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  1. 1. Pr4: how do we analyse film? Introduction Film can be analysed in many different ways suchas genre analysis and auteur theory, with we apply genre analysis we state thing to do with a certaingenre suchas James bond films where we would expectto see guns, heroes and a protagonist, the wayauteur theory works is whenyou look at a directors work such as Sam Mendes andnotice that the way he makes his films differ to other films by this I meanthe way they have distinctive features such as they styles of the narrative which make him a auteur. Part 1 Film analyst analyse film by using lacey’s repertoire of elements which is what we usedto write about walk amongst the tombstones and pulp fiction when we wrote about these we described the settings as in where is the film set, the iconography which is what is iconic to the genre of the films suchas new York sky line, crowdedbar etc., we also wrote about the narrative of the ,movies which is the way the film is narratedas in the wayit makes the audience want to see more of the film to find out why what happens at the start is linked. An auteur film makeris a film makerwho has their own way if editing and they’re own style to they’re movies such as tartantino who is a principal creator of the film such as tarantino, Tim burton who’s films all have a certain style that is different to commercialfilm makers, James Cameronwho shows innovation in his film avatar, luc bessonwho values an artistic merit over commercialsuccess with his film walk amount the tombstones and manyothers and finally Scorsese whomakes all his film’s with similar themes unique to his own style suchas the wolf or wall street. Here are two films which are the same genre as action thriller they are any of the bond movies and Leon as they are both very similar when you use laceys repertoire of elements to analyse them suchas then settings being famous looking skylines, and big cities they are also similar because of the iconography in the films such as the guns and attractive female characters anotherway both of the films are similar as they are both to do with life, death, conflict and in some ways revenge, they both have a hero figure in them and finally both films are conventional linear narratives. The one way they are different is in Leon the female characterhas a very strange relationship with Leonas she is only 12 and in the film she is shown to be in love with him with some viewers mayfine uncomfortable, another way they are different is because in the bond movies James bond always has a briefcase which is to manyviewers a desirable item a makes them want to be like him as he is a hero figure.
  2. 2. Part 2 Mean girls: Means girls was made by mark Walters in 2004, with a genre of comedyand a sub-genre of comedy, the characters in the films are in a way to the audience supposedto be like what realteenagers are like but when you watchthe film you see some of the representations are over exaggerated as in the film the majority of the characters are split into people who we don’t focus on, all of the characters are split into cliques the plastics are the main ones that the film is based around, all of the characters have verywell defined roles thought out the film, the narrative of this film is a conventional linear, with the main insisting incident being to do with the plastics tricking a girl. The iconography of this film is the high school which has links to the film Greece, the yellow busses, house parties, football, alcohol and the emo kids which are very 90’s these are all stereotypical of a most teen movies. The setting of this film is a high school in America whichalways has to have a sports pitch and a mall. The technical and audio codes of this film are the flash back which is at the beginning of the film, the continuity editing thought out the film, the slang which is used, the factthat the film is current and the voice overs usedwhen telling stories, all of these thing join together to make a stereotypical comedymovie as if you watch any teen comedyfilm all most all of these things I have mentioned about the film will be somewhere in the film maybe with a slight difference, Another film which fits this same genre as a teen comedyis Napoleon dynamite made by jarred Hess who has an Artistic merit over commercialsuccess in2004 is a non – generic teencomedy, the only difference with this films is where as mean girls focuses mainly on the popular plastic characters innapoleon dynamite the geeks are the ones who are focusedon with a geeky curly haired teen with wonky teeth and glasses and his half Spanish friend Pedro being the main characters, whenyou look at the poster for meangirls you see 4 pretty girls who menwould want to go out with and girls would want to look like, whereas with the poster for napoleon dynamite you see a geeky male, dressedin horrible clothes which no one would really want to go out with or look like but as strange as this looks it will still make teens want to go see it to see what the movies is about maybe why his name is napoleon if there is a reasonbehind his name in the film.
  3. 3. Part 3 Avatar Avatar made by James Cameronin 2009, this I an action adventure film about an alien world of avatars called Pandora where monkey like people calledna’vi live, because theyfeel the planets environment is to poisons to live in, the avatars who are linked to human minds for them to be alive and battle for survival in Pandora. James Cameronis a author because there has not been a film yet which is anywhere nearthe same as he is a film makerwho demonstrates a particular style as he has made a film where real live people go into little boxes which in a way look similar to coffins and they transport to another world where they are blue monkey like creatures who lives a completely crazy free life, and tis makes him stand out as they style to his film is very original, his other films also have a style of their own such as terminator 2 made in 1991 and titanic made in 1997. Conclusion Over all this assignment has helped me understand the waycharacteristics is in film and I now find it easyto spot and auteur to just a normal film director, another auteur I know of is Tim Burton, with his film the nightmare before Christmas made in 1993, whichis about Halloween towns pumpkin king who has become bored frightening people in the ‘realworld’, jack the decidedto bring Christmas under control by kidnapping Santa and taking over his role. I know that Tim burton is a auteur I know this because if you look at exactly how his films are made there is no other film makerwho makes films in the same ways as he is a film makerwho demonstrates a particular style as it all of his film are unique to him there is no other film makerlike him at all, if you ask someone who has seena Tim burton film andyou show them a new film by him which is unrealised they would be able to spot his style and tell you the film was by him almost instantly.