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Government health scandal against senior 2011

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Murderous Government Coospiracy to destroy helpless senior by illegally institutionalizing while politicians and others hiding the matter from millions to win the election.

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Government health scandal against senior 2011

  1. 1. CONSPIRING TO CAUSE THE ATROPHY AND DEATH OF AN OLD WOMANIS ONE OF THE MOST BRUTAL AND SADDENING ACTS OF MURDER THATANY GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA COULD COMMIT. & YOU KNOW THATNO MURDERER HAS ETERNAL LIFE ABIDING WITHIN HIM. 1st John 3:15.To confirm to you (the world) that Harpers Government has in mindknowledge of the following Paramount report -I have written of a letter thatI received from Harpers Federal MP Laurie Hawn who wrote me the twopage letter that I received on February 16th 2011. In the letter Mr. Hawnwrote that he is honoured to be my MP and that he is open to speak with meregarding any Federal issue. Harpers MP wrote to appear as if throughElections Canada that he found I had moved into his riding in the last year.The thing is, that I have been living in my apartment for four years and notany of the other residents in my building received such a letter from him. Iwas able to gather 7 signatures from residents living on all 4 floors of mybuilding confirming the matter. MP Hawn wrote first that he is involved intaking care of seniors. A dash mark was put in front of that sentence andcomas after each other area that he wrote of. He wrote that he looksforward to getting to know me and that if he can be of assistance in any waythat I am not to hesitate in contacting him.I know that Prime Minister Harpers Government had him contact me usingthe letter and I will never believe otherwise even if Prime Minister Harperand Hawn were to deny it to the ends of the earth.He wrote that he is honoured and privileged to be my MP, and indeed he issince his Government as the other parties are fully aware that I am theauthor of the revolutionary Great Final Report, which is my (other)paramount report. I will contact him since my Mothers life is in peril yet ifhis Government becomes the cause of further harm to my Mother and I thenfor certain his letter is evidence of a monstrous conspiracy.The forming of letters or documents to commit conspiracies is a real issueas we have seen in the case of Harpers MP Bev Oda. The word “not” washand-written in a document that would have otherwise provided $7-millionworth of financial aid………………………………………………………………………………………….Harper’s MP Oda said in December that she did not alter the page and nowshe IS found saying that she did. The Leaders of the NDP and Bloc declaredthat it is forgery. That is an indictable offence. In MP Oda first denying thatshe wrote it is evidence of a guilty mind. Bev Oda claims there wasconfusion and that the word "not" was suppose to be put in the document.
  2. 2. The liberals appear as accessories since foreign affairs critic Bob Rae saidthat responsibility for her behaviour rests with the prime minister.I see that as one way of saying that if the Conservatives commit crimes thenliberals will not ensure there is justice……………………………………………………………It is the known duty of the Federal Government’s high offices to keep thehandling of written documents in a secure and stable fashion.The 7 million dollar document was a matter of “yes” or “no”.“Yes” or “no” answers are the simplest form of communicating in alllanguages. - Not all answers are simple, “yes” or “no” answers.In suggesting that the highest offices of order have become confused inthat rudiment of language is contrary to reason.In high offices giving the message that they may give the excuse ofconfusion when a critical contradiction is found in that simple of acommunication is to suggest that they may use confusion as an excusetowards any and all critical and damning evidence.That is why people may say Oda and the Conservatives must face a Jury.The suggestion is to open wide the ability to commit fraud since it is todeny the worth that critical & damning evidence has. In that the FederalGovernment have put their administration of justice in disrepute.Those that are unjust in what is little are unjust in what is much.(Luke 16:10) - According to that principle given from God there is reasonto believe they may be into committing any crimes. In that there is reasonto believe that they may be into what they say they are against. In thattheir use of the term “law abiding” is seen as a disguise and diversion.It appears that Canada’s Justice Minister Nicholson and those that followhim are going to burn in hell since I have proven he is unjust and that heuses the term "law-abiding" while in what appears to be Satan stubbornarrogance denying all I have proven in my Great Final Report.Any that deny all I have proven need to be placed under arrest for nationalmischief and fraud.There is also the matter of Harper paying Canada’s integrity commissionerhalf a million dollars to resign and to not give an account for dismissing228 whistle-blower complaints. - Canadian’s ought to see that as horrifying.According to Isaiah 54:17 it is written; -"No weapon that is formed againstme shall prosper; and every tongue that accuses me in judgment I shallcondemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,"This was not the case with respect to the Conservative Government and theintegrity commissioner. - Ouimet had a year to prepare a worthy accountwhile the Auditor General Sheila Fraser had her under investigation for ayear and yet Harper paid Ouimet half a million dollars to resign and to obeya gag order.
  3. 3. Frasers audit of the office was completed Oct. 8, 2010. The day after thatOuimet signed her departure agreement! - When Sheila Fraser released herreport in December 2010 the report revealed that Ouimet showed biasin evaluating the whistleblowers claims that were made to her office.Harpers Government let the integrity commissioner continue dismissingwhistleblowers complaints to where - ALL 228 cases were dismissed.In Harper, his Government and the integrity commissioner not giving anaccount confirms they are a part of a culture set on burying and concealingGovernment and system crimes and scandal.http://www.canada.com/Fired+after+scathing+report+integrity+commissioner+expected+Parliament +Hill/4411906/story.html#ixzz1GAx43dv6 That confirms the matter of the Government denying my revolutionary Great Final Report and in Paramount criminal neglect denying the report you are reading now.Now you see serious evidence confirming that I have been facinga Federal Government and system that alters & falsifies documents,and that I have been facing a Government and system that conspiresto bury & conceal crimes and scandals.In knowing this -any other in power that rest on any claim that theconservatives have a right to excuse themselves from all that I have to warnof will in that be acting as accessories.Weighing in on that is evidence serious enough that the RCMP areconsidering an official criminal investigation against one of Harper’s formerstaffer’s Sebastian Togneri for Blocking the publics right to Governmentrecords through Access to information.Before you witness all I have to tell Canadians and the World the followingare a some facts to share;On August 24th 2010 Canadas CMA President Anne Doig spoke of theGovernment not touching matters of Health care in fear of committing politicalsuicide! Conspiring to sacrifice the life of seniors and life of an old woman to savepolitical reputations is conspiracy to commit murder.Journalist George Orwell said that Politics is schizophrenia and that it isdesigned to make lies sound truthful and murder sound respectable.On Alberta ER horror stories in an Oct 26th 2010 Edm. Journal Editorial G.Thomson wrote; "If a (potential catastrophic collapse of our health-caresystem) cant convince MLAs to hold an emergency debate in the Albertalegislature you have to wonder what would. A volcanic eruption in Calgary? Anasteroid hitting Edmonton? Perhaps an invasion by Martians?"
  4. 4. "Liberals and their Leader Swann did not appear to ensure a debate andStelmach and his MLAs voted against it.". My Mothers life is lost in mortal perilwithin the black heart of a murderous cover-up. Stelmach and Swann may actas if there is not any reason for alarm yet there was a great Emergency andyears after it continues. Stelmach and others thought I would fail to put theheavy evidence in order most of which is very hard to put into words.On Alberta ER horror stories the Suns Roy Clancy under "Emergency diagnosisneeded" wrote;"Where the life or death of our loved ones often rides onimmediate action its (startling) that Stelmach and his Government MLAs whovoted down the oppositions call for an emergency debate dont share the samesense of urgency. It makes it look as though they care more for saving theirpolitical skins than they do about the health of their constituents."The Edmonton Journal wrote; "Albertas parliamentary assistant for healthSherman has launched a direct assault on his own Government over the ailingmedical system, saying in a leaked e-mail; -his trust in Premier Stelmach andcabinet "is severely tarnished"- due to broken promises to fix the crisis in ERs.You know, those places that handle matters of life and death.Premier Stelmachs own Conservative MLA Sherman wrote in the e-mail; "Threeweeks ago, I offered the current minister (Stelmach) my resignation as theparliamentary assistant as I can no longer support the health care decisionsmade by Albertas Health Authorities and as well as.. those made by ourgovernment,"Stelmachs Health Minister Gene Zwozdesky then suggested Sherman was lyingwhen Zwozdesky said there was no paper trail showing any resignationrequest. In that is now the concern that as an accessory Sherman is (afraid) ofStelmach, his Cabinet and Alberta Health. Denying that there was a request hasSherman appear a part of a matter of extortion that Sherman is on thereceiving end of. The fact that Stelmachs Health Minister would think hecould talk to Stelmachs MLA Sherman in the way he did is shocking andbizarre.Liberal Leader Swann suggested Sherman has been (muzzled) (for months) instating; "Hes been pushed to the wall, Shermans (frustrations) serve as a(condemnation) of the management of AHS." The term "frustration" is evidenceconfirming fears of criminal neglect, and in denying that there was aresignation request as the H.M. did confirms a Government conspiracy. HORRIFIC TESTIMONYRaj Sherman now in March 2011 has proclaimed that 250 cancer patients diedbecause of the system being designed in a way that equates into neglect andthat Doctors were paid to not talk about it.Canada this is Stelmachs former parliamentary assistant accusingStelmachs Government and Health Authorities of a mult-million dollarbribery scheme to cover up 250 patient deaths.
  5. 5. Raj stated; "I have very credible sources willing to talk. They just need to talk inan open public investigation where they are assured they will not be punished bygovernment and their medical licence put at risk." None have testified since thatassurance was never given.Stelmachs former parliamentary assistant Raj stated that Stellmachs former healthminister Iris Evans is also someone that has suppressed critical knowledge.What people need to understand is that Raj may not have proof yet MLADoctor Raj Sherman has spoken of his sense from some in the system thatcorruption has equated into lives becoming lost and Raj was in the position tosense things too hard for him to put into evidentiary testimony.http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/story/2011/03/07/edmonton-raj-sherman-cancer-deaths.htmlThe Head of thoracic surgery Doctor Cairan McNamee alleged in a law suitagainst Albertas Regional Health Authorities that when he spoke out to AlbertasConservative Government on the matter of surgery wait times that theGovernment and Albertas Regional Health Authorities told him that his advocacywould no longer be tolerated and that he needed emergency psychiatrictreatment. McNamee now works in a Boston Hospital and teaches in Harvard.Capital Health denied the allegations and yet we know that when StelmachsMLA Dr. Raj Sherman spoke out on that matter that Stelmachs Government andHealth Authorites sought to have MLA Raj Sherman appear as if he was in needof psychiatric treatment.The world ought to see it as extremely disturbing that there is evidence thatStelmachs Government and Albertas Health authorities have conspired to havea parliamentary assistant and Head of surgery appear mental.Stelmachs Health President Ducket has shown the arrogant and careless wayStelmachs Government really is within the walls of the Legislature when he usedthe excuse that he was eating a cookie to deny the medias call for answers!On the matter of cancer patients now you see serious evidence thatAlbertas Government & Health system have conspired to bury andconceal neglect causing deep suffering & death and that AlbertasGovernment and Albertas Health Authorities conspire to have anythat give evidence of such neglect appear mental.With that in mind I have proven in the following report that we have asystem that thinks it is able to escape criminal charges while it worksto abduct seniors and in murderous fraud experiments on them.http://elderadvocates.ca/senior-arrested-and-detained-without-cause/On the internet Senator Nancy Schaefer has written of children in Americataken to other Countries through the Government and placed in foster care.Senator Schaefer who has advocated for hundreds of cases has written ofparents having to jump through every hoop known to man in order to have theirloved-one returned to them!".
  6. 6. In one case the Senator stated; -"The Mother was so traumatized with shock(-from being separated from her loved one-) that she has not recovered!".The Government as a source of help not existing is seen in the case ofrenowned pathologist Dr. Charles Smith. The corrupt Doctor testified thatMullins-Johnson had sodomized and killed a four-year-old. Experts concludedthe evidence points to natural causes. Experts concluded Smith had made(major) errors in 13 trials of which resulted in criminal convictions, whereinSmith had determined the cause of death was murder or criminally suspicious.The College of Physicians and Surgeons labelled Doctor Smith as disgraceful anddishonourable. Smith pleading no contest to their charges. Mullins stated;"His actions were no less than perjury and obstruction, and for the JusticeMinister and his Office to step aside now and not take action against thisman is.. unconstitutional and illegal."The Senator wrote that she has witnessed -ruthless behaviour from (((- socialworkers-))) (((-investigators-))), (((-lawyers, judges-))), (((-therapists-))) andothers working for the Government that "pick-up" the loved-ones..The Senator wrote that; "Child Protective Services is -a "protected Empire"-built on taking and separating families!"The Senator wrote that the "natural guardian" lose their loved one -becausethey do not have the money for a lawyer and do not know how to fight thesystem- -The Senator wrote that the cases are heart-wrenching and that withinfamilies the Father and/or Mother does not know where their own daughter orson is and that the daughter or son have horrifically not seen their Fatherand/or Mother in years!.Senator Nancy Schaefer wrote that; "No longer is judgment based on whatthe loved-one needs or child needs or who they want to be with") but based onsome adult or bureaucrat who makes the decisions ((-"based often on hearsay"-)) or ((-"insufficient evidence"-)) of ((-"so-called abuse"-)) ((-"that the systemuses"-)) to take the loved-one or child. ("abduct")Senator Nancy Schaefer wrote; ((-"The system cannot be trusted."-))((-"It does not serve the people."-)) ((-"It obliterates families"-)) and children((-"simply because it has the power to do so!"-))All of those very serious words that the Senator Nancy Schaefer wrote serveas a fitting introduction to my following Paramount report.I spoke to a Dr.Judith G. Janzen on the phone for 3 hours and 5 minutes on Dec7th 2010. Dr. Janzen told me that she believes the Government and system MKULTRA MC & MONARCH experiments are still being done on children in Canadafor sex-slavery. Janzen told me that Doctors and others work with people inpower within our Government so that there are not too many deaths againstchildren while they are turning children into sex slaves.Dr. Janzen told me that in doing that to children that they also of course donot care that they experiment with and destroy the lives of seniors.
  7. 7. THE FOLLOWING IS MY REPORT OF GOVERNMENT AND SYSTEMCRIMES THAT ARE ALL A PART OF A MURDEROUS CONSPIRACYAGAINST MY ELDERLY MOTHERS LIFE. THE REPORT ISPARAMOUNT AND WILL ALSO PROVE A COVER-UP OF CRIMESAGAINST OTHER SENIORS.Opposition leaders office bonjour -I speak; "Hi there.. Yes! Im just calling to confirm that Michael Ignatieffreceived the new (evidence) disc that I sent?"Iggys Office; "Yes you sent quite a package there, we got all of that!..thank you"THAT CONFIRMS TO CANADA AND THE WORLD THAT THEY DID RECEIVEALL THAT YOU WILL WITNESS IN THE FOLLOWING REPORT.The following is a part of one the transcribed phone-calls with Ignatieffsadvisors Office..I speak; ""You know we are dealing with murderous scandals here""-(Sebastian assistant for Ignatieffs advisor Ujjal Dosanjh) speaks; "Thankswell continue going through this as we can and try to confirm other materialthat gets sent our way and try to see what we can do with this."WHAT YOU HAVE READ IS REAL! IT IS NOT A LIE, NOT A DELUSION, NOT ANYFORM OF DEFAMATION, BUT REAL!!!CANADAS PPSC CONSPIRING TO BURY GOVT CRIMESThe following is part of a phone conversation that I (Shawn G. Cullen) had withLouis D. of The Federal Ombudsmans Office for victims of crime; This phonetranscription confirms that the PPSC Canadas Federal Agency in place toinvestigate our nations MPs is corrupt.
  8. 8. PARAMOUNT 2010 PHONE CALLI speak; "A Personal Directive is a legal document that gives one the Right togovern over the welfare of another and so there is an assignment in it, and theycommitted criminal fraud in subverting that Directive, and then they usedeverything in their power to cover it up and bury it and so a person was takenagainst their will and institutionalized, and an illegal guardianship applicationwas set into motion, and so the Court system was also used fraudulently..andso the person is in danger and there is also an eggshell matter, and so thepersons life is in great danger"Louis D. speaks; "So your concern is if I understand correctly, that..theProvincial government has colluded with agencies within the provincialgovernment to put an elderly woman in some kind of facility against her willand seems to have made some kind of application where they have taken overwardship for this particular person?"I speak; "Thats for sure, Yah!..They did an unjustified diagnosis and testing,and failed to heed warnings, and they caused psychiatric injury, and now theyare trying to dissolve themselves of blame by acting like it ,"Louis D. speaks; "Ok, and you feel you have evidence that the Federalgovernment is aiding and abetting this through some kind of a cover-up?"Ispeak; "Sure they are, sure they are, because they have all the evidence files,and the..files prove it all, and they are afraid because they were slow in theinvestigation and so because there is evidence of criminal neglect and thatthey didnt respond correctly, now theyre afraid that they look.,"Louis D. speaks; "Right,..and you have evidence you say that the woman wasput in an institution.. that It was done illegally, and you are talking you knowof an illegal cover-up. Youre talking criminal activities here..That would beunder the Public Prosecution Service of Canada"I speak; "I called them and they said that they dont investigate governmentcrimes. -Dont you find that strange?"Louis D. speaks; "The Public Prosecution Service of Canada, these are theindividuals who are mandated to deal with information in wrong doingsinvolving the Federal government under Federal Acts."I speak; "I called them..and tried to find out who I get to investigate and theysaid theyd call me back and they didnt AND SO SOMEBODY IS IN BED WITHTHEM. They (The Fed Govt) have serious evidence and they are hiding it fromthe public, so we can actually say that it is a matter of National Security!"Louis D. speaks; "Their mandate is to prosecute criminal offenses underFederal jurisdiction, that is the role of their agency"
  9. 9. I speak; "Well someone obviously has to investigate the Federal Governmentwhen they are hiding critical and life saving evidence and damning evidenceagainst Stelmachs Government!"Louis D Directed me to the Crown Prosecutors Office in Edmonton yet in light ofthe huge National scandal that I believe this turned into I have not been able totrust any. I concluded that finishing a report is all I have in order to be able tohave any secure way of sharing evidence. Perhaps Harper fired his Ombudsmanbecause he was afraid that I would consider talking with that office and thatsomeone would hear what I had to say. - What you have just read is real ! ! !Paramount Public Statement & Phone Recording.December 2009 Canadas Medical Association President Anne Doig gave aspeech on national television warning that the Government denies anyspoken word against the health-care system while wrapping itself in theCanadian flag.On that day CMA President Anne Doig warned that if the Government is toofrightened to act for patients in danger then people must hold the Governmentaccountable..CMA President Anne Doig knows I am working on that to save my Mother. Iwrote warning Doig and her legal firm that I have paramount health crimes toprove against the Government. CMA President Anne Doigs legal Director JeanNelson said to me over the phone; "I do appreciate Shawn the evidence inyour voice and in your writings that you are a person of strong convictionsand so its frustrating for you." -CMA President Anne Doigs legal Director Jean Nelson also said the scandal"sounds like a hydra full of tentacles"The murderous crimes happening to my Mom Gale and the other scandal that youwill read of against a number of seniors that I have evidence of is a conspiracywherein many are working as organized crime in the system to hide.A reflection of the national reality of people in the system covering for eachother was seen in the Air India matter.On June 20th 2010 towards the 1985 bombing of Canadians Mark Freiman thelead Counsel for the Commission of Inquiry spoke of "the Governmentpretending everything was fine when it was not"Commissioner John Major stated; "We know various government agencies andinstitutions did not fulfill their (critical and vital) responsibilities." "What wefound (in our inquiry) was...surprising and disturbing" Major stated that afterthe bombing; "The Government spoke with one voice and painted (a false)picture" A. Kapoor testified of the Government holding to false claims of a so-called right to secrecy and he said that the claims were done in secret "througha judge" with none to challenge the claims.
  10. 10. Before you read of what murderous crimes are happening against Gale thefollowing will tell you a little of (the other) Health scandal that I have writtenof that is being done to seniors; That scandal is a matter of turning seniors intoAlzheimers and Dementia victims. The truth is that the Health systems maycause pseudo-dementia to become degenerative !!!!!!!!!!!!!.Depression slows the brains functions and heavy depression causes level 3subcortical damage in the brain. Heavy depression increases plaques andtangles in the brain (#4-kind) Chronic stress increases deadly cortisol hormonewhich accelerates death in the frontal lobe and in the cerebellum, basilganglia. Chronic stress increases deadly cortisol hormone that especiallyaccelerates death in the hippocampus where memory is stored!Isolation, Institutionalizing, abuse, neglect and experimenting using drugsmay set the minds of seniors on a course of brain aging degeneration. Forcertain (any) of these crimes may induce dementia.Contrary to what people know of Alzheimers it is one of the most horrifyingways of dying because it is to become lost again and again in new ways withthe fear that it is a black curse separating them from love and hope. Theisolating and drugs they give is to them like fear of Psychotic Doctors andnurses hiding them deeper and deeper within running drain-pipes. It is one ofthe most terrifying ways of dying since it causes the aging senior to believe (&feel) that their (spirit) is dying.Dr. James Whitehouse a world leader in the Alzheimers field who was seen onthe Oprah Show warned that the Alzheimers label is being used to (dissolve)Governments, health systems and Doctors of blame for malpractice causingharm and the degeneration & deterioration to the minds of seniors.Dr. James Whitehouse warned that the Alzheimers field has distorted the truthof Alzheimers & Dementia to use the terms as labels to build & feed what is amulti-billion-dollar clinical empire.On the money side of it Kevin Trudeau who has been seen on NationalTelevision saying that Governments conspire to deny natural ways of healingplaque illnesses so that it will continue gaining billions from drugs that onlywork to feign help and that kill.Internationally renowned Dr. Grace E. Jackson also wrote of Drug-InducedDementia: under the title "A Perfect Crime" that presents scientific andepidemiological evidence which again confirms the matter.On May 9th 2010 Scott Laurie of CTV News aired the matter of there being24,000 cases of (healthcare system) tragedies that have been (buried and notinvestigated.) Why are reputations being put before lives in mortal peril? Inthat the Government appears to be guilty of widespread criminal neglect andof conspiring to hide that there may be many possible negligent homicides.
  11. 11. The following story of my Mother Gale may appear hard to read yet thematter is simple.In the case of my elderly Mother the matter is that of causing murderouspsychiatric injury through illegal institutionalizing.It is the matter of denying an uncommon eggshell fear warning that my Motheris not to have strangers nursing and of Personal Directive Rights.The uncommon fear of facility care is based on health system abuse and deathof her own Mother. : Lord Parker C.J. –Smith vs. Leech Brian & Co.(1962)2 QB405---Kennedy J ,in Dulieu vs. White & sons.-After having been caught not hitting the brake when rights were proclaimedthe facility without my knowledge and consent went on to do a secret testand wrote a false diagnosis to forge a false account for damage they did andfor heavy harm they were causing, and so in a conspiracy of fraud & torturewent on in a murderous plan to open pseudo-dementia to risk of degeneration.The system sure as hell know that it cannot replace sole or unique care norreplace a family bond. Quod medicina aliis, aliis est acre venenum; = What ismedicine to some is bitter poison to others -! ! ! LOSTThe Government have done much to cause great confusion so the Media andPublic would never see what they did and are doing.If you keep in mind the Paramount telephone recording that you read thenyou will not lose sight.In the 2010 article on abuses to rights by Brent McGiillis entitled; "AlbertasRampant Government Corruption and the Death of Democracy" McGiillis wrote;"The corruption runs so high and so deep that who do the whistle blowers goto? (The cops?)..(The Media?) (HAH !!!) (Who would tell their story?")
  12. 12. They isolated my ill elderly Motherand shut me outin a brutal conspiracy to re-write realityAnd so in a murderous conspiracy they did indeed commit fraud, criminalisolation, illegal banning and set course to prevail in subverting my Mothers lifeand will using an illegal guardianship request and corrupt court judge to abductand traffic my Mother into the care of an institution and strangers. TheStelmach government spent 7 months (a murderous & brutal amount of time)feigning an investigation against its own health system. His Government didthat to disguise that it was acting as an accessory to the illegal plan and thenStelmachs MLAs & PPC Agency wrote me an illogical & scrambled report towhitewash their investigation.A (Provincial Conservative funded) legal aid lawyer that legal aid hired to do alegal opinion said that evidence does not matter! - I asked how he could saythat when he didnt see my evidence and I reminded him that a good lawyersearches for a point of law to defend a case.When I said I was going to the Federal Government the legal aid lawyer said“the Federal Politicians do not know anything and are corrupt,” When hesaid that it was as if it was to excuse himself of shared guilt that he had whilehiding that he was hiding that the Government and system were using him tofeign that I was receiving legal aid.As the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth before God I am tellingyou the Media and Public that the legal aid lawyer for certain said those thingsto me !!!The lawyer wrote that my having contact with my Mother would appear tobenefit her (directly) and in his opinion to legal aid he strongly recommendedthat I get a lawyer to have contact with my Mother, yet he did not writerecommending that I receive a lawyer for my appeal.The lawyer then on the matter of the facility holding my Mother wrotethat I ought to have sought to catch more flies with honey, as if It was my dutyto act sweet in order to save my Mother and so in madness suggestedthat I did not have the right to show that I was defending rights.In his legal opinion to legal aid the lawyer wrote (of flies & honey)contrary to my telling him that the facility was neglecting my warningsof my Mother having uncommon nursing care fears,Why did the legal aid lawyer write that if he was not being used by theGovernment to commit fraud? In his legal opinion for the provinciallyfunded legal aid he was writing fiction against all I was telling him.
  13. 13. The lawyer also oddly made the suggestion that I did not have the right to showI was defending rights contrary to my warning him that the facilitys Agencyadmitted in writing that I caught their facility staff in abusive and neglectfulpractices. - I suspect they admitted in fear that I had recordings proving it.Why did the legal aid lawyer write that if he was not being used by theGovernment to commit fraud? In his legal opinion for the provinciallyfunded legal aid he was writing fiction against all I was telling him.The lawyer also oddly made the suggestion that I did not have the right to showI was defending rights contrary to my warning him that I had a video confirmingthat the facility staff had conspired to lie in saying that I was troubling them.Why did the legal aid lawyer write that if he was not being used by theGovernment to commit fraud? In his legal opinion for the provinciallyfunded legal aid he was writing fiction against all I was telling him.What is also damning is that the lawyer wrote;(That an inquiry into the system would divert attention awayfrom my need to reach my Mother for the serving ofher comfort & possible recovery.)Legal aid did not give me a lawyer to ensure that I was ableto provide that critical comfort & possible saving of myMother from irreversible harm and death!The lawyer wrote that my critical warnings were given little notice or worseinsultingly dismissed by the Government and/or agency & its facility becausemy care of my Mother being open to interpretation, YET the lawyer had toknow that my care was not open to any lawful interpretation, since I spoke tohim of powerful recordings that had proven none had any right laying any onuson me.Keep in mind that I was serving my Mothers care needs in the facility free ofany security or nursing supervision each day.I told the lawyer I had recordings and documents proving that freedom I was given.What also weighs in is that my mother was not held under any act or warrant.Another key record that the Government, system and lawyer have buried andconcealed is that one of the facilities registered nurses named Chris said to methat he did not have any bad experience with me. I have the December 20th2006 recording and transcription proving that.The first time that they unlawfully isolated my Mother a recording revealedmy Mother later saying to me in heart wrenching tears and fear; "I haventseen you for so long" –
  14. 14. My Mother was suffering injury from the facility acting as if she would assume to have love for the staff while it was denying and subverting that I am her son. Sick ! In righteous anger and as a righteous mock to the facility she spoke out saying to me; "I want you, I love (you)" To proclaim her complete rejection of the system and her full belief in my knowledge of her she cried out in profoundly saddening tears saying; "Im not gonna go to nothing for you to love me and help me and I know thats what it is!" When I asked her if she felt she was being institutionalized she then said in traumatizing fear; "Yah thats what it is!"It is wicked criminal fraud and propaganda to act as if anyneed greater evidence than all these messages seen inmy elderly Mothers own words! What the Politicians and system have done and are doing is nothing short of life swallowing physical, emotional and mental torture. November 27th 2009 Professors Itai Sneh & Melissa Ptacek proclaimed that indeed torture can be to the mind and emotions. It is sad that I feel I must record that Professors have said that to have people understand the matter. There was and is also a June 6th 2007 fax that is truly key since it proves that in 2005 my Mother did communicate her full trust in my acting as her power of attorney and Agent for all her health needs. The key fax also confirms my Mothers eggshell fear of institutions & facility care! eggshell matter
  15. 15. The facility recordings from the facility 1 year later in 2006 prove that MYMother was [[[-only-]]] communicating with me in the facility and prove myunique ability to understand my Mother and to reach her,The facility recordings from the facility 1 year later in 2006 prove also that myMother was in shock and voiceless when the staff and others were nursing herand that they were rupturing her eggshell vulnerability, Also, Cum tacentclamant; = when they remain silent they cry out. The evidence reveals that the Government and system is guilty of murderous fraud.The Government would be using mind control on the public and media to act asif all of this that I am telling of is not sky-high damning evidence against it.Why did the provincially funded legal aid lawyer not put these facts togetherthat show the system committing conspiracy to commit murder? I have had toprove all things and even have had to pick bottles and cans out of the garbagebins to have money to prepare evidence. I also spent hundreds of dollars onstorage and safety deposit boxes in fear that the Government would try tosomehow subvert & steal the evidence I have and have been preparing.The lawyer wrote that my critical warnings were given little notice or worseinsultingly dismissed by the agency and/or its facility and so he had to haveknown that such bias would equate into criminal neglect.The lawyer wrote that my critical warnings were given little notice or worseinsultingly dismissed by the agency and/or its facility and so he had to haveseen the systems guardianship challenge against my Mothers Personal Directiveas illegal since the system did not have the right saying my Mother was adependent adult in criminal neglect nor while knowing from day one I waswarning that they were causing shocking fear and psychiatric injury.The lawyer James Culkin also had to have seen it as suspect that Caritas didnot apply to the courts until after holding my mother for 10 months.The matter of the Directive was simple. The system was violating page 2 of thePersonal Directive since there was evidence of my Mother communicating andso I was to be given all authority to act as her agent, and I was to have allauthority to act as her agent or legal steward if at any time she was not able tocommunicate after the health system did any harm to her.
  16. 16. The strange reasoning failures of the lawyer that I have written of must be seenas critical & damning evidence that the opinion was written for my adversaries,(Stelmachs Govt & health system.) I wrote to that lawyer James Culkin -tellinghim that it does appear that he wrote it for my adversaries. On March 26th 2008 I mailed a 1 page fax to tell legal aid that in denying my right to a lawyer they were acting as accessories to whitewashing a health scandal.On April 7th 2008 I filed a motion at Edmontons Courthouse to order legalaid to give me a lawyer. The panel of 3 judges were justice jean Cote,justice jack Watson, and justice Frans Slatter. THE PANEL WROTEIn a pending Civil appeal the appellant seeks a lawyer from legal aid andfunding for 1/3rd of the bill to release the appeal books from transcriptmanagement. After reading what he wrote for this motion he gave oraltestimony in person.He also handed in a letter from a Doctor and (another document). The focus ofhis argument was largely on the merits of his appeal. We asked Mr.Cullenwhether he knew of any legal authority which would give us such power tomake such an order, a statute, regulation or previous court decision. He said hedid not and simply invoked justice on his position. We know of no legalauthority to grant him the funds and a lawyer. The motion is denied which weheard on May 15th 2008". Willful Blindness
  17. 17. The ruling was and is murderous fraud. Before I give host to the murderous matter the following are a few records worth having in mind;Oct 2009 Edmonton lawyer Beresh proclaimed his fear that Stelmach commitspolitical interference using Edmontons court system. CBCOn march 29th 2010 before a commons committee on crime in Edmonton MPJoe Comartin asked if Alberta Judges, Prosecutors and Police are intoorganized crime and Police Chief Hanson stated; "The answer to that is yes"On 2010 Brent McGiillis wrote an article entitled; "Albertas RampantGovernment Corruption and the Death of Democracy" McGiillis wrote; "Even thejustice system..is a complete disgrace to a free and open democracy."McGiillis wrote; "You have to ask yourself exactly why theres never been anyinvestigations of MLAs here in Alberta as long as anyone can remember". THE DELUDING COURT PANELThe Court Panel were deluding in writing that I was invoking Justice on aposition since they had to know that the (video evidence) and (Doctors letter)called them to serve a lawyer and funds for the appeal to save my Mother andto serve a lawyer to order a trial against the system.The Court Panel also deluded in writing that I was in need of a statute orregulation since I gave them a copy of my Mothers Personal Directivecontaining why I was to have full legal authority to act as the sentry andsteward of my Mothers will and wishes.The recordings prove that my Mother and I share a strong family bond as seenin my Mothers words and emotions and the recordings reveal that my Motherwas confiding ONLY in me, and that my Mother cried out ONLY for me, and thatmy Mother was communicating ONLY with me.That was and is critical since that reveals that my Mother gave the messagethat my care of her is [-unquestionably the best-], [-incomparable-] or [-thesole choice!-] - Of course I know that the latter is the truth. WILL & WISHESPage 2 of the Personal Directive stated that if my Mother is in a persistent vegetative stateand Health Practitioners did commit any form of abuse or critical neglect to her then Iwas to have the right to choose for my Mother above all others. Weighing in on that is thematter that my Mother was not in a persistent vegetative state (as the video recordingsprove). (-In light of these records the 3 judges had to know that I did not need any statuteto cite since the legal P.D. gave the legal instruction-) The 3 judges named the P.D. intheir written ruling "another document". They did that to bury and conceal from theMedia and Public that the P.D. was and is key to proving the Government and system isguilty of murderous fraud.
  18. 18. THE FOLLOWING IS THE DOCTORS LETTERDoctors Letter;"I can confirm that especially on the audio tapes that it is evident that yourMother was clearly expressing her desire to be taken from the nursing facilityand to be returned home to your care","and I also note that on direct questioning by yourself that she confirmed thatshe had given you Power of Attorney, and that it was her desire to have you acton behalf of all matters, including nursing care"" Her vocal expressions duringthe audio-taped telephone calls in 2005 while discussing the issue of yourhaving Power of Attorney also reflected a coherent pattern of speech""Normal tracking of the content of conversation and her voice intonation wascongruent with topics of discussion, suggesting adequate reality contact andlucid mental functioning at the moments of those recordings""What I can say is that there was nothing evident on any of the audio nor videoclips to suggest any lack of understanding or reality contact sufficient torender her incompetent to give her consent or authorization for you to actas her Power of Attorney""It is my understanding that the onus is on those (Stelmachs Government andAlbertas Health System) who wish to challenge the legally executedauthorization of Power of Attorney to demonstrate that she was not mentallycompetent at the time of assignment and there is clearly nothing that I candetect in any of these recordings to provide any support for that position""On both the audio tape segments as well as on the subsequent video tapesegments it is also my Professional observation that the interactions betweenyourself and your Mother were consistently very positive and there is("obvious") love and affection expressed in both directions""She also very clearly stated on multiple occasions she loved you, that shewished for you to take her home, and the verbal and non-verbal communicationcues were very consistent and indicative of a very strong level of emotionalbonding and overall positive relationship""Based upon the audio and video recordings and the collateral information youhave related to me in the past...and in view of the strong affection andbonding I would strongly suspect that regular contact with your Mother mayhave a significant beneficial impact on her emotional status""It is also well recognized in the field of psycho-geriatrics that depression maycontinue harming brain functions and that provision of positive supportivefamily contact is an "extremely" important factor in reducing the severity ofthe functional deficits arising from depression and brain disfunction"
  19. 19. My Mother and I were convalescing from an illness before the scandal beganand the last thing she was in need of was to become a victim of systemabduction, experimentation and a conspiracy to illegally institutionalizing her.The following is the last part of the Forensic Psychologists letter."To the extent that there was a strong emotional bond between yourself andyour Mother barring contact between you may well have been a trigger (That the system pulled) for grief & feelings of loss that added to herdepression & emotional distress causing additional compromising of hermental functioning"This adds a rain-cloud to the thunder-shower of damning evidence confirmingthe horror health scandal the Government & system have been committingagainst my Mother and I. The Doctor in fear of testifying against the entiresystem turned yellow and sought to twist his way out of it. I had the College ofPsychologists investigate him. Their Director wrote a whitewashing report. IJudged her report and proved it was fraud and accused her of fraud, I gave myreport to their appeal Board and they spent 40 days trying to excuse what Iproved against their Director. They wrote a report to me that utterly failed toaccount for what I proved against their Director, then I faxed telling them thatthey also were guilty of fraud. I have a file proving it all!I believe that white-washing the sudden case of yellow was to act as anaccomplice to the systems crimes. The College of Psychologists is anotherprincipality of the Government. Within my PDF file on the matter you will beeye-witnesses that I have proven that Albertas College of Psychologists ofAlberta is guilty of conspiracy and of many crimes. The Government is hidingmuch Canada. - Its now (2011) and I am sharing Paramount things with you all!The Court panel made up of justice jean Cote, justice jack Watson, and justiceFrans Slatter wrote that I gave them a Doctors letter and [[ANOTHER DOCUMENT]]. ANOTHER DOCUMENTThat "other document" that the 3 fraudulent judges did not name was[The Personal Directive.] The panel of judges did not name it the P.D.because they wanted to miisllead the publliic away from seeiing the facts. Writingbecause they wanted to m s ead the pub c away from see ng the facts.("Another Document") was to suppress the evidence of the Personal DirectiveThe 3 deluding judges also acted as if I did not cite a thing in order to receivefunding and yet I did cite Norman Lavoie vs. Penelope Tew 2003 ABCA 204 aruling of a Justice R Berger ordering legal aid to provide financial assistance.A lawyer that I spoke to C.Q. Riddoch wrote to me in June of 2007 saying thatsuch a case is not in her legal expertise. In the letter she did write as a note tolegal aid; "Mr.Cullen left a voice mail message for me on or about May 31st2007 stating that his Mother has been isolated from him for many months. Healso played an audio recording of himself & his Mother. Due to the audiorecording I could only hear a few words from Mr. Cullen and that his Motherwas crying. It appeared from the few words that I could discern from Mr. Cullenand the tone of his Mothers voice that she missed him a great deal."
  20. 20. The 3 judges that set course to commit fraud against the Legal will denied reality to turn a blind-eye against the Lawyers comment.Premier Stelmach & Shiela Weatherill and his criminal government put theirhealth superboard in place in May of 2008 to replace its 9 regional healthauthorities. They did that to control things in fear of crimes they know haveproven against them, the Caritas Health Group, the Alberta Hospital andMisericordia Hospital.In December 2009 Wendy McDonald the President of the Association for CommunityLiving stated; that Premier Ed Stelmachs Government "is going after the mostvulnerable people in Alberta and their families" Wendy also stated; "We should becelebrating (the holidays) and enjoying family rather than living in fear!"The SUN media reported the matter of former Auditor General Fred Dunnslamming Stelmachs Government for 18 million dollars, in pay, severancepackages and bonuses being given to senior executives working for AlbertasHealth authorities. Sheila Weatherill the Chair received 1.5 million.As far as Isee it this is blood money to hide what they did and are doing to my Mother.Dunn also marked the fact that they even used the wrong contracts forseverance packages and failed to provide him with documentation to supporttheir severance pay calculations.
  21. 21. Stelmach sought to muzzle Former Auditor General Fred Dunn (after he spokeout for seniors.) Doctors also voiced concern over allegations that Stelmach andhis new health board gagged Onocologists from speaking out for cancerpatients. (Calgary Herald) On March 23rd 2010 Alta Primetime John Churchsuggested that Stelmachs new health superboard is designed to gag Doctorsand healthcare workers in fear that they may speak out for patients inpossible danger. Manipulation was also seen when David Harrigan from theUnited Nurses of Alberta said that Stelmachs health board had 3 days of closeddoor meetings and that AHS *then pretended that the meetings were justbeginning. Alta P.T.In fear of my evidence of experimentation on dementia patients at the AlbertaHospital and after what they diid to my Mother Stelmachs Government sought after what they d d to my Motherto have it appear as if they do not institutionalize people against their will …Three weeks after the news of the plan to close beds at the Alberta Hospitalthe Regional Director of Mental Health Services Patrick White quit his position.NDP leader Brian Mason stated; "The government has been deceptive"Stelmachs Seniors Minister M. Jablonski stated; "We are looking at building farmore beds in the community and thats because people want to stay in theirhomes" - (Those words are a complete contradiction to the murderous crimesof institutionalizing that they did and are doing to my Mother.)On September 25th 2009 the President of the Alberta Medical Association NoelGrisdale warned physicians to be vigilant towards the way Stelmachwas using the AMA since it was being used to do a review of healthcare in only75 short days -and so did appear to be a part of a plot to confuse corrupthealthcare decisions Stelmach made.Grisdale also gave the warning of secrecy in Stelmachs Government andhealth system !!!From Aprils 2010 survey only 18% of physicians and only 41% of nurses andother health servants at Stelmachs & Shiela Weatherills Alberta Healthsuperboard say they are proud to work for Alta health services. The survey wassent to 100, 000 staff and volunteers.A full 68% of Doctors reported distrust and lack of confidence in the uppermanagement of Alberta Health’s Superboard that Stelmach and ShielaWeatherill put together.56% of Doctors reported that Alberta Health’s Superboard managers didntact consistently nor do as they said they wouldOne wrote under the April 7 2010 Ed. Journal report; "I worked for Alta healthservices..A few of my colleagues were scared to fill out the survey because theyfeared retribution should they be linked to the comments. (I dont feel I can trustmy immediate supervisors nor those at the top)."
  22. 22. TWO YEARS AFTER THE SCANDAL BEGAN AGAINST MY MOTHER THE FOLLOWINGWAS BEING SAID;Sound-off comments on Stelmach firing Boutilier 07 18 2009 by Don Braid ;July 19th 2009 11:47 - Jaded wrote; - "How in the world did a comment on the(inadequacies of seniors facilities) (a true fact) set off the expulsion of an MLA?Talk about using dynamite to kill a fly ...Even Jesus had a trial!".Stelmach and his system used dynamite to quiet Boutilier since the lastthing Stelmach wanted was any saying a thing against seniors facilities.Stelmach had criminal fear that the MLA was giving volume to my voice thathis Government was working to bury and conceal.July 20 2009 12:08 - Did not vote PC wrote; - ".What are they brewing? Why dothey want everyone who knows anything silenced?"What they have done and are doing to my Mother (is what this is all about) As I said I have evidence of another scandal that the Government and system have been hiding.The criminal matter is fraud, experimentation, abuse and neglect to seniors atAlbertas Hospital. This is another reason why the system have been burying andconcealing the murderous fraud being done to my Mother. Being very sensitiveto any loss to my Mothers well-being in 2005 I called Health Services to havethem give her a physical in order to see that there was not any lack of wellnessto my Mothers health that was weakening her memory. I thought it was strangethat they said they only had room in the vehicle for my Mother. They said theywere taking her to the Glenrose and yet they lied and took her to AlbertaHospital. It was not a physical, it was an abduction. I had to fight to free herfrom the clinical grip of the facility. In that time seniors were telling me theywere in peril there. They testified and let me record their testimony.
  23. 23. I was not able to record very much Yet the following is part of the recording transcriptions.I SPEAK -"There cant be any risk taking and experimentation."ELDERLY PATIENT LEEMAN SPEAKS; "Exactly but thats not the way the gamesplayed. Notice when were all sitting around the table theres no happy facesaround there?"I SPEAK; "Gale said that this is the last place she wants to be!"LEEMAN SPEAKS; "And its one hundred percent true..St Albert is not that far,but im scared, I dont dare, I feel that if I made a run for it that theyd catchme!"I SPEAK; "Cause you feel this place is a prison, is that why?"LEEMAN SPEAKS; "Oh you betcha, ive said that more than once, this is not ahospital, its a prison."I SPEAK -"My God, yeah well somethings got to be done, the way this Hospitalis run is a wolf in sheep clothing."I SPEAK; "So you feel they sent you here to..make money, I cant believe youare saying that to me thats wild"ELDERLY TED SPEAKS; "Were hooked in here, were set up in here and we cantget out..its not anything that is good, is bad, its corrupt..theres somethingthats screwed up thats not right"I SPEAK; "What do you mean its screwed up?"TED SPEAKS; "Well by whatever they are trying to do, I dont know something isphoney and the (so-called) Doctor here doesn’t seem to want to respondeither".In the case of the Canada New Brunswick citing, according tothe Estate of Sterling- Marquis vs. Westin 134 NBR(2), theJudge refused to admit the will of an 81 year old woman toprobate. The New Brunswick Court of Appeal did admit thewill to probate.After two heart attacks four days apart, the old womansummoned her lawyer and best friend to prepare a will.Medical witnesses who did not see her but who testified fromthe medical records, felt she could not have been competent.Mr. Westin, the closest living blood relative to the oldwomen, named on her will, questioned the old woman’stestamentary capacity.
  24. 24. Following a hearing, the lower court Judge concluded thatshe did not have testamentary capacity and refused to admitthe will. There was also the medical report that the oldwoman Mrs. Sterling had deteriorated in her condition beforeshe voiced her instruction.Lay witnesses who saw the 81 year old woman testified thatthe old woman was competent.It was based on that lower court ruling that 5 Beneficiariesappealed.The New Brunswick Court of Appeal reversed the lower Courtsruling and admitted the old womans will and wishes based onthe virtue of the lay witnesses observations who testifiedthat she comprehended sufficiently.The appeal Court Judge ruled that a Judgment may be formedby a layman of good sense with as much authority as of aDoctor, the weight given touching the question of capacitydepending upon the extent of the observations made by thelay witness.Other Transcriptions;ELDERLY LEEMAN SPEAKS; "..they get mad at that too?"I SPEAK; "Mad at what, when you have to go to the washroom?"LEEMAN SPEAKS; "Well because they have to clean you..when you got to goyou got to go!"I SPEAK; "Right but not around here!"GALE SPEAKS; "they treat you badly!"I SPEAK; "They do, ok!"I SPEAK; "This is not a hospital, this is a prison!"ELDERLY LEEMAN SPEAKS; "I found it very interesting talking to you becauseI used those same words when I found what was going on in here..Itscomforting to know someone has the same view!..I appreciate that morethan youll ever know!"I SPEAK; "You said they force you to eat your food..whether you are full ornot?"GALE SPEAKS; "Thats right, and thats how people get sick.."COMMUNICATION FROM ANOTHER DAYGALE SPEAKS; "They want me to be crazy"I SPEAK; "You put the tray on the floor to make yourself look crazy so theywont hurt you?" GALE SPEAKS; "Yeah, yeah thats right!"
  25. 25. The murderous psychotic system may claim that many of the patients at Albertas Hospital are in a vegetative state and have no hope of regaining consciousness. That is an excuse to experiment, abuse and neglect the seniors. People that do not understand that Alzheimer’s patients live in unimaginable fear do not understand the illness. We know there are those in the system that do not treasure nor respect reports as that of Mary Fraas who was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2004 and yet 4 years later through the Goodman program in May of 2008 for the first time was shown a group of family photos and recognized them all. It is a miracle Fraas proclaimed. Other such marked improvements have been reported through the ScienceDaily (Jan 9th 2008), The Mayo Clinic. Weighing in on that is the New England Journal of Medicine functional magnetic resonance imaging report! The report confirms that scientists have been able to reach into the mind of brain-damaged patients. Awareness was detected in patients previously diagnosed as being in a vegetative state. Scientists have shown that scans can detect signs of awareness in patients thought to be closed off from the world. Since this is with respect to patients diagnosed as being in a vegetative state it condemns the Government and system that have denied the will and wishes of patients that have not been diagnosed as being in a vegetative state. THE MURDEROUS MATTER OF A SYSTEM OR HOSPITAL FACILITY COMMITTING A COVER-UP HAS BEEN SEEN BEFORE. - (3 CASES) - Manitobas former Premier Gary Doer who wrote thanking me twice for one of my preliminary GFR reports is accused along with his Health Minister of conspiring with the system to cover-up the death of Brian Sinclair. He died on Sept. 21st 2008 after 36 hours of neglect in an Emergency room. He was not given any medical attention, no food nor any water to drink. The family filed a law suit against the Government, Regional Health Authorities and facility staff. On March 31st 2010 criminal lawyer Clayton Ruby gave his legal opinion on Winnipegs Police failing to investigate when there is reasonable grounds to. The lawyer stated that the polices failure to investigate is "both inexplicable and shocking".Two prominent Human Rights Professors agreed and stated that to not investigate places the integrity of Canadas Justice system in question. http://www.scribd.com/doc/29281739/Sinclair-Press-ReleaseThis is the sort of so-called justice that I am faced with, and the evidence ofthe crimes against my Mothers life is more manifest than anything on the internet.
  26. 26. According to a June 2009 report a New York hospital falsified records and lied toauthorities to cover-up the death of patient Esmin Green who died on theEmergency waiting room floor. She was in full view of Doctors, nurses andsecurity for one full hour before nudged and found dead. A senior nurse AidaGonzalo made 3 false medical record entries to have it appear as if there was noneglect. A nurses aid also falsified records. Doctors failed to examine the woman,wrote contradictions in their records and medical staff wrote false healthproblems and treatment records according to DOI Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn.In the Terri Schiavo casethey diagnosed her as being in a persistent vegetative state.Terri Schiavo the parents fought for a decade to save her life against thegovernments hold on her.The parents were not able to save her from the systems hold even with(50) neurologists seeing the diagnosis as a possible murderous lie.R.N. Savor Iyer testified that Terri Schiavo’s ability to communicatewas systematically misrepresented.Iyer testified that all the other nurses worked together to regularly delete from thechart records communications that Iyre recorded and RN Iyer testifiedthat the nurses put their reputations before Schiavos life.There you have it,Now people see that an entire Hospital facility may be guiltywith the Facility Management, Doctors, Head nurses, aidsand even the hospital’s security guards in on the cover-up.All you have read proves the Government is guilty of the blackest crimesand that Gales life is in mortal peril.The following will prove the matter in deeper ways;The 3rd season of 2006 my Mother and I were convalescing from an infirmitythat a Doctor diagnosed as unknown. It was from months of ingesting colloidalsilver water. The health store assured us that it was a completely harmlessinternal germ destroyer. I later found that too much colloidal silver may harmthe nerves, excite emotions, harden arteries, and eventually may compromisethe immune system and cause gastric problems. Drinking it as a watersubstitute in time became the cause of internal infections and a heavysomnolence in my Mother when still and while she would ambulate. My Motherhad moments of dullness and would often lose her balance. Providingknowledge of health services, a wheel chair and helping in the healing of aninfection is a good thing yet not abducting a Mother from the care of her sonwhile denying legal Personal Directive Rights.
  27. 27. Jealous and malicious relatives that estrange themselves are often the cause ofmisguiding. A Manchester England couple lost their 2 year-old daughter after amisguided suspicion had authorities thinking that the couple harmed theirdaughter. The child was found having a broken leg.While the false accusation had the lives of the couple in ruin the House of Lordsrejected the Parents call to have the system reconcile the matter in 2005.In that the couple was abused further by the justice systems pig-headedunwillingness to listen to what they had to say.http://www.falselyaccuseddad.com/the-negative-consequences-of-being-falsely-accused/http://hubpages.com/hub/CHILD-PROTECTION-SERVICES-HAVE-YOU-BECOME-THEIR-NEXT-VICTIM-IT-DOESNT-TAKE-MUCHAfter the accusation had their lives carved up into little pieces it was laterfound that the cause was brittle bone disease.In an appeal the Parents testified that their child was taken in a way thatdenied them the right to host a full account and later in a way that denied theneed to give legal redress.The European Appeal Court ruled unanimously that the lower courts judgmentwas false and that although the authorities first had a duty towards the child,that the system also had a duty to serve the Parents with legal redress.The couple’s lawyer Emma Holt testified that the system had failed them in notgiving legal redress after taking the child.The lawyer said that in these cases people often say -where there is smokethere is fire! The lawyer marked that as a fallacy.In the case of my Mother who entered in under Caritas and their MisericordiaHospital their nurses in criminal neglect were closed against communicating inspite of the legal fact that I was named on my Mother’s Personal Directive, andin spite of my warning that their handling of my Mother was contrary to hercare needs.I did not have to sign in to see my Mother, I was given the freedom to enter ineach day for many hours to nurse my Mothers needs and I was not underthe watch of any security nor nurses. I was even trusted to give my Motherpenicillin pills and Tylenol pills that they left on her food tray.Also keep in mind that the need to communicate and welcome would also befor the effect that I had towards my Mother while I was in each day for hours togive comfort and care !!! - I was also in fear that if I did not leave that theywould re-channel their gruff onto my Mother before or after visiting hours.
  28. 28. After turning a blind-eye and a deaf ear to my warnings that my ill elderlyMother was knotted into shock & fear from being plucked from my care, andsuffering harm from their care being contrary to her needs and further harmfrom intimidating & violent ways that I caught them handling her -Caritas andtheir facility then in secret put my Mother through a obedience and functionaleffectiveness test.That was a conspiracy to commit fraud through forging a diagnosis to cover-uptrauma and psychiatric injury.It was not logical to test my Mother apart from seeking any critical knowledgethat I knew of her.My warnings gave them reason to believe that any tests done apart from myknowledge would be in alarming ignorance of her.They did not communicate when there was a critical need to be given redressand in the face of there being a Personal Directive.The criminal neglect was extortion. Caritas and members of their MisericordiaHospital administration have violated the criminal code according to section219.(1) that reads: everyone is criminally negligent who(a) is doing anything or(b) omitting to do anything that is his duty to do, shows wanton or recklessdisregard for the lives or safety of others. Criminal neglect does not requireproof of willfulness or intention -indifference is sufficient.Caritas and members of their Administration are also in violation of section216. Under,‘ Duty of persons under taking acts dangerous to life’, according tosection 216 of the criminal code; ‘everyone who undertakes to administersurgical or medical treatment to another person, or to do any other lawful actthat may endanger the life of another, is under a legal duty to have and to usereasonable knowledge and care in doing so, except in cases of necessity.Caritas were also in violation of the Principle of Law, Quad ab initio non valet,in tractu temporis non convalescit, that is; ‘What is not valid in the beginningdoes not become valid in time.Section # 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is violated, since‘Freedom of Thought’ is being violated..
  29. 29. Section # 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is violated, (the Right tosecurity) through subverting the psychological integrity of my Mother’s mind, We seethat is a real matter in the case of the Caritas nurses sexual assault on the terminally illsenior at Caritas’s Edmonton General. http://elderadvocates.ca/sexual-assault-at-the-edmonton-general-care-center/ Section 7 is also violated in violating the ‘ Right to Life’ in destroying longevity. I warned again in a Nov 6th faxed letter of there being peril in their nursing. While hiding my fear of the extortion in their neglect I faxed the letter to the Minister of Health Iris Evans and to Caritas through one of their Vice Presidents of Operations. I did not know whether or not the Minister was in bed with Albertas Caritas agency and so I limited my letter to telling of there being heavy handed nursing. The Minister of Health Iris Evans wrote me a Nov 28th 2006 letter (shockingly 22 days later) after what I believe were secret talks with Caritas. In the letter Iris Evans stated that she was sorry to hear that there was a question of possible lacking care and dignity in the way the Caritas Agencys Misericordia attendants were nursing and she instructed me in her letter to have “Caritas” look into the matter. That was too strange reading that in the letter from Iris Evans since Alberta Healths Caritas agency had to know of my Nov 6th/06 fax, and yet within the 22 days I received no letter nor word from Caritas in return. Remember on the matter of the cancer patient deaths Stelmachs former parliamentary assistant Raj Sherman stated that Stelmachs former health minister IIrriis Evans is also someone that has suppressed critical knowledge. s Evans On Nov 8th/06 the PRC was passing me in the hall. I stopped her and asked her what was happening. She said she would look into what Caritas had to say to me and she continued walking! She did not speak with me with respect to any letter. I received no word from Caritas ! The next day (Nov 9th) I witnessed further unbefitting nursing practices that I had to report.
  30. 30. On Nov 11th/06 I received word ‘that a notice’ was placed on the wall wherethe nurses desk was that instructed the nurses to deny me access to my Mom.The notice was like shutting out the media. After I voiced that I would seek foran inquest into the death of my Rights minutes later I received word that thenotice was "a mistake".The notice was to see if I’d leave through the extortion of false authorityand was to trigger anger as a form of entrapment. (Burying and concealingCasus belli)The criminal conspiracy of placing the notice on the wall was also a violation ofsection 3 1(b) of the Human Rights Act since it planted in others the thought ofbeing divided against me and hateful.On Nov 16th/06 Alberta Healths Caritas Agency used their security Head to tellme over the phone that I was banned for 3 months and they refused to accountfor the ban. It was the 29th day that my Mother had been there and no oneever spoke to me of my warnings that my Mother was being held against herwill nor of my fears towards their care of her and not one time did any speak tome of my Nov 6th fax.There was not any Just reason for the ban and if the story were other than thestory was and any did exist the ban nonetheless would be in violation of theprinciple of law, Bonum ex integra causa, malum ex quocunque defectu, Thatis,= An action is good only if each element is good, it is bad if any one of thoseelements is bad. Before you read of the banfirst have in mind that Alberta’s Provincial Seniors Advocate Ruth Adria wroteof Caritas banning her and that it was an unprovoked banning. The Advocatewrote of a restraining order against her through the Misericordia Securityoffice. The Provincial Patients Advocate wrote; "I have never been served anydocuments, (nor was I aware of what the facility was claiming. I had beenremoved from the Misericordia Hospital on February 19, 2004 -http://elderadvocates.ca/unprovoked-banning-of-visitor-at-caritas-hospitals/
  31. 31. Now with that in mind; The day before the ban I told Caritas through their so-called Public Relations Coordinator Ms. C.Z. that. L.S who I met (for the firsttime) (the patient care manager) in heavy thorny neglect he would notcommunicate with me and was using blank accusing & extortion.When I saw Ms.C.Z and told her of the blank accusing (Extortion) she agreedthat we would all get together the next day to talk of it, yet it was a lie as thenext day security Head Mr. D.D told me over the phone that I was banned for 3months because I did not agree with Mr. L.S. I then told him that L.S. did notname any offense and that it is fraud to want me to agree to not commit anoffense that L.S. was not willing to name. Security Head Mr.D.D then said thatI’d have to go through Caritas to have the matter investigated.In Alberta Healths Caritas agency not meeting the next day ‘as Ms.C.Z saidthey would’ to communicate the matter of my report of L.S. they were actingas partners in crime with L.S. to subvert my authority and to conspire afraudulent ban.It was manifest that having Caritas investigate L.S. and the ban was as havingsuspects investigating a suspect. After I was told of the ban my phone-calls toCaritas were stonewalled for 4 days until Nov 20th.After I was told of the ban I faxed a report to Alberta Healths Caritas agency todocument my verbal report to them of L.S. the day before the ban.I knew I was in need of a paper trail since I was watching the Albertas Healthsystem commit a scandal.The day before that ban began L.S. began accusing me of a past offense againstthe nurses. When I asked If he would name what it was he was speechless. Theso-called patient care manager L.S. did not name a single offense and then saidthat if I did not stop that something bad would happen, yet he did not namewhat that would be.My being in fear for the Rights of my Mother is what they were wanting rid of,not any offense!It was on the Nov 20th/06 day that I warned Caritas’s PRC(Ms. C.Z) over thephone, that I would report the Agency to the PRESS if they did not stopisolating my Mother from seeing me which was criminal fraud, a hostage takingand murderous injury and atrophy to her life.The Agencies deceiving PRC said to me over the phone that there was nothingshe could do about the ban, and said that she had no account to give fromCaritas for the ban. I asked her if I could have it in writing, and four hours laterI received their Nov 20th/06 couriered letter.They hastened to write and courier it and in that left marks and signs oftheir guiltiness in the way they wrote it
  32. 32. The Smoking Gun Evidence against the Government and Health System is Sky High.Alberta Healths Caritas Agency wickedly thanked me in their letterfor ("waiting for the 4 days") for the Agency to review matters. -Acting as if Iwas waiting for them to review was a horror of a lie since after security toldme over the phone on the 16th of the ban my phone-calls were thenstonewalled until the 20th and the only time I heard from Caritas towards theban was 4 hours before the couriered letter when I was told he ban was final.Caritas wrote their letter the way they did to have it appear as if the ban wasa decision and as if that was with the understanding that they were open to anappeal. Alberta Healths Caritas agency wrote to disguise that the ban was aconspiracy to abort communications that began on the 15th and to fireheavy ammunition on the 16th in the form of the ban. What the Public andMedia also need to know is that acting as if I was waiting the 4 days for them toreview is contrary to them telling me that the ban would be for 3 months.The fraudulent ban was final and when I asked for that in writing they wrote aletter to act as if it was not final. (It is as the time of the November 11th notice.)The couriered Nov 20th letter stated that the Agency would meet with me nearthe end of the month to reconsider the ban if I made no phone-calls to them.The truth of why they were willing to meet is that they diid not want me d d not want metallkiing to the PRESS . The Agency also would not meet with me until the endta k ng to the PRESSof the month since the ban was a lie and their plan was to use the time tothink of a way to confuse and to use extortion.
  33. 33. Alberta Healths Caritas agency did not care that each minute of the fraudulent isolation would place Gales life in deeper peril.The letter began with weasel words. The origin of the term ‘weasel words’ isfrom the egg that a weasel has sucked that looks in tact, yet is empty. Thewording of the letter gave the appearance of authority, an illusion of authorityto a casual reader, yet in no way was it an account.The letter marked the 33rd day of the Agency board and attendantscontinuing in criminal neglect against the simple duty to welcome andcommunicate to know of the umbilical nature of my care of my Mother (whonamed me as her Agent on a Personal Directive.)The letter also marked the 33rd day of the Alberta Health Agency continuingin criminal neglect against the duty to communicate for redress.Respecting the warning of there being sole care or a family bond is seen in thelatin principle; A posse ad esse non valet consequential: that is; (From a thingspossibility one cannot be certain of the reality.) That Principle of law is seen infilms such as, " I am Sam", "Nell", "John Q" and "curly sue" to name a few.Sole care and bond realities are why you do not ever deny redress whenthere is a charge that false authority was taken.The Nov 20th/06 letter in fraud ((feigned ‘a reminder)) in stating that ("as youknow") your nursing concerns before the ban were forwarded to the patientcare manager.(L.S.) -.The Agency wrote that in their letter to have it ‘appear’ to any on theoutside of the conspiracy as if the agency had given me assurance (beforethe ban) that there were no unstable nursing matters.That was never said to me and you know it did not happen since (you cannot)give assurance when there is the denying of a Personal Directive and whenthere is the denying of the need for redress. My report that you are readingproves that Caritas were denying those two needs.
  34. 34. The matter of feigning a reminder of assurance proves that The CaritasHealth Groups Nov 20th06 letter is a false document in violation of section366(1)(a) of the Criminal Code.The letter gave the account that I was banned to stop past offenses. TheCaritas Agencys account that there had been past offenses reflected ashapeless mass of clay, and was verily contrary to reason, since as you haveread only five days before the ban I received the apology for the Nov 11thnotice. (A video recording proves this.)Reason stands that if I committed any past offenses as Caritas veiled in theirNov 20th06 letter, then on Nov 11th06 I would not have received the apology.The letter also stated that the ban was to end stumbling blocks to the way thatthe nurses were working. Denying the Personal Directive and Redress provesthey did not have a right to that claim.As you may remember I have also proven that claim is fraud in the part ofthis report where I wrote of the nurse named Chris. In that is the principle oflaw, Ab assuetis non fit inuria,= that is ; No injury is done by things longacquiesced in.Their account for the ban also failed reason since the letter contained Caritasadmitting that I identified that the nurses placed on the ward were not suitedto be nursing on that ward. The letter also contained Caritas admitting that Iidentified that the nursing instructor was teaching the student nurses in a waythat was not befitting or sensitive.The admissions were to appear as ruling well under the sight of the Minister ofHealth who received my Nov 6th letter, yet in speeding to write their Nov20th couriered letter Caritas failed to see that their admissions alsoconfirmed that they were committing fraud since Caritas had to know that inlight of there being unstable nursing if I did appear to be in the way that mystepping in was reasonable & justifiable under section 11 of the Human RightsAct. This for certain proves that the account for the ban is fraud.I was not in the way, they spent very little time in my Mother’s room and it wasnot often when they did.As well is the case citing of Wagner vs. International Railway 232N.Y.176. In theciting a Justice Cardozo stated that "danger invites rescue". In that isestablished what is known as the ‘Rescue Doctrine’. In that a wrong doer isaccountable if he seen the deliverer coming. Caritas knew that I had warnedthem for weeks that their nursing was unstable and unbefitting and blind.The ban was fraud and all I am testifying of proves that the Caritas HealthGroups Nov 20th06 letter is a false document in violation of section 366(1)(a) ofthe Criminal Code.
  35. 35. Under section 366(1) of the Criminal Code: Everyone..who makes a falsedocument knowing it to be false, with intent (a) that it should in any way beused or acted on as genuine to the prejudice of another is in violation of theCriminal Code.Towards the matter of how my Mother was placed into their facility, theAgency wrote in their Nov 20th letter that they reviewed a statement I hadfaxed to them even though I was not asked to account for a thing. Indeed therewas not any redress and my care of my Mother in the facility each day was fulland not under any watch.In that we have the latin Principle; EXCUSATIO NON PETITA ACCUSATIOMANIFESTA -AN EXCUSE THAT HAS NOT BEEN SOUGHT IS AN OBVIOUSACCUSATION.In Alberta Healths Caritas agency manifesting in their Nov 20th letter (‘33 daysafter’ (day 1)) that they had ample authority or allotment to review, and yetnot acting open to communicate for redress proves that they knew redress wasa matter and so proves that in a conspiracy they were denying the critical andvital need for redress.The letter also shows Caritas acting as if my Mother was ill and yet not taken tothe Doctor when the very estranged relative had authorities violate the law intaking her through mischief.That was false as I told Caritas before that my Mother was #1 ingesting a Doctorprescribed anti-infection medication, #2 had an appointment scheduled to seea eye-specialist for the Iritis in her eye, #3 received a physical examinationthat year and that #4 my Mother was taken against her will.The letter also contains Caritas saying that they reviewed my Mothers medicalrecords. And in that I have great reason to believe that they hid that theyhad knowledge of a hospital discharge summary from my Mothers past thatconfirms my report of my Mothers uncommon fear of facilities and ofstrangers handling her.The system knew not to risk subverting sole care nor a family bond.Under section 262 (b) of the Criminal Code reads; Everyone who withoutreasonable cause impedes or attempts to impede any person who is attemptingto save the life of another person, is guilty of an indictable offence and liableto imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years. R.S.,c.C-34,s.241.
  36. 36. THE NOVEMBER 30TH 2006 MEETING.Ten days after the couriered letter I then met with the Agency members.Remember through those 10 murderous days I was continuing to suffer the fearof knowing my Mothers life was in peril. According to what Caritas wrote in thecouriered Nov 20th letter I was not allowed to call for that 10 days to knowwhat was happening to my Mother. Of course the Patient Care Manager (L.S.)did not attend the meeting.I new it was a matter of life and death to gain a recording of the meeting withthe health board.The meeting was of course not to give redress. It was to use Extortion to servea deal. That was manifest in the meeting beginning in telling me of what theboundaries of the meeting would be and of the narrow time I would be given tosee my Mother.In the meeting Caritas then said that they all recognize that I was my Mother’scaregiver for a long time, and said that they were all sure that it left quite avoid in me that she was separated from my home and through the ban.In Alberta Healths Caritas agency saying that -was to act as if there werenot warnings and evidence that my Mother was in critical and vital need ofmy care. It was also to act as if there was not a Personal Directive and as ifthere was not a need -to communicate that and for redress against false ormistaken authority taken.The Agency stated in the meeting, that they were all sure that I needed tokeep in touch with my Mother. Caritas then said that the ban was to stop mefrom threatening the nurses so their work of nursing would serve the fullestcare. In that Caritas were accusing me of offenses that they did not ever name.In that Alberta Healths Caritas agency were committing Extortion.Caritas then warned that I would have the narrow time of (15 minutes a day) tosee my Mother and said that I would have that -if I did not try reaching theMinister of Health again.
  37. 37. This proves again my Mother’s life was held through Extortion.Extortion under section 346 (1) of the criminal code READS; Every one commitsExtortion WHO not having a Justified reason with the intent to obtain anything,threatens or accuses to induce or even attempt to induce any person to doanything or cause anything to be done.Under section 346(1.1)-(b) Every one who commits Extortion is guilty of anindictable offense, and liable to imprisonment for life.Where there is an act of Extortion and forcible Confinement, the matter then isthat of a Hostage Taking.In that Alberta Healths Caritas agency & members of their Administrationhave committed an act of Hostage Taking.Under section 279.1(1), of the Criminal Code, Every one takes a personhostage who; forcibly seizes and confines another. AND in any manner uttersor conveys, or causes any person to receive (a threat) that the confinement ofthe hostage will continue unless the person commits or causes any other tocommit any act or omission of an act.(2) Every person who takes a personhostage is guilty of an indictable offense and according to part (b) liable toimprisonment for life.In the meeting I then again gave the warning that the matter of my Motherbeing taken and held under their care was not lawful and gave the warning thatI had two weeks of recordings of my Mother and I proving the harm it wascausing.The V.P. of Operations for Caritas Ms.S.M then said in the meeting that they didnot wish to diminish my intention but that the meeting was for me to hear oftheir plan to see my Mother again. In that was to deny what I said and wasfurther stirring of Extortion.In the meeting I then spoke to remind the Alberta Health board that the dayafter my Mother was taken one of their agents that they deal with said that itwas "absurd" of the hospital in not it not letting me see my Mother.It was lower than absurd, it would be criminal, and the board had to haveseen that my warning of the recordings may have proven key and deeperreasons why it would be absurd. In the board denying that through burdeningme into obeying the meeting proves again Alberta’s Caritas board werecommitting life destroying fraud and Extortion.I then began to remind Caritas of critical facts that happened before the ban.I did that in order to gather evidence of their fraud while I was recording theAlberta heath board meeting.
  38. 38. Ms.C.Z. for Caritas admitted that there were times that I had a reason to beupset and that one of those times was when I received word on Nov 11th of afalse notice.When I began to say that there was not any reason for the ban, Ms.S.M the VPof Operations for Alberta Healths Caritas agency then cut in and contrary tothere being the undeniable matter of the notice and contrary to Ms.C.Z’sadmissions =(Ms.S.M began ‘acting’ as if the ban was because of the way I waswhen I first heard of the Nov 11th false notice.)Ms.S.M began saying that Caritas and their Administration knew there werethings that should not have happened against me but that their nurses cannotever feel threatened.Saying that was contrary to reason, since it denied that the Nov 11th Noticewas either a criminal matter or legal issue that they had a duty to reconcile.In that is damning evidence of Extortion.Saying that their nurses cannot ever feel threatened was also contrary toreason since Ms.S.M did not name any offense and did not mark Nov 11th asthe account for the ban in their Nov 20th letter. In that confirms Extortion.She was acting as if I was in strife on the Nov 11th day when I heard of thenotice (yet after admitting) the matter of the notice was reason to presumethat I was defending my Mother from a notice set to illegally isolate her.When I asked in the meeting what sort of an offense we were speaking of theAgency then suggested that I would be banned indefinitely if I asked further forthem to account for the ban. I voiced that I was concerned with their weighingof the matter being one-sided in their. Caritas did not have any account andwhen I sought to fish for one, they then again used Extortion.("INDEFINATELY" they said;) From the Latin: Dosis facit venenom; that is,= It isthe dose that makes the poison. The word indefinitely also serves as evidencethat the plan was to subvert my Mother’s Personal Directive.That also proves that Alberta Healths Caritas Agency and members of theirMisericordia Administration committed further Extortion in violation of section346 (1) of the criminal code.In the meeting Ms.S.M for Caritas then appeared to be asking me a question,and then quickly looked to another member for an answer as if looking toconfirm that my Mother would be placed in a long term care facility, and that’swhen the other member nodded. I felt shock & fear shoot into me when shesaid that. I then spoke in the form of a righteous mock in saying, "I understandeverything your saying very well".Domitius Ulpianus the professor of law, Jurist, and Imperial Official of TyrianAncestry wrote; Nihil consensui tam contrarium est, quam vis atque metus:quem comprobare contra bonos mores est-
  39. 39. In the meeting I then gave a reminder of my report that when I met with thePatient Care Manager before the ban (for the first time ever) that he wasunwilling to communicate, blank accusing & threatening in Extortion.Ms.C.Z Patent Relations Coordinator for Caritas who is also a MN & RN, thensaid to me; "I investigated that, ok!"- That was not logical since in Caritasnaming it an investigation (serving an account was a matter of course.) Fromthe Principle Suppressio veri suggestio est falsi,, = Withholding the truth isevidence of falsehood. And in using the word "ok" I felt I was being told to notspeak further of it.Hiding the matter of the Patient Care Manager being unwilling to communicateconfirms again the criminal neglect against my Mother’s Personal Directive andagainst the need for redress, and the word "ok" confirms evidence of furtherstirring of Extortion.In the meeting I then reminded Caritas of my faxes that recorded the unstableand unbefitting nursing practices that I witnessed, and I then said that none ofthat should have been happening to begin with.Mr.G.S VP of Ethics for Caritas then said; "Let’s agree that this is a turningpoint". Members of the public that have read those words of Mr.G.S have inshock asked me the question; "What was that suppose to mean?" In sayingwhat he did after what I said was in sleight a deal of Extortion. Also from theLatin Dum excusare credis, accusas that is = He who excuses himself, "accuseshimself ".In not agreeing that it was a turning point I then said the meeting to AlbertaHealths Caritas board; "Because that’s a conspiracy then right! And then ifyou guys are pushing me away then it’s the cover-up of a conspiracy, is the wayI’ve felt that’s all!"The Public, Media and all in any position of power ought to see it is Paramountthat I said that to Alberta Healths clinical Empire Caritas.In ending what I said using the words "thats all" also shows that I had fear ofsaying more.In the meeting Ms.CZ for Caritas then to Justify the ban said that the nurses didfeel threatened. The feign of fear and pity, was a false witness, and was tocommit the fallacy known as Argumentum ad misericordiam, that is; ‘ appealto pity to get a conclusion accepted’ and the formless accusing in the words ofMs.CZ was further Extortion.I had proven that the ban was not Justified, and in Ms. C,Z saying that provesthat Caritas were saddling themselves onto all that I did prove in themeeting that they knew was a climb for me to put into words. Imagine aJustice system that is so evil that it acts as if all that was proven did not beginto be. That is the game. It is also known as a vicious circle.
  40. 40. I then warned Alberta Healths Caritas agency again in the meeting that theydid appear to be committing a criminal conspiracy in having me banned afterI reported their bodys harmful and unstable nursing. (One of many reasons whythe ban was fraud). Not having a sound answer and confirming again Extortion..S.M for Caritas then said; "And Shawn we’re not going to discuss that today,what we’re discussing today is how you are coming back into the system so thatyou can see your Mother."The way that I was spoken to reflects a potent form of the Petitio principiifallacy, also known as a vicious circle or ‘begging the question’, or circulus inprobando, where a conclusion returns again and again spoken of as if it were apart of the evidence to justify a lack of evidence or not any. This assumes theconclusion is true yet does not show it to be and has the communication talkingin circles, and enables the speaker to have the hearer in shock and forgetting.In the meeting I then voiced that I was very troubled that Ms CZ wrote (in theNov 20th letter) that while I was being banned Caritas had a meeting to setstraight nursing since it was to deny my knowledge of my Mother and legal rightto communicate the Personal Directive and redress.I then warned Caritas that in them neglecting pseudo dementia thresholds thatthere is a real danger in the Health Care System. I then asked if they werehopping to close the meeting to bury what I had to say on that. Rather thanserve the need to communicate further in order to attend my thoughts, Caritasdenied my warning and chose to close the meeting. (close=suture) It is as theOct 2006 report of the 4 prominent Senior Physicians in israel who werearrested for experimenting on the elderly. At least 12 seniors died. TheHospitals Administration did nothing despite signs of the experimenting.In the meeting I then said in the form of a subtle righteous mock; "My Motherhas suffered wondering where I was all this time too, it’s a kind of concern ofmine." Ms.S.M for Caritas then said, "She’ll be very happy then to see you backagain." That again proves they were denying my Mother’s critical and vitalRights. Think of the temperature in what the board said.Remember,Remember before that in the meeting I gave them the warningthat I had two weeks worth of recording’s confirming that wewere both being abused from others fallaciously orfraudulently defining our tribulation.I then warned Caritas that I had recordings of my Mother confirming that shefelt she was being institutionalized and I warned that my Mother was cryingvoicing that she missed me.In denying all of those warnings proves Caritas and members of theirAdministration were denying critical & life-saving recordings that prove myMother was being held against her will and that her life was in peril.