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Semlex at Id4Africa 2019

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Semlex will exhibit its latest innovations in terms of secure identity and travel documents, identification and authentification, during the panafrican forum ID4Africa which takes place in Johannesburg from the 18th until the 20th of June 2019. More information about Semlex Group on: www.semlex.com

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Semlex at Id4Africa 2019

  1. 1. Semlex at ID4Africa Forum Semlex Group will participate in the 5th edition of the Pan-African movement, which will be held this year in South Africa, Johannesburg, from the 18th until the 20th of June. Many interna- tional experts, authorities and identity suppliers are expected to come. J une 11th, 2019 - We are only a few days from the 5th edition of ID4Africa, the major identity forum in Africa. The annual event, held every year in a different African country (the last edition in 2018 took place in Abuja, Nigeria) is already a major event in the field of secure identity. The fo- rum will take place in Johannesburg and will allow experts to share knowledge on topics such as best practices to adopt in terms of identity management, governance, data protection, privacy and human rights. The focus will be on service delivery to facili- tate access in all sectors of society. SEMLEX AND ID4AFRICA Semlex, the belgian expert in biometrics, parti- cipates annualy in ID4Africa in order to share ex- perience and new perspectives on identity with counterparts, exhibit new products and build new partnerships. Semlex has over 20 years of experience in Africa, and stands out by working hand in hand with States to ensure smooth identity management system deployments. In addition, Semlex is the only operator providing complete, turn-key solutions to States worldwide: developement of a secure biome- tric network system, identification and authentication by organizing technical staff training. Furthermore, the Semlex team strives to offer the best service by fol- lowing projects on-site, every step of the way. INNOVATION As exhibitor at ID4Africa, our team will showcase our latest identity and travel documents with cut- ting-edge security features, such as ECOWAS iden- tity cards (RFID and contactless) of Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Ivory Coast. Visitors will also discover the Semlex Autonomous Enrollment kit: a backpack containing an identification pack, photovoltaic panels and dual batteries. A lightweight, autonomous and ecological solution. Come and meet us at ID4Africa to find out more.  program, manufacture of secure identity documents, on-site developement and maintenance of the system. SEMLEX COMMITMENT In addition to those services, we adapt to each country’s specific needs, which means we work in «B.O.T.»: we undertake, as part of the ongoing ne- cessary investments, the implementation of all hard- ware and software resources and the supervision and training of the officials involved in the project. Under this type of contract, the State not only invests few or no money, but receives a part of the revenue. We also believe in local development, which is why we create local jobs in all our projects and transfer knowledge ID4Africa gathers identity experts and authorities across Africa since 2015. Le passeport de la RDC - Validité 5 ans - Respect des normes INTERGRAF et ICAO - Électronique et biométrique - Producteur : Semlex Group June 2019 - Semlex Europe Press release SEMLEX Services include:  Biometric network system  ID Documents manufacture  Local officials training  Turn-key solutions  Built, Operate, Transfer (BOT) Solutions.  System maintenance  ... and more. Secured documents produced by Semlex. Semlex Autonomous Enroll- ment Kit.