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Working With Angels and How to Bring Home the Blessings of God Directly To You

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Working with angels and how to bring home the blessings of God in your life is important to God, and to you. Here, you will walk away with a simple understanding how to receive and walk in a place of no more blockages to receive what God has spoke for you, and planned for you, and released to you in Jesus name.

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Working With Angels and How to Bring Home the Blessings of God Directly To You

  1. 1. Online School of Prayer Intercession, Communion, Dreams,Visions, and more. onlineschoolofprayer.webs.com/holy-spirit-and-angels-part1 The Work of the Holy Spirit, and Angels Prophetic Dream: The Importance of Working With Angels and How to Bring Home the Blessings of God Directly To You Prophetic Dream Message “You are coming into a time of continuing personal schooling of the ministry of the Holy Spirit to work with angels to bring you God’s Grace in your life. The blockage you are warring against is not the enemy, but how to receive what I have given and already overcome for you. Enter into the day of receiving through my Grace, by working with angels in my Word so that you will enter into My joy that I have for you, says the Spirit of Grace and Council. I have already opened My heavens, you cannot re-do what My Son has already done. Harvest what has already been accomplished through My Grace at your command, by My Spirit and angels I have ordained for you to work with. You do not pray for what I have already purchased for you to receive. Again, you harvest My hand and purchased work by your command in My Father’s Grace, Says the Lord.” In my dream my current home was built inside my childhood home. As I looked outside I realized that in my front yard, had a blockage that was causing a damn in the neighborhood too. As I looked around, my house sat upon a high hill and I noticed that my front yard turned into a shopping mall where the parking lots were being flooded as well and nobody could come into the Mall. At the same time, I was speaking to my boss that I would not be into work because I could not --because of the damn. (In real life, I have been sick and could not go into work.) My boss was more than understanding, and stayed on the phone with me. I began to observe the waters, and waited for them to subside. However, I noticed that a woman inspector came (The Spirit of Wisdom) and said in the streets, “The Governor (Holy Spirit) has sent me to tell you to unblock the blockage and drain the blocked area.” In my dream, I began to go to the place where my front yard was blocked causing a back up and the woman arrived to the place, with me. (The Spirit of Wisdom) It was at this direct time the woman said to two people standing by, 1/4
  2. 2. “Open up the blockage now.” (The ministry of angels:The Spirit of Knowledge, The Spirit of Council) These angels, who were ministering angels of human form in my dream, simply “Opened the blockage.” To my surprise I was expecting a “FLOOD” to come out of the blocked area but it was a newly wrapped “Ford Hudson Antique Automobile” that still had the wrapping of encasement in: the doors, the window cressings, the tires, the motor, etc. (This car was tailor made just for me.) I was fully shocked in my dream because I could not figure out how to stop it but to let it go at it’s own pace to subside. I had done everything I knew to do and it was too much for me to handle by myself. Yet, as I looked closer into the place that was blocked and the woman (The Spirit of Wisdom) and the angels (The Spirit of Council and Knowledge) removed the car from it’s holding place, “There was no water in that place.” Yet, when I looked closer, “There was a shelf with food to eat, already prepared for me to eat.” When I woke up, not able to open my eyes yet the Holy Spirit brought to remembrance the resurrection of Jesus. It was the angels that moved the stone (The blockage, barrier, etc) for the Blessing (The Resurrection of Christ Jesus) to be revealed to Mary and to the disciples, along with the world. Here, we see an important thoughts: It is by works, and not of Grace, to pray that heaven will open when it already has. As well, it is by works and not of God's Grace to come against many enemies--we live out of the finished works of Christ Jesus. It is by Grace we receive through unfeigned faith. The Holy Spirit is our Governor and He alone positions angels to work on our behalf. It is by our command to receive God's Grace. It is up to you to call upon the Holy Spirit as your Helper to Guide you into the command of the work of angels, to bring forth your blessing. It is not a time of fighting the demonic, it is a time of learning to receive God’s Grace. The battle has already been won. Foundations in Dream Interpretation Mini Workshop Reminders 1. What are the circumstances? Write them down: I know that sounds elementary but not everyone is at the same level as the reader, or the dreamer. Make it simple for everyone to understand, and make it clear. Many people have missed this part. For example, “Joseph interpreted the dream(s) of the Baker and Butler to come to pass in three days.” We must ask ourselves, “How did he, Joseph, know what will happen in three days?” Here is the key, “The circumstances to the dream was Pharaoh’s birthday that these events would take place.” That 2/4
  3. 3. is why I try to develop relationships with people first, before the interpretation, just as Joseph did with the Baker and Butler to give more detail. However, this is not always the case for best results, and you can give a general meaning. For this reason, most dreams are “Generally speaking” interpretations and we have not reached the benchmark of God’s best in this areas. 2. How have you been praying about the situation? This is important to ask the question, “How have you been praying about the situation?” because many people pray and do not recognize the answer in a dream, or vision. God responds with help, but, “We are mere sheep, and sheep need help to hear God’s Voice.” 3. What is the interpretation? If you have a dream you have not been praying about, it could be a future dream and the interpretation will come to pass in a future time. For example, “Joseph dreamt as a young man he was working in the fields and his family bowed down to him.” When he told the dream everyone questioned him and grew jealous. This dream was interpreted by his family, “Should we bow down to you?” Yet, because it was not time for the dream to come to pass, great jealousy grew among the family and questions came about within God’s Divine authority. (His mom and dad.) Write the dream down. Consider the outcome before you speak it. If you do not know the answer use your checklist first, before you share it. “What is your circumstances? What have you been praying about? Is this dream in direct response to answered prayer from God, or--if not, a future interpretation.” 4. How can act upon the dream? There are times in the Bible there was direct orders of guidance in a dream “What to do and when.” Look closely in your dream: Did someone speak a directive on how to advance your dream to walk in God’s Grace? What type of conversations were taking place? Where you an observer of seeing results--you are act, when you wake up.” How to Command Your Blessing of God's Grace. Prayer Example:How to Command Your Blessings 1. Grow in intimacy of the Holy Spirit: He is the Governor in the earth concerning God’s Grace of every area in your life. He is the Lord of the Harvest in the earth, to take from the victory of Christ and what has been purchased for you to receive in order to know the Father. 2. The Holy Spirit Will Position the Angels Needed: The Holy Spirit has already positioned the angels to come to the place --that He is guiding you to come to in order to receive the blessing of God’s Grace in your life. You do not need to position them there for you. 3. Your job is to speak it forth to come into being: Mark 11:22 “Have faith in God” or, “Have faith in God’s Grace: His Voice, His provision, and His willingness to move upon what He has already ordained for you to walk in.” Remember, “You rely upon Grace and your faith will automatically be there and it will be unstoppable!” Mark 11 goes on to say, “Believe you have received WHEN--not tomorrow, not an hour later, not next year, you pray.” Let it be settled in your 3/4
  4. 4. heart, already. Father, in the name of Jesus I thank You that You have already provided my blockage to be removed by the Governor, who is the Holy Spirit, on my behalf. I thank You and praise You Father that the Holy Spirit has already come to the place and released the angels for me to receive Your Grace: Your voice, Your provision, Your willingness in this area of my life. Now, angels of God release this to me, In Jesus name. I receive it, and cause what I have said to come to me and bring it to pass. Hallelujah! In Jesus name. Mark 11 goes on to say, “If you believe WHEN you pray, whatsoever things you desire (God’s Grace) you shall have what you say, and what you say shall come to pass. Say unto that mountain be removed, or---”Angels loose my blessing to come to me” and take the rest into the sea in Jesus name. (While most Word preachers say, “Take it by faith” it really should be “Receive God’s Grace” it has already been given where you are. Hallelujah!) Faith without Grace FIRST is not an active faith. And I commit you to God and His Word of Grace, (Acts 20:32) Amen! 4/4