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Sharda Kumar Resume M

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Sharda Kumar Resume M

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Sharda Kumar Vill: Pratappur Post: Jaswal Dist: Sant Kabir Nagar U.P Email: stripathi89@gmail.com Contact no: +91-9619395702 Dear Sir/ Madam, It was with great interest that I read your recent posting in the website for the position of Executive of Shortening and Margarine. In response, I enclose my resume for your consideration. I am presently associated with Frigorifico Allana Limited (IFFCO INDIA), Khopoli Maharashtra as Executive of Shortening and Margarine Plant. I understand that working for your organization requires a candidate who is team oriented and is able to deal with people in various departments. I am confident that I possess these Skills, which will help me to perform the job efficiently and effectively. Thanking You. Sharda Kumar Enclosure: Resume
  2. 2. To work in an organization where employees are given opportunities for continuous learning and improving their technical acumen and where innovative thoughts are welcomed and nurtured. I have total experience of 3 year and 1 month in edible oil, shortening margarine and Specialty fat plant with reputed organization approving ISO 9000 and FSSAI. Ruchi Soya Industries Limited (12 July 2012 to 3 June 2013)  I have worked In Processing of Shortening and margarine, Table Spread and also look in vanaspati plant as G.E.T.  I have also looked over there Benhil Packing Machine FD120(25TPD) for packing of 100 gm ,500 gm small block and 8 gm tablet packing in table margarine .  I have looked Cup filling Machine for filling of 200 gm and 500 gm Cup in table margarine supplied by local manufacturer capacity is 12 TPD.  Responsible for production of shortening, margarine and table spread , looking thereafter Gerstenberg Schroder Perfectors ( 37 M.T.) for Production of table margarine and Standard International Sinetator ( 250 M.T), for production of puff pastry shortening, cookies, biscuit and Specialty fat .  Documentation involving daily recordings, preventive maintenance of machineries and daily manufacturing records.  Gained experience on using SAP for carrying out all day to day activities with respect to production. Frigorifico Allana Limited IFFCO INDIA (24 June 2013 To Till Now…..)  Currently looking the production and packing of bakery shortening, margarine, hydrogenation process, Autoclave (250 TPD) for Bakery Shortening and Margarine.  I am also looking world class packing machine for packing of Block and BIB shortening and margarine , BOCK & SOHN(50 TPD) made in Germany for block packing and PATTYN line(120 TPD) made in Belgium for BIB filling . CAREER OBJECTIVE WORK EXPERIENCE POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY
  3. 3.  Responsible for production of Bakery shortening and margarine also looking thereafter Chemetator TMCI Chemtech division PADOVAN (300 TPD) for production of the Bakery Fat, specialty fat, bakery products like Puff Pastry, Cookies ,Cake ,Cream Shortening and Margarine and specialty fats.  Documentation involving daily recordings, preventive maintenance of machineries and daily manufacturing records.  Responsible for production entry and material indent in Oracle system.  I am also looking world class packing machine for packing of Block and BIB shortening and margarine . EXAMINATION YEAR OF PASSING INSTITUTE BOARD / UNIV. PERCENTAGE B.TECH (Oil Technology) 2012 H.B.T.I, Kanpur U.P. G.B.T.U Lucknow 63.13% INTERMEDIATE 2006 RNCKVMICR Sarkari S.K.Nagar U.P. U.P. Board, Allahabad 71.04% HIGH-SCHOOL 2004 MIC Ayodhya Faizabad, U.P. U.P. Board, Allahabad 65.00%  Attended 64th annual convention of OTAI and international conference ‘ICOFFS’ (International Conference on Oils, Fats, Fuels and Surfactants) in New Delhi.  A paper presented on the topic “Refining of Edible Oil” in 3rd year.  Special Project “Erection and Commissioning of TMCI Chemtech division PADOVAN (300 TPD)” Supply By Italy Plant For Bakery Shortening and Margarine .  Industrial Summer training in “IFFCO-Aonla Unit Bareilly” in 2nd year for One month. EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT PROJECTS AND TRAINING
  4. 4.  Industrial Summer training in Advance Surfactant India Ltd Silvasas for “LABSA Manufacturing” under Mr. M.K.Parasar, Production Manager In 3rd year for one Month .  Member Of “RAZZMATAZZ 2009”,organized by Hobby Club-HBTI, Kanpur.  Participated in the National Technical Seminar ‘SAMAGAAM’ in the Technical Quiz event organized by Department of Oil and Paint Technology, HBTI-Kanpur.  Active Member of TPM , Maintain 5S .  Application Software: Microsoft Office package, Adobe Photoshop, S.A.P, Oracle, etc.  Programming Language: Elementary C.  Shortening and Margarine. Date of Birth : 15th Jan, 1988 Sex : Male Nationality : Indian Passport No. : M2010622 Permanent Address : S/O Mr. Vinod Tiwari Vill-Pratappur, Post-Jaswal, Dist- S.K.Nagar, U.P.-272171, India Marital Status : Single  English , Hindi , Gujrati, Marathi , I hereby certify that all the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I promise to abide by all the norms laid down by your esteemed organization. Sharda Kumar EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES SOFTWARE EXPOSURE AREAS OF INTEREST PERSONALDETAILS DECLARATION LANGUAGES KNOWN