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Rape PPT (Need Your Perspectives)

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Hey guys, This is Shalvee Shirke over here. You must be thinking why this topic. This ppt is owned by me because all the data you would be seeing is created by me and not taken from anywhere. The main objective behind this is awareness but followed by my perspective. You might be wondering as to why I made this ppt but you need to ask your self, What was the need? Why was it so important ? Answer is in front of you better take charge of your destiny now. Its better either you think today or be ready to face it tomorrow for you or for your loved ones. We need to change our mindsets. I would love to know your perspectives on the same. Time to educate self. Not an assignment but a homework which we all need to do.
United we stand in this and help each other.
I hope this doesn't turn to copy paste material but something that deserves to be read and scrolled. I know content says it lengthy but worth reading.
(This is my second ppt many more to come and yeah if you haven't checked out my first ppt do check now . It is on Advertising and Women PPT.)
Thank you for taking out time and checking across.

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Rape PPT (Need Your Perspectives)

  1. 1. Rape Here we are going to talk about rape and what are the measure a society should take and what the victim should do. Lets have a detailed look at this topic and focus on this deeply and not to take this topic with less importance. Lets create a good influence on people to stop this. Lets stop rape lets support rape victims. Stand for humanity. Respect female gender and support feminine.
  2. 2. Rape • What is rape ? • What are the different aspects of rape ? • Is this upgrading to new tradition ? • Is this adding a new sensation to new generation ? • What impact is followed by this new style ? • What is the ratio of this crime on the remote places ? • Is this ever going to stop ? • Is this a newspaper highlight or a new fame given to crime ? • I am sure the reader has more questions in their mind maybe more than maybe what I might think or probably how many I may or may not list . I am just listing some to show protest just in new ways to that sophisticated souls with a such rich yet dirty mind with education ringed in their head just like their pride but who don’t feel shameful
  3. 3. What can rape be framed as ? Women being the victims of rape why ?? Be a man and save them men to do these actions. • Rape is not only making someone naked by serving them with lot of hurt but also serving their souls a bad image. This is not attempt of trying to take virginity of a body and soul but an attempt of taking the virginity of that man who actually got grounded by the dirty thoughts, the man who actually surrendered his virginity of good thoughts and the good manners to the bad thoughts and bad manners. • Rapist is not just killing a person from inside but as a Rapist is also killing his own character in the society and within the limits where he lives. • Rape is now not just a violence anymore but is now one of the normal crime taking place inside every house within the shut doors with any girl or lady in pain with a silent mouth because of these powerful and with these loser society who are not even capable to help her and stand for her. • Rape is not about unwanted or forceful sex with a person you don’t want with or maybe it is not your age for it is about the respect of a woman. • Anyway a woman maybe but she doesn’t deserve to be raped and you don’t have the right to rape her. Some say its her punishment if so who are you to decide or act like this to her. If you say she should not be up this late at night if so then why did it concern you it was her look out to see what she has to do and what is good for her. • No matter what a woman should not be raped nor for a price and nor without a price. She is the mother, she is the wife, she is the daughter, she is the sister and she is the grandmother. She is the one. • See her with bad eyes don’t wait for the man to happen to touch her punish him right there. • Rape protestors are doing nothing , media is doing nothing so don’t wait more hundreds to be target see the masterminds who are trying to execute this as their mission and play with lives to destroy their missions but to save the feminine respect, the feminine lives and the feminine to fly again. • Be the one a person would be proud of. Be the one whose name would in newspapers and on news channels come as saver of a feminine but not a rapist of feminine. Let a woman not be a victim. Let not a girl be called as a victim. Let them stretch their wings and fly . They are
  4. 4. Rape it is now or never so stop keeping quite
  5. 5. Rape should not be given response with silence now is the time to break the silence. • Don’t stay quite make a shout out. Don’t be comfortable be confident to scream. Let the people come to know when something really is wrong stand for yourself stand for right in front of wrong . Don’t give the rapists the attention and support that they are right. Don’t encourage them by sobbing and let them go with their flow stop them . If they harm you harm them if you can’t scream for help.
  6. 6. Raise your voices it is now or never. not stay back and silent. • Move the world and show what is right and wrong. • Nothing is good until you want it . • And something like this absolutely not . • Hold the grip put yourself together stand on both your feet high and above all. • Nothing not serving you good is good. • You are the best don’t let anything stop you . • Shade the lights to truth show the dark shadows to all. • People deserve to know truth. • Stay strong and Stay Hard enough for your good and for your betterment always and provide your help to everyone who is suffering or you who think is going to suffer with this. Give them your side and watch things
  7. 7. Rape is a crime which has to end a day soon you have to decide are you taking the initiative for it or not and what time you want to decide that’s it how long you want it to happen years, months, days.
  8. 8. Reasons for a girl or woman to be raped ? Answer has to come from you your perspective matters • Dress code=short dress, fault in dressing sense, fully dressed, well dressed ( she is still raped so dressing doesn’t matter) • Behavior=straight forward girl, rude girl, innocent girl, complicated girl, sweet and nice obedient girl (she is still raped so behavior doesn’t matter) • Time=day or night ( she is still raped so time doesn’t matter) • Location=lift, forest, road, restroom, washroom (she is still raped so location doesn’t matter) • Passion and hobby=passionate about anything having any type of hobby (she is still raped so passion and hobby doesn’t matter) • Trusted and Non Trusted=relatives, grandparents, family, friend, teachers, strangers like delivery person and all (she is still raped so trusted and non trusted doesn’t matter) • So why is she getting raped ? Question your self . • Its not her fault in anyways its your help you are thinking bad about her when she is perfect. Stop that bad thoughts they aren't worth to be thought about.
  9. 9. Rape she is the female you should take care of no matter who she belongs to but she deserves respect
  10. 10. Rape • This is the last page of this presentation . • This presentation was prepared by me. • My name is SHALVEE SANJAY SHIRKE. • I hope you guys got inspired and might have got a good influence of mine to stop these Rape incidents happening in the world and I request all of you who might be witnessing these acts to share them to the authorities please don’t stay quiet finally it’s a person’s life being played with and if you feel you have witnessed it before now is the time its never too late so speak up. • And girls please speak up for yourselves as well as for others and spill the name who were the ones involved in doing these acts with you or with anyone. • Justice is all what we need. • Thank you guys for reading it have a splendid time. • Remain happy and stress free. • I am so happy that I have got my readers for my presentation. • You all are the best’ • Spread love not hate. • What is forced is not good. • Nothing which doesn’t make you feel right is never right and never good so don’t get imbibed by any foolish thoughts’ • Thanks once again for watching my presentation do the good and believe in good and ya also have a nice and a happy day. • Goodbye