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Ss2012 redux

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Ss2012 redux

  1. 1. Recap: 11.04.2012
  2. 2. Categories Things are generally to a lot better  Steven Pinker Longevity Health in General Managing Data Flood AGI  Ray Kurzweil, Vernor Vinge Access to and owing own data  John Wilbanks Singularity
  3. 3. Improvments Health Wealth including all levels Violence of all types way down Technology Much better narrow AI Longevity research
  4. 4. Vernor Vinge Singularity from mulitple scenarios  AGI  Intelligence Amplification  Digital Gaia  Integration of human mentation On uploads  May simply be AGIs that are made to be convinced they are humans
  5. 5. Peter Norvig His projections from 2007 were part wrong Hierarchical Knowledge / Concept abstraction  Automatic sellf learning recognizers Google’s Distributed Processing  Huge vision models Machine translation  Combining components at multiple levels over parallel text  Gives ability to guess reasonably an missing elements
  6. 6. Julia Galef Different aspects of mind  Rational  More primitive drives like status Anecdotes have a lot of power for social creatures Emotion moves us a lot Teaching Rationality  Supportive community  Overcoming biases  Belief rattling in mind
  7. 7. John Wilbanks Medical data volume is increasing hugely  Can get own micro-arrays done, etc Current medical record handling is closed and ancient methods Health data is not like other data Law and health data Need to apply massive data mining privacy
  8. 8. Steve Pinker We are living in the most peaceful era of our species’ existence Types in decline:  War  Homicide  Sadistic Punishments and Torture  Death Penalty Positives  Rights recoginized  Expansion of “Us”
  9. 9. • ❑
  10. 10. Jaan Talinn Hard takeoff could change the face of the universe But how could we be in this position? Simulation Argument Anthropomorhic Notions Does the multiverse help?