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100 hotel sm and rev mgt ppp shadab

  1. Shadab B Mukaddam Hotel Sales and Revenue Management GBC-Canada.
  2. Website look and feel…
  3. About Hotel and Product….
  4. Room Types….
  5. Dining choices….
  6. Experiences….at Hotel such as Health and Leisure…...
  7. Events….Meetings ….. Weddings….Conferences…etc.,
  8. Gallery…
  9.  Hotel offer….1
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  11. Hotel offers….3 and many more offers…
  12. Duties and Responsibilities. The main responsibility of a hotel reservation agent is to help customers with planning and booking reservations for a hotel. Agents work with customers to plan out the duration of their stay and then send booking confirmation to guests after processing payments.
  13. Duties and Responsibilities.  A hotel sales coordinator assists clients in booking hotel meeting and event spaces, supporting the efforts of the team within his department as well as providing services directly to the client. The coordinator also works with various hotel departments, as well as with outside vendors, to ensure that events and meetings run smoothly.  Job Description  Many hotels offer more than just sleeping rooms: They also offer meeting and banquet rooms that are often rented to outside groups holding meetings, conventions and other special events. Hotel sales coordinators work within a hotel's marketing and events department, supporting and coordinating the booking of hotel facilities.  Typical job tasks may include:  Answering questions about a hotel's event options over the phone or via email  Giving potential customers tours of the facilities  Presenting information about service options, including renting sound equipment podiums, tables, chairs and linens  Event planning assistance  Referrals to outside vendors  Handling contracts  Liaising between third-party service providers and other hotel department
  14. Sales Duties. Hotel sales executives communicate with prospective guests to persuade them to book a room at a hotel. One sales method consists of telephone calls, conversing with leads in an effort to convince guests to book one or several rooms.  What is the role of a sales executive?  Sales Executive Job Duties: ... Sells products by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects; recommending solutions. Maintains relationships with clients by providing support, information, and guidance; researching and recommending new opportunities; recommending profit and service improvements. 
  15.  Job Description and Career Overview. Hotel sales managers are responsible for bringing in guests and making the hotel money. They may work with seniorsales managers or owners to plan sales promotions, set sales goals, and train staff.  What is the role of a sales manager?  Three roles of a sales manager. The top line objective of a sales manager is to meet company revenue targets through the activities of their sales representatives. ... Are responsible for motivating and advising their reps to improve their performance, as well as hiring and training new sales representatives.  Sales Manager Job Description. Sales managers lead a sales team by providing guidance, training and mentorship, setting sales quotas and goals, creating salesplans, analyzing data, assigning sales territories and building their team.
  16. Director, Sales and Marketing. The director of sales and marketing position is responsible for planning and implementing sales, marketing and product development programs, both short and long range, targeted toward existing and new markets by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates.  What do you do as director of sales?  Sales Directors are high-level executives whose roles in the companies they work for entail crafting national or international sales plans, justifying those plans to a board of directors or CEO, and supervising regional sales managers to ensure that they are leading and mentoring their teams successfully
  17. Are your guests rather coming for leisure or business? Alone or in groups? Draw your own matrices starting from these four big “families” (leisure/business and individuals/groups), and further identify inside of each segment smaller sub-segments
  18. Are your guests rather coming for leisure or business? Alone or in groups? Draw your own matrices starting from these four big “families” (leisure/business and individuals/groups), and further identify inside of each segment smaller sub-segments
  19. Hotel Market Segmentation  One of the components needed to apply hotel revenue management is market segmentation. It allows you to target and market to a variety of consumer groups with different behavior with an offer that matches their needs and budget level.  Your hotel market segmentation shall help to identify the purpose of the trip: either business or leisure. The price does not decide of the market segmentation. Clear distinction must also be achieved between individual and group business. The market segmentation shall help you identify the trends of your business:  Length of Stay  Day of Weeks stays  Total Revenue per room, Total Revenue per client  Booking Lead Time  Cancellation %  No Show ratio Today's ways of booking make it difficult to identify the purpose of the trip. Segment by default the individual bookings for short midweek stays as business. Identify as leisure reservations of double rooms over the week-end. And which market segment to apply to Internet bookings? You can also introduce the following question in the reservation process on your hotel website: Is your reservation for business stay or leisure?
  20. Best Available Rate (BAR), is a popular pricing mechanism, increasingly used by hotels and hotel chains around the world, that allows the hotel to define a rate based on the demand and occupancy of the room. You may want to introduce sub-segments such as your pricing points such as BAR and how yieldable the segment is.
  21.  Public ◦ BAR Website - Best Available Rate sold through the website ◦ BAR Direct - Best Available Rate sold direct by phone, email, fax ◦ BAR Indirect Commissionable - Best Available Rate sold trough commissionable online travel agencies ◦ BAR Indirect Net - Best Available Rate sold trough net rate online travel agencies  Promotions ◦ Opaque; hidden hotel discount programs ◦ Flash Sales; promotional website offering membership discounts ◦ Mobile; mobile websites offering sameday or last minute discounts ◦ Online Campaigns; internet publication offers and packages ◦ Offline campaigns; print publication offers and packages ◦ Special Event; packages and offers during holidays, festivals, concerts  Negotiated Rates ◦ Corporate Dynamic Rates ◦ Corpororate Flat Rates ◦ Government ◦ Crew  Groups ◦ Leisure ◦ Business ◦ Conference / Banquet ◦ Incentive ◦ Wedding ◦ Events ◦ Crew  Wholesale ◦ FIT ◦ Tour Operators ◦ Wholesalers  Other ◦ Complimentary ◦ Barter ◦ Walk-In ◦ Overbooking (from another hotel) ◦ House Use ◦ Time Share 
  22. 1. Keep Guests Coming Back with a Loyalty Program 2. Take People on a Virtual Tour of Your Hotel 3. Use Content Marketing as a Problem-Solving Approach 4. Improve Your TripAdvisor Rating 5. Hire an Expert to Improve Your Digital Marketing 6. Keep an Updated Blog to Increase Web Traffic 7. Ask Your Guests for a TripAdvisor Review (Tactfully) 8. Communicate Directly with Your Customers on Social Media 9. Give a Welcome Cocktail or a Free Room Upgrade when People Check-in at Your Hotel Online 10. Follow up with Guests by Using a CRM 11. Create Special Packages for Group Events 12. Understand How a Hotel Loyalty Program Can Increase Bookings 13. Create Cohesive Branding Both Online and Offline 14. Use Agile Marketing for Your Hotel 15. Make sure your hotel shows up in local search results. 16. Create Digital Guides 17. Find Your Niche and Dominate It 18. Let Guests Get to Know the Hotel Staff to Compete with Airbnb 19. Develop a Relationship with Local Tourism Boards and Chambers of Commerce 20. Engage Your Website Visitors 24/7 21. Become Your Guests’ Virtual Tour Guide with a Mobile App 22. Incentivize Customers to Market on Your Behalf 23. Market the Area, Not Just the Hotel… 24. …And Partner with Local Establishments 25. Get $100 in Bing Ad Credit 26. Publish Newsletters That Include Special Discounts 27. Create a 3D Interactive Map of Your Hotel 28. Harness the Power of the “Selfie Generation” 29. Challenge Online Travel Agents Through PPC 30. Actively Remarket to Become More Visible to Decision Makers 31. Continuously Improve Your Website Experience 32. Offer a Complimentary Stay to Travel Writers and Bloggers 33. Use Holiday-Themed Emails to Take Advantage of Peak Periods 34. Make Sure You Have a Fully Filled Out Google My Business Page 35. Make It Easy to Book a Room on Your Website 36. Partner with a Sports Team Coming to Your Area 37. Create a Package That Includes a Local Activity and Market It on Facebook to People Interested in That Activity 38. Use Instagram to Give People a Glimpse of What Your Hotel Looks Like 39. Avoid Getting Caught Understaffed with Smarter Staff Scheduling
  23. Are you competing with your competitors on the same distribution channels? Are there any regional or local websites in other countries that have distribution strength for your destination? On which distribution channels should you be present? Understanding distribution is key in revenue management. Where are your competitors? Benchmarking from time to time your on line competitiveness will give insight in the understanding of your booking pace. Also check their ranking via Google searches and third party websites! Use Google to identify distribution opportunities; search for 'hotel + your destination¡ on the different country sites of Google... (,, .fr, .de, .it, .es, .nl, etc) search for competitor hotels on the different country sites of Google make an overview and contact the sites that appear on page one, or advertise on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  24. In the hotel sector, rooms are the core product. All related products and services like food and drink, upgrades, and Internet, cancellation or early departure fees (see Table 1) generate ancillary revenues
  25. In the hotel sector, rooms are the core product. All related products and services like food and drink, upgrades, and Internet, cancellation or early departure fees (see Table 1) generate ancillary revenues
  26. Its not easy to increase ancillary revenue but ….possible if you follow below information….