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[Pro forma] corporate - live project

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[Pro forma] corporate - live project

  3. 3. CLIENT COMMUNICATION Insert screenshots of any early discussions or development with your chosen clients. If a phone call has been made, make a written log of the date and time, what was discussed, and any agreed actions. If you intend to visit your client prior to shooting, ask to look around for pre- visualisation opportunities and risk assessment purposes. This will greatly benefit your planning in later stages.
  5. 5. BRIEF What structure of brief have you received? Is there any room for negotiation or consultation? What opportunities are there for self-development in the given brief? (new skills you will learn as a group, multi- skilling) The brief I was given was a informal brief. I can negotiate with my client any ideas I have for the corporate video and he is happy with whatever I have planned. As I am doing this project on my own I can multitask most of the tasks, such as filming, planning, editing and contacting my client. This task will help me to self develop in the real world and help my skills such as management, accepting criticism, socialising and working under pressure.
  6. 6. RESEARCH
  7. 7. CLIENT Identify who the client is What services do they offer? Where are they based? My client is a owner of a retro game café called Random Encounter, there services they offer is food, drink, gaming, board games and reading. It has a pop culture theme. They are based in the York city centre on Gillygate. The postcode for the address is YO31 7EA
  8. 8. CLIENT Research the current client and/or their brand. Analyse both their offline and online materials The client has many offline marketing and promotional ideas such as membership cards, flyers, t-shirts, patches and mugs. Their theme has the same pixelated cartoonish objects that represents their store. This is done to attract customers who like pop culture and gaming. The client has lots of online materiel to advertise the café for example Facebook page, Twitter account, Kick Starter, Google reviews and an official website. This is done to inform of any updates, contact details, store reviews, location of premises and to spread the stores image around globally.
  9. 9. CLIENT Build a profile of your client’s audience using the analysis carried out. From the research I found about my client, the general audience the café is targeting is people who are fans of pop culture, retro gaming, geeks and comic book readers. The age usually seen from the reviews and promotional pictures are people are in their late teens and young adults. The location of the café is not far from the university campus, this welcomes more students who are at the main target age range. The advertising the client uses has a huge retro theme, including video game sprites from their flyers and 80s promotional intros. The café offers a huge nostalgic feel and escapism for customers as it tries to attract people who grew up during 80/90s and early 2000s. The reviews from past customers have mentioned that it reminded them of time from his early days “I had a wicked time playing teken 2 with my brother and sister on the ps1. Good times”
  10. 10. EXISTING PRODUCTS FROM SIMILAR CLIENTS Link the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYTMl1Kog-g Discuss similarities and contrasts The Board Room Game Café has a very mature and pop culture theme. The customers targeted seem to be a lot older. The colour of the lounge is very bland. The similarities of the clients café and this is that the customers play games and are served food and drink. They also get to hangout in a social area and have fun. Discuss the conventions (voice overs, company logo, titles, selling point, shooting techniques, interviews, music, graphics, video/audio transitions, language and script) The video includes a lot of wide and close up shots of the cafes interior, showing customers being happy and the variety of different board games. They also include shots of the coffee being served to show how well the food and drink looks. The music is very laid back and jazzy in a lounge style. The logo has a monopoly style font to create that board game theme and it is generally shown throughout the promo on items and products in the café. In the beginning of the video it features some title cards with a standard black background and white font to give a old school feel. Through out the video the names and roles of the staff appear at the bottom in a shape of a speech bubble while being interviewed. The audio from the interviews overlay some of the footage of the customers playing. This gives a more visual look of what the person has said. It also includes J and L cuts with the audio while narrating.
  11. 11. EXISTING PRODUCTS FROM SIMILAR CLIENTS Link the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqhCM_VkIwU Discuss similarities and contrasts The Unplugged Café is a board game and food cafe similar to my clients café as they provide actives for customers to play and eat. The theme of the café is also mature due to the licenced drinks and lounge area. Their main goal is to create a hangout place for people to chill and have fun. The co-founder mentioned that their main target audience are University and College students as they would mostly have some free time. This is similar to my clients target audience. They also welcome families as they get a lot of family members during the summer time. Their 3d target are people who are dating or in relationships which the co founder finds is best suited for first dates. Discuss the conventions (voice overs, company logo, titles, selling point, shooting techniques, interviews, music, graphics, video/audio transitions, language and script) The shooting techniques the video use are medium shots of the interviewer, close ups and wide shots with the interior. The audio from the interview overlays with the other footage to describe the interviewers point of view. The video doesn't include any music. The interviews scene include the person asking the question and chrome background. The Unplugged logo is very flexible, youthful and creative. The promotion video includes a voice over at the end to notify the audience the cafes contact details. They also include a title card in a transparent blue and red box so its less distracting for viewers to read with the exterior shot. The selling point of the café is that they provide exclusive games that can't be sold in stores, they provide a cleaning service and also have games gurus that helps customers. They also have special events and game tournaments.
  12. 12. EXISTING PRODUCTS FROM SIMILAR CLIENTS Link the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYqiWpbhiK4 Discuss similarities and contrasts The Ignite Network has very modern, dark, youthful, techno and pop theme due to the type of music that’s being used, the quick shots, and the area’s dark lighting. Compared to my client café, their theme is very bright, retro and colourful. Most of the games system that the Ignite Network have are modern consoles and high tech but my client systems include a variety of old and new consoles. The similarities with my clients café and the ignite network is that they both provide food and drink services and an area to play video games. Discuss the conventions (voice overs, company logo, titles, selling point, shooting techniques, interviews, music, graphics, video/audio transitions, language and script) The promo has a dubstep electronic music, this is to relate the theme of youth culture. The video have graphics circling around the footage with a bold neon lighting. The transitions have white flashes to make the scene more dynamic. The camera techniques are very fast. The promo uses many different camera movements e.g. aerial view shots and medium angles. The video doesn't include any interviews but has 3D text that describes the place. The unique selling point of the video is the floating text saying “the ultimate gaming experience” which is telling the audience its one the best gaming experience.
  14. 14. CLIENT COMMUNICATION Insert screenshots of any further discussion or development with your chosen clients. What was the client’s reaction to your proposed idea? Any amendments or changes? What was the agreed content? My Client hasn’t emailed me back but we have spoken in person and discussed our plan of filming. One of my idea’s is having the theme in a retro pixel art style and also which day is the best to shoot the promotion video.
  15. 15. INITIAL IDEAS Produce a physical brainstorm/mind map of potential ideas. You should do this as an entire group. (You should consider the elements you researched when analysing existing products)
  16. 16. INITIAL IDEAS Develop a mood board of screenshots of camera shots, visual styles, colours/grades you are aiming to achieve
  17. 17. INITIAL IDEAS Develop a mood board of screenshots of camera shots, visual styles, colours/grades you are aiming to achieve
  18. 18. IDEAS List the core ideas you have generated as part of your team’s idea generation. 1. Having the opening shot to be all pixel art with a Gameboy frame, it then zooms in to the screen. 2. After the opening shot, the camera can panel through with a close up of all the games, consoles and comic books. 3. Alternative opening shot could have a 16 bit RPG view of Gillygate and have an animated character walking towards the store. 4. Shots of different types of gameplays on a television screen e.g. Super Mario Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Sonic 2. 5. The ending shot will have a black background with an insert coin at the bottom, this scene will have the cafes logo and contact information in 16 bit style.
  19. 19. IDEAS Discuss the strengths, weaknesses and constraints of each idea 1. It makes the video more creative and colourful but may take a lot of production time for just that short sequence. 2. It’s a quicker way to show more of the store’s content in the video but could get copyright issues with the video game brands name and characters. 3. Similar to the first idea, it makes the video creative, colourful and experimental but could take a lot of production time for that short sequence. 4. It creates a perfect closing shot to the video and connects the style from the beginning, but may take away some extra production time.
  20. 20. PROPOSAL
  21. 21. PROPOSAL Discuss what you intend to create Provide a content outline. The proposal (slides 20-23) is to be discussed with your client so they understand your intentions. I am intending to create a short promotional video of my client’s business. His business is a retro gaming café. I would like to film sections of his shop such as his consoles, video games plays, making the drinks and food e.g. coffees and people playing board games. I also want to add some 16bit pixel art, to make the video more colourful and entertaining to watch. I plan to add either an royalty free retro game music or create my own retro game sounds. I would like to use a lot of close ups and panel shots and also get footage of the entire interior.
  22. 22. TARGET AUDIENCE Who is the intended audience? How will your video appeal to them? Provide examples. My video is not aimed specifically at a particular market, the reason why is the video will appeal to a wide ranging audience. For example the primary colours and the pixel art would appeal to kids as its fun and colourful. The consoles scene would appeal to adults as it would include retro gaming machines like the SNES which would bring nostalgia. The whole interior scene would appeal both teens and adults as they would see a pop culture hangout environment.
  23. 23. RESOURCES What resources are required for the intended video? Consider hardware, software, personnel, locations, budget For the production of my video I would use: • DLSR Canon Camera • Tri Pod • Slider • SD card and Battery Pack • Mac Computer that has access to the internet • Adobe Package that would include Photoshop for the Pixel Art, Premier for the Video’s editing and After Effects for the effects. • Midi Keyboard and Garage Band to create the music. • An editing facility. • Bus and food money for travel expense. • The clients Café for filming.
  24. 24. PROJECT SCHEDULE Consider a brief schedule of your shoot, edit and delivery. Your shoot should be formalised with your client soon. Shooting and editing is intended W/C 26th Feb/5th March respectively. I intend to film my clients video on the 27th of February and 28th of February. I then intend to edit the clients video on the 1st 2nd ,5th,7th, 8th, 9th,12th of March. After the editing I will then visit my client and deliver the video on the 14th of March.
  26. 26. CLIENT COMMUNICATION Insert screenshots of any further discussion or development with your chosen clients. What was the client’s reaction to your proposed idea? Any amendments or changes? What was the agreed content?
  27. 27. ROLES Identify the agreed pre-production and production roles and associated responsibilities. (What is your task? Specific deadline?) My Task is to create a short promotion video to advertise my clients café Random Encounter. I will be responsible with the filming, the editing and communicating with my client. I haven’t got given a specific deadline for when the video should be released. My job role will be mainly be organising the day, being in charge with equipment, being the camera operator and cinematographer, editing all the clips together and adding all the sound and music and getting my video to my client.
  28. 28. SHOT LIST Shot # Location Shot Type Camera Angle/Movem ent Description (subject, action, lighting etc.) Shot 1 Random Encounter Cafe Exterior Medium Shot High Angle Zooms In. The Outside Building Of The Clients Cafes. Shot 2 Random Encounter Café Interior Close Up Shot High angle, Still Shot. Super Mario 3 Gameplay On The Television. Shot 3 Random Encounter Café Interior Close Up Shot High Angle, Still Shot Mortal Kombat Gameplay On The Television. Shot 4 Random Close Up Shot High Angle, Goldeneye
  29. 29. SHOT LIST Shot # Location Shot Type Camera Angle/Movem ent Description (subject, action, lighting etc.) Shot 4 Random Encounter Cafe Exterior Extreme Close Up Shot Low angle, Zooms Out. Person Holding The SNES Controller . Shot 5 Random Encounter Café Interior Over Shoulder Customer High angle, Zoom Out. Customer Playing On A Video Game Shot 6 Random Encounter Café Interior Extreme Close Up Shot Low Angle, Still Shot Coffee Being Poured In A Cup. Shot 7 Random Encounter Café Interior Close Up Shot High Angle, Still Shot Drink Being Served To The Customer.
  30. 30. SHOT LIST Shot # Location Shot Type Camera Angle/Movem ent Description (subject, action, lighting etc.) Shot 8 Random Encounter Cafe Exterior Close Up Shot High Angle, Panning Through. Board Game Section. Shot 9 Random Encounter Café Interior Medium Shot High angle, Still Shot. Customer’s Playing Board Games. Shot 10 Random Encounter Café Interior Long Shot High Angle, Still Shot The Full Interior Shot With Customers. Shot 11 Random Encounter Café Interior Close Up Shot Low Angle. Still Shot The Café’s Logo On The Window Still.
  31. 31. CONTINGENCY Create a contingency plan to consider resources, personnel, logistics, time frame etc. Pot. Problem Effect on Production Solution/Control Person Responsible Forget to bring the cannon camera during filming Will lose the quality of the film. Film with an I Phone and try to make the clips still as possible Myself The camera can go out of battery Their wont be enough battery power to record the footage Bring a spare battery and make sure the battery is charge. Myself SD card can be lost or broken. Won’t able to film the footage. Will make sure the SD card is inside the camera and use it carefully or bring and pay another SD Card Myself Accidently deleted/formatted the clips The whole scenes will be gone. Try to restore the clips back with software or organise another day to film again. Myself Weather for e.g. Rain, Snow, Wind Too cold for the crew and actors to film which can cause illness. Wear something warm during film and take an umbrella. Myself, I would Inform the cast crew about the weather forecast. Lost the storyboard or got left behind It will be hard to match the visuals plans during filming. Make sure I print an extra copy and place it in a safe spot. Myself Call sheet not handed to cast or crew Cast and crew don’t attend the filming times. Make sure I hand the call sheet in person to the cast and crew. Myself Location unavailable Won’t able to film that location. Book that location before filming or plan different day. Myself My clients café is closed Won’t able to film. Film in a different day. Myself and my client. Can’t carry multiple pieces of equipment Have to make multiple trips, which waste filming time. Ask the cast and crew or find someone to help carry the equipment Myself Equipment fully booked Won’t able to use the camera equipment and wont able to film. Try to book in advance before filming or book for another day to film. Myself Postponing film Not got all the scenes I wanted. Film the needed scenes in another day. Myself Crossing the road to the location The cars are fast and can cause an accident. Make sure we look at both directions before we cross. Actor/Crew/Producer and myself. My Actor and crew can’t make it during film. Filming day will have to be cancel. Ensure the cast and crew can film on that day or postponed the filming Actor/Crew/Producer.
  32. 32. RISK ASSESSMENT Complete a risk assessment of the location available on blackboard, and place the finished document here. Potential Risk People affected Resolution Tripping over the video game cable. Myself and the client. Keep my eye on the floor. Crossing the road while cars at present. Myself. Look at both sides of the road and walk when its safe to cross. Electric shock from the video game socket. Myself and the client. Make sure the wire or socket is safe before plugin in. Hot Coffee can spill on someone. Myself, the client and the customers. Make sure not to bump in to someone or hold the coffee carefully. Slip on the path, outside my clients location. Myself and pubic. Beware when I'm walking and provide myself a first aid kit. Fire in the Café’s building. Myself, the client and the customers. Makes sure to go out of the emergency exit and call the fire department. Static shock while using the computers for editing. Myself. Make sure to wear some static shocks glove while using the PC.
  33. 33. RESOURCES What resources are required for this project? Consider time, budget, physical (equipment, location, properties, people, crew, your talent/actors) The resources I will require • An Actor for the customer scene • A DLSR Canon Camera for shooting the video • A Backpack to carry the equipment with me • The Café’s Location for the interior and exterior scenes • Bus Pass, for travelling to the location for filming in the city centre. • A SD card and battery pack for emergency during filming • A MacBook for Editing the footage on • Adobe Package that includes a Photoshop, Premier, After Effects so I can edit the pixel arts, the after effects on the video. • Internet, to contact and post the video to my client and access for some royalty sound effects. •
  34. 34. SCRIPT Provide a script if this is required as part of your video. Identify questions/answers/reactions you expect from your talent and/or interviews What is Random Encounter ? (Predicted Answer) “Random Encounter is a café with a difference – We’re more than just sandwiches and sodas. Here, you can settle old scores on Mario Kart, introduce a friend to a board game you’ve always wanted them to try, or kick back with a few friends and a movie. All while being served with our unique selection of geek-friendly snacks, food and drinks.” How did you come up that idea of having a Café/Video Game ? (Predicted Answer) “We never had a clubhouse when we were younger, we wanted to give our store that opportunity for people to have that pop culture experience” Why should people come here ? (Predicted answer) “Our café provides one of the best retro and modern consoles you can play on, It’s also the perfect place to try new hobbies and make new friends. ”. What’s your personal favorite video game ? (Predicted answer) – “My Favorite Video Game is Space Invaders on the Super Nintendo System”.
  35. 35. SCHEDULE AND TIMESCALE Day Activity Tuesday 27th February 2018 Filming Wednesday 28th February 2018 Filming Thursday 1st March 2018 Editing Friday 2nd March 2018 Editing Monday 5th March 2018 Editing Wednesday 7th March 2018 After Effects Thursday 8th March 2018 Exporting
  36. 36. PRODUCTION
  37. 37. UNIT STILLS Include images captured of your shoots
  38. 38. QUALITY CONTROL Discuss how you managed the shoot. Did you abide by the original shot list? Did personnel act professional and with respect? Did you stick to the roles? On the production of my corporate video, I manage to shoot my footage pretty well. I stick with the roles I had which was camera work and directing. Some of the shots may had some changes from my original plan but still pretty similar how I originally intended. I shot my footage on the right days from planned schedule, the camera angles was accurate. I have also intended to have a Pokémon Gameboy style opening which came accurate to my final product. Pokémon Opening My Opening