. A B A B ELEVATIONS
  11. 11. C D C D ELEVATIONS
  12. 12. Display areas – Utilization of space Display lobby Niche formation Art galleries  Utilization of space of circulation areas as display areas  Breaks the monotony, and creates interest Display lobby
  13. 13. Exhibition space in the New Wing, NGMA Additionally there are outdoor display spaces, such as the courtyards and sculpture gardens. The displays floors have been so designed to allow flexible display of artworks and can be manipulated to obtain required special effects. There is an additional exhibition space, which allows display of temporary and travelling exhibitions.
  14. 14.  The corner ramps function beyond their capacity of conveying a visitor from one floor to the next.  They also help to give an overview of each of the floors that one leaves or enters into.  Furthermore, since they are located on the external face of each block, they function as buffer spaces between the windows of the external screen walls and the gallery floors. Corner ramps of the new permanent Gallery Block
  15. 15. Participatory workshop for children Guided walk for specialists Contemporary Photography Film Shows Talk shows Other activities
  16. 16. Special visits Book release School visits NGMA organizes on a regular basis school trips for children to see the museum’s collection interactive session with school children from Pakistan, Korea and other neighboring nations Interactive sessions Members of Asia Society & the Indo- US Commission on Museums and Cultures
  17. 17. A continuous sunshade or 'chajja’ in red stone casts a deep shadow and caps the whole facade. The overall impression is of solid mass, grand horizontal sweeps, and of monumentality. carved ornamental 'Rajput' columns that frame a few arched openings a horizontal band of interlocking pattern in red and buff stone reminiscent of Mughal monuments. Ornamentation is used sparingly Roman Arch
  18. 18.  Only one entrance is open for visitors, that directs towards the rear side of jaipur house,  There is no proper signage, a person who is visiting the gallery for the first time gets confused,  Administration and institution department is so located that it is difficult to find their location,  There are no dustbins near new wing art gallery that promotes littering,  There are no hoardings / banners over the road, indicating the location of National gallery of modern art,  The place is being used as parking space rather than vising the museum or art gallery. Identified ISSUES