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The Strategic Planning Process

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What is Strategic planning

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The Strategic Planning Process

  1. 1. The Strategic Planning Process Sensei Ndlovu- MBA Director: Kaizen Academy sensei@kaizenacademy.co.za
  2. 2. What is STRATEGIC PLANNING really ?
  3. 3. Articulated Plan Strategic Differentiation Organizational Engagement Organizational Transformation
  4. 4. Articulated Plan Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives
  5. 5. Strategic Differentiation Market Data ( Customers Feedback, Competitors Doing Differently )
  6. 6. Organizational Engagement Cascade goals. Everybody knows what their piece of the Strategy in the plan are
  7. 7. Organizational Transformation Talk about the plan on regular basis, make changes as you move along the way , help shift behavior and help drive choice
  8. 8. Vision, mission, values, ethical behavior and CSR External environment analysis SWOT analysis Internal environment analysis Strategic Direction
  9. 9. Strategy Management Process  Strategic Issues: Identify strategicissues to address  Mission:Determine your Company’s core purpose  Use SWOT:Process the SWOT toset priorities  Rollout:Communicate strategyto whole organization  Industry & Market Data: Identify marketopportunities and threats  Values:Identify your Company’s core beliefs  Organizational Goals:Set short-to-mid-term SMART goals. (1+ yr.)  Set Calendar:Establish schedule for progress reviews  Customer Insights:Assess current satisfaction and future demand  Vision:Create an image of whatsuccess looks like in 5 years.  KPIs: Select key performanceindicators to track progress  Leverage Tools: Train team to use strategy tools.  Employee Input:Determine strengths andweaknesses  Competitive Advantages: Solidify your businessposition  Department Goals: Cascade orggoals to departments. (12 months)  Adapt Quarterly:Hold progressreviews and modify  SWOT: Synthesize the data into summary SWOT items  Org. Wide Strategies: Establish the approach for how wewill succeed  Team Member Goals: Cascadedept. goals to individuals  Update Annually:Review end of year, plan next year.  Long-Term Objectives: Develop a2-yearbalanced framework of6 or less objectives  Budget:Align a one-year budget with the plan.  Forecast:Develop a 2-year financial projection