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Prophetic Word for Mossel Bay South Africa

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Prophetic Word for Mossel Bay South Africa is a time of praying for the Nations in Windows of Heaven Prayer Group.

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Prophetic Word for Mossel Bay South Africa

  1. 1. Prophetic Word for Mossel Bay and the Prophetic Unction of Life Praying for the Nations is exciting, and fun. When you use the Prayer Wheel you can take time to pray one section at a time. Sometimes you will not have time to pray every section of the wheel because the Holy Spirit will lead, and guide the prophetic intercessor in revelation. It is in revelation you begin to have dialogue with the Holy Spirit. That is why intercession is so much fun. People often have asked me, “Sister Lara, can you pray that God will give me direction and guide me about a certain area in my life?” It is here, I like to ask, “How have you prayed? What Scripture are you praying?” Prayer teaches you how the Holy Spirit leads you because you begin from praying a Scripture about your situation. As you meditate upon that Scripture the Holy Spirit will speak to you by leading you in prayer, through revelation. As a Seer, I have learned to have Great Passion for God’s Word because it was meditating upon God’s Word that my eyes were opened with the gift of Spiritual Sight. When I say Spiritual Sight I do not mean: a thought that comes to mind, what I feel, what I smell, how I have been touched and more. However, the word “SEE” --for example in John 3:3-5, “If you are born again you can see into the kingdom” comes from the Latin word video. A Seer sees videos of the Holy Spirit to reveal the kingdom of God. While you meditate upon the Word of God and practice meditating upon the Word of God your eyes will be open and Scripture will become Videos. Tonight, as I was praying the Word of God for Mossel Bay I saw visions of “Construction taking place over Mossel Bay and people dressed in garments of Righteousness at work preparing Mossel Baby for great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.” At the same time, as I prayed for Mossel Bay, using each section of the
  2. 2. Prayer Wheel, I also used Wikipedia to prophetically declare over Mossel Bay the gifts of God TO Mossel Bay. For example, “How was Mossel Bay discovered? What types of industry is Mossel Bay known for? What set’s Mossel Bay out from it’s surrounding cities and more to bless the Nation of Africa, and abroad?” This is not uncommon to look for “Prophetic Unction of LIFE” in a city. The Prophet Ezekiel was told by God to do this for Jerusalem. Here, the Prophet Ezekiel laid on his left side for 390 days, then laid on his right side for 40 more days with tile and pencil. His job was to take a tile and draw the city and literally draw encampments around it for protection. At one count there was 14 encampments for “Prophetic Unction in LIFE” to prophesy. In Modern Days many want to be a Prophet but I don’t know many who work behind the scenes in Intercession for a city and lay on their side (by the way He was tied down) to intercede for a Nation. Personally, I know a few of my personal friends who are in this group who have prayed for every nation in the earth, every state in every continent and it took them one year and three months to do this. The First Post Office--Made Like a Shoe where a Tree Is So in this brief article, I would like share some of my treasure hunting that I found for Mossel Bay. Enjoy! Mossel Bay has been given a gift from God to “Draw LIFE from the waters of the Bay with the RIGHT FOOT of authority in the Apostolic/Prophetic revival of the Gospel.” News shall travel abroad to Africa from the Bottom UP of the Glory of God in the Outpouring of the Great
  3. 3. Awakening. Happy are the feet of those who bring Good News! Mossel Bay shall publish the Gospel abroad. First of South Africa to have granaries of wheat Mossel Baby is the first to have granaries of wheat in South Africa to be grown and exported abroad. For this reason God has given Mossel Bay the gift of Prophetic Evangelism and training centers will rise from Mossel Bay in the Great Awakening of LIFE. (Waters drawn from the POST OFFICE SHOE TO DRINK.) Blaize Cave
  4. 4. From out of the ROCK that has been HEWN Mossel Baby will come forth with loud shoutings of Grace, Grace, Grace in the outpouring of the Great Awakening. It will be from this place Mossel Bay has been decreed by God to the “BLAIZE” of His Glory and OUTPOURING. For this reason, the LIGHT HOUSE that sits upon it shall be a sign and wonders to the Nations and many shall run to it far and wide.
  5. 5. Ostrich Feathers the first of import and export from South Africa God gave the Ostrich to South Africa and no other Continent has these kind. For this reason the “Ostrich can outrun” a horse as it runs in the dessert. So it shall be with the Great OUTPOURING in MOSSEL BAY. God will send people to draw LIFE from the SHOE at the POST OFFICE TREE to dessert places they will carry and release the waters of LIFE and REVIVAL. God will restore--yes, but HE will also upgrade your dessert places. Gas and Oil--Founded offshore Here, God gave GAS and OIL a symbol of the Holy Ghost as a finding off your waters oh Mossel Bay. Therefore, SHIPS shall come to you oh MOSSEL BAY from afar to hear of the Awakening DREAM of the Great Awakening, and SHIPS shall leave carrying the GLORY. Here, SHIPS represent great and powerful ministries that will come to grow in the GLORY and carry the GLORY abroad. Hallelujah ! Prophetic Word Mossel Bay: (In the most simple form) I have given you Mossel Bay gifts to prosper you you shall feed many nations with your grain, and many shall come to your ports for the Oil of My Spirit
  6. 6. they shall drink LIFE as a resting place of My Great Awakening and people shall come and stay, and others shall go and take My Healing Waters into dessert places to bring LIFE Mossel Bay out of you shall come a new sound and many shall run to you to hear and many shall see that I have chosen You --Mossel Bay to be a LIGHT to the NATION of Africa and to the world many have said, "you--Mossel Bay" are the bottom but I say this day--I make you the TOP for from YOU Mossel Bay shall come great revival I will restore--but I will also upgrade for construction of MY KINGDOM is being revealed you shall hear the name of My Son in Your city streets you shall hear the name of My Son upon Your Waters you shall hear the name of MY SON coming in and going out in evangelism and you shall be a port where I will raise up MY VOICE through MY PEOPLE and bring restoration says the Spirit of Wisdom; and the Spirit of Council and the Knowledge of MY SON will fill your land
  7. 7. Amen Steal Away in the Secret Place, Sister Lara Prayer Wheel #10 Pondering Spiritual Themes --Discovering the Gifts of God to a person, a city, a nation to release the prophetic