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SCL Corporate Presentation

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SCL Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. We  provide   solutions  to  your   business  challenges <Agility    I   Speed    I Simplicity    I   Scalability    I Business  Value <Experience  | Innovation  | Internationalization  | Training
  2. 2. Spending  on  IT  will  grow  3,8%  in  the  next  few  years. New  Business  Landscape • Cloud  Adoption  Increase.  60%  of  all  Business  Data  Centers   will  migrate  to  the  Cloud  during   2015  (IDC). • Big  Data.  Data  Volume   will  increase  in  the  next  few  (400   zettabytes will  be  reached  in  2018). • Widespread  Analytics  and  data  driven  decisions.    2015   will  be  the  year  where  tools  (graphs  and  charts)  will  allow   collected  data  analysis  (Gartner). • Mobility  will  be  ubiquitous.  “Mobile  First”  slogan  will   expand  exponentially.
  3. 3. New  technological  landscape,                                                                         in  a  hyperconnected economy • Total  convergence  of  intelligent  devices.   Businesses  will  have  to  approach  more  demanding   users.   • Internet  of  things.  4  900  million   devices  are   expected to  be  connected  to  the  internet(Gartner). • Security.  60%  of  all  businesses   are  expected  to  be   attacked  by  hackers  during   2015 (Forrester).   • Wearable.  Wristbands,   watches and  intelligent   goggles   will  be the  perfect  platform   for  data   collection. Hyperconnectivity will  grow  extraordinary.    People,   places,  organizations  and  targets  will  be   interconnected.
  4. 4. «Turn-­‐key  Projects» Simplicity Efficiency Agility Flexibility Adaptability End-­‐user  Experience Our  most  important  asset:  CUSTOMER
  5. 5. Because  each  client  is   completely  different A  well  defined  technological   strategy,  correctly  leaded  and   centralized  is  a  fundamental   requirement  to  harness   developments  and  innovation   potential  of Information   Technology.   Our  Challenge:  your  satisfaction
  6. 6. Now  is  the  time…
  7. 7. We  deliver  end-­‐to-­‐end  technological  solutions   to  assist  our  customers  to: Simplify  y  optimize  business  management. Accelerate  change  and  improve  competitiveness. Promote  innovation. Who  we  are International  Spanish  Business  Consulting  expert   in  Information  Technologies  (IT),  specializing   in  SAP.
  8. 8. Team  of  Expert   Consultants With  large  expertise  in  SAP   implantation  and  training   experience Nearshore focused   strategy We  work  hand  in  hand  and   completely  integrated  with   our  customers. We  assist  you  in  reaching  the   best  ROI  in  your  projects. Our  talent  is  a  human  and  multidisciplinary   team Expanding  in  EUROPE  y  LATIN  AMERICA.   Technology  and   personnel  selection   together:  search  of   best  talent Business  Schools  and   Universities.     Close  proximity   Broad  international   presence.  
  9. 9. +250 proyectos en  2014 14  years +250 projects   in  2014 +100 customers   in  2014 14  M€ turnover 7  year   mean   experience SCL  in  numbers Our  history  is  our  best  guarantee -­‐ € 2  € 4  € 6  € 8  € 10  € 12  € 14  € TURNOVER  (mill.  €) 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Employees +100 +200
  10. 10. 20 170 40 30 Consultants International  expansion  contributes  to  our   global  vision Spain  ·∙ Madrid  ·∙ Malaga  ·∙  Barcelona  ·∙  Valencia  ·∙  Vigo  ·∙  Canary  Islands  ·∙  Europe  ·∙  Latin  America
  11. 11. SCL  in  Switzerland § 8  years  working  in  the  swiss market. § Base  in  Nyon close  to  our  customers.   § 55  people  dedicated  to  the  Swiss  market. § 4,5  Million  euros  turnover  in  2014. • Local  Services • Rollout • Project  Management • Process  Reengineering • Training • Remote  Services  (near-­‐shore) • Maintenance • System  Administration • Development Hybrid  model  approach Our  model  is  based  in  a  mix  of  local   management  and  near  shore  consultants.
  12. 12. We  signed  alliances  with  the  main   technological  suppliers   Our  Strategic  Business  Partners We  offer  an  all-­‐round  solution  portfolio  assisted  by  our  leader   technological  partners  network
  13. 13. Always  aligned  with  sectorial  tendency Service First  Spanish  Partner with  4  SAP  Partner  Edge  
  14. 14. Training  services  are  a  fundamental   pillar  of  our  business  value  and   strategy.   42% 53% 2% 3% %  Turnover  2014 Implantation Maintenance Training Licenses All  kind  of  Solutions  and  Services
  15. 15. 58%25% 17% %  Projects  in  2014 LE ME SE For  companies  of  all  sizes
  16. 16. Automotive Oil  ,  Gas  & Utilities Main  projects  per  sector For  companies  of  all  sizes Public  SectorAgro-­‐food  Sector
  17. 17. Media Metal  and  Mining Industrial  Sector    and  Components Main  projects  per  sector Banking  &  Insurance Retail Engineering,  Construction and  Operations For  companies  of  all  sizes
  18. 18. Healthcare Main  projects  per  sector New  Technologies Pharmaceutical&  Chemicals Logistics  and  Transport Hotels For  companies  of  all  sizes
  19. 19. 40% 35% 30%26% 18% 18% 13% 12% 10% LOG  (ERP,  SCM,  CRM,  SRM,…) FIN  (FI,  CO,  TR,  BPC,…) BI  (BW,  BOBJ,  HANA,…) ABAP HR  (HCM,  SUCCESSFACTORS,…) TEC  (BASIS,  PI,  HOST,…) SAP  BUSINESS   ONE OTHERS   SAP  (GRC,  ByD,  OPENTEXT,…) NON-­‐SAP   (WINSHUTTLE,   .NET,  PEOPLESOFT,…) Consultant  Profiles All  kind  of  Consultant  profiles
  20. 20. Management  Solutions Core Business § SAP  Business  All-­‐in-­‐One § SAP  Business  One § Human  Capital  Management:  SAP  HCM § Customer  Relationship  Management:  SAP  CRM § Supply  Chain  Management:  SAP  SCM § Supplier  Relationship  Management:  SAP  SRM § Finance  Risk  and  Debt  Management § Finance  and  Treasury  in  HANA  (Simple  Finance). § Governance  Risk  and  Compliance:  SAP  GRC § Enterprise  Information  Management:  SAP  EIM § Application  Lifecycle  Management:  SAP  ALM § Documentary  Management-­‐ ExECM,  OpenText,  VIM. § Web  Portals  – EP,  SAP  UI5 § Hybris:  E-­‐commerce– B2C,  B2B.
  21. 21. Analytics  Solutions § Business  Intelligence § Predictive  Analytics § Business  Objects § Data  Warehousing § Enterprise  Performance  Management § (BPC,  SSM,  PCM…) § GRC  (Governance  Risk  Compliance)  /   Fraud  Management § Big  Data
  22. 22. Innovative  Solutions Cloud • SuccessFactors • SAP  Cloud  for  Customer • SAP  Business  by  Design Mobility   Solutions Big  Data • Suite  on  HANA • HANA  in  Cloud • S/4HANA SCL  contributes  with  new  solutions   to  address  effectively  challenges  and   derivatives  of  new  demanding   markets And  much  more….
  23. 23. Wearable   Useful  and  advantages  of  devices  for  business   processes: Example:  “Warehouse  by  Eyesight”,  prototype  where   goods  operators  and  warehouses  work  with  Google   Glasses  integrated  in  SAP. At  the  forefront  of  technology Always  developing  new  enriched  business   solutions  to  assist  our  customers  in  value   added  creation.   SMART  TV SAP  CRM  integration  with  360º  devices: § Unique  Product,  compatible  with  all   platforms  and  devices. § Simple  Installation  and  deployment. § Modularized  services,   activated  depending  on  requirements. SAP  Fraud  Management §Focused  in  finding  fraud  management   patterns  with  SAP  y  non  SAP  data. § “Black  Lists”  integration. SAP  IS-­‐U   First  IS-­‐U  implementation  with  EPM components(Energy   Portfolio  Management)  and EDM  (Energy  Data   Management).
  24. 24. § SAP  Fiori § SAP  UI5 § SAP  Screen Personas Simplifying  end  user  experience  and   SAP  design  services § Improve  end-­‐user  experience. § Simplification   of  interactive  practices between  people  and  technology. § Improving   efficiency  and  productivity.   § Disposal  of  training  and  adaptation  barriers.
  25. 25. Widespread  Service  range § PoC § Partner  Managed  Cloud  (PMC) § Training § Business  Alignment  IT  Strategy § Roadmap  Discovery § Maintenance  Services   § Implementation  projects. § Project  Management  Office  (PMO). § Auditing. § Application  Management. § Migration  and  System  administration. § System  Architecture  Design.
  26. 26. More  than  14  years  training   people,  transforming  capabilities   and  building  talent. § First  to  know  new  SAP  solutions.   § Know  market  trends. § Continuous  training  of  consultants.   § Attract  best  talent. Training  as  basic  premise § Design  and  training  of  Official  SAP  courses. § Workshops  -­‐ Innovation  Solutions. § Requirement  evaluation  and  design  of  training  plans. § SAP  Learning  Hub  complementary  assistance.  
  27. 27. Business  Alignment Technological  Products 1. Complete  SAP  Solution  Portfolio  knowledge.   2. Focus  in  understanding  requirements  and  business  problems.   3. Search  for  best  solutions  for  our  customer  needs.   4. Business  Process  Reengineering. 5. Reliability  and  Design  Efficiency. Align  Business  &  IT How  can  we  assist  you?
  28. 28. With  most  advanced  methodologies   in  project  management • Design   Thinking • Business   Model   Canvas • Agile • Scrum • Lean  Startup  &   Lean   Development • Customer   Development • And  much   more
  29. 29. § Time  and  costs  savings  based  in  our  SAP   leadership,  wide  experience  and  low  operating   costs. § Minimal  investment  risk  based  in  our  deep   technological  and  business  knowledge  of  our  team   of  experts.   § Business  stabilization  through  our  global  and   near  support,  without  cultural  barriers  and   knowledge  of  your  problems.   § Work  productivity  optimization  based  in  our   flexibility  allowing  us  to  adapt  to  your  company  and   requirements.   § Growing  satisfaction  of  our  customers  in  SAP   projects. SCL  is  your  travel  and   technological  partner
  30. 30. ANOVO “Our project go-­‐live has been without trouble. This is due to hard work in early stages, a high level of expertise desired by us that SCL was able to fulfill.” Antonio Jesús Cáceres Galiot CIO Spain ANOVO Gestiona Group “SAP Business One implementation has allowed us to improve our company’s profitability, customer management and internal organization.” Javier Álvarez, Operations Manager Gestiona Group ALK “We are very happy with the assistance provided by our key partner SCL in SAP projects. Maintenance of our systems requires specialized people, highly professional and we are able to make everything work in time based in their responsive management. This way, we can concentrate our efforts in make our company grow and improve with the assurance provided by SCL." Ignacio Navarro Heras, Project Manager Global Business IT -­‐ SAP Business Team ALK Customer  Testimonials  I
  31. 31. Marqués del Atrio “Better knowledge of our production processes is an imperative condition for business growth. Based on SAP tools, we now have real time information enabling us to make better decisions.” Jorge Rivero, Commercial Director Hacienda y Viñedos Marqués del Atrio Marin´s Spain and Portugal “Now we have security, data protection, commercial, technical and administrative data integration and complete control of internal and external users access. Our IT system assists us increasing our flexibility according to business growth.” Benjamin Devaux, General Manager Marin´s Spain and Portugal La Competencia “SAP implementation has simplified and improved the flexibility ofour financial processes based on automation.” José Antonio Salaverri, Financial Director La Competencia Customer  Testimonials  II JTI “SCL is one of our main partners in Global IT, especially in SAP applications where our relationship continues to grow. Since 2007, SCL has delivered high-­‐quality services in IT support and projects and has helped bring innovative solutions to JTI. We consider SCL to be a reliable supplier due to their strong commitment to our company’s strategy, principles and values.” Carlos  Benavente, Global  IT  -­‐ Global  Supply Chain lead JTI
  32. 32. BeamSuntory “SCL has been instrumental in deploying our Business Intelligence strategy where Hana plays a central role as a Data Federation Layer. We count on SCL as a key partner for expanding our Hana footprint as well as a trusted advisor in our journey to deliver business value through democratizing visual exploration and advance analytics across BramSuntory’s organization.” Javier Espinosa de los Monteros, Head of Business Intelligence BeamSuntory Customer  Testimonials  III Siemens “SCL has been our best partner in data and information evolution. This has allowed us to take better and faster decisions. With HANA, we will be able to transform data into knowledge.” Concepción Cabello, Business Intelligence Director Siemens Cosentino “SAP MII and SAP Netweaver Gateway have allowed us to collect Silestone’s production centers KPIs. Now we have real time production data in any device at any time. SCL consulting experience have been key to go-­‐live safely." Mari Ángeles Sánchez, SAP Logistic Manager Grupo
  33. 33. Visit  our  web:  www.scl-­‐consulting.com Follow  us  in  social  networks: