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Orders management

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Orders management

  1. 1. Processing New Orders Learn how to manage your new orders right from receiving them to delivering to the customer [ Non- FA]
  2. 2. Learning Objectives In this tutorial, we will take you through:  Importance of managing your orders  Viewing new orders for your products on seller portal  Packing orders before marking them as ready to dispatch  Dispatching and handing over orders  Tracking orders
  3. 3. Importance of Order Management  When a customer places an order, it is your responsibility to pack the right products and keep them ready for dispatch  Packing and dispatching the wrong products will lead to customer returns  High rate of customer returns will affect your seller rating negatively and also give rise to unsatisfactory customer experience  You must pack your orders and keep them ready for dispatch as per the SLA timeline, set by you, in order to reduce chances of pick-up reattempts
  4. 4. Login to your seller account and click on Orders Click on Orders and Select Active Orders from the dropdown menu Log into your Flipkart Seller Account
  5. 5. The Upcoming Orders Tab Orders
  6. 6. The Upcoming Orders Tab You can also filter orders by Status, Order Date, Dispatch After date, SKU and FSN. In the Upcoming Orders tab, by default only upcoming orders are shown. To view on hold orders select On Hold under Status In the Upcoming Orders Tab, you can sort orders by Order Date or Dispatch After Date Click on View Details to see more details about a particular order
  7. 7. How to Cancel Orders In Bulk or Individually You can also cancel orders or download order details in bulk by selecting all orders and clicking on Cancel. Click on Download Orders (CSV) to download all orders visible on this page in .CSV file. You can cancel orders individually or raise an issue with Seller Support by clicking more next to the View details button
  8. 8. How to Cancel Orders In Bulk or Individually Select the reason for cancellation Click on Cancel Order
  9. 9. The New Orders Tab Orders NEW
  10. 10. The New Orders Tab In the new orders tab you can filter the orders by 1. Urgency- SLA Breached, SLA Breaching Soon and Others 2. Dispatch Type- Express or Standard 3. Special Filters- Multi Quantity, Replacement order, Forms Required 4. Order Date 5. By SKU If you hover over the Next Pick Up, you will get details on the date and timing of your next pick up as well as the delivery service assigned. Note: The timing will only be available for eKart pick ups
  11. 11. How To Generate a Shipping Label There are two ways by which you can generate a shipping label. In the first, you can select the order and then click on Create Label You are required to dispatch every order within the Dispatch By date to avoid SLA breaches.
  12. 12. How To Generate a Shipping Label A screen will pop up and details such as Order Date, Item ID, SKU and FSN will already be filled Details such as Invoice amount, date, VAT/CST Rate (in%) will be pre- filled, if you wish to make an edit, you can fill in new CST/VAT details and click on Update Details such as length, breadth and height will also be mentioned unless these details are missing from your My Listings page or it is a Multi Quantity product/Product with a freebie offer Once you check the details, click on Download & Print to generate the label
  13. 13. How to Generate a Label in Bulk and Download the Order List You can also generate labels in bulk by clicking on Bulk processing and downloading the Bulk file. An excel .xls file with all the orders in 'New' tab will get downloaded. Fill all the required details and then upload the file. Click here to sort orders by Order Date or Dispatch Date You can also download the Order List as a .CSV file or the Pick List as a PDF
  14. 14. How To Generate a Shipping Label You can tap here to view order details You might receive a notification that Label generation is in progress, you will need to wait for the label to be generated
  15. 15. How to View Orders with Pending Labels You can view order details, price & quantity, Dispatch and Buyer details Click on Collapse to stop viewing details
  16. 16. Checking the Label Generation Status Once a Label is generated you can download it by clicking on Download Labels If the label is still under process for the order, you will see the status as processing. In case, the label generation has failed, the status will be Form Failed In case, the automatic generation of logistic form has failed, the status of order will be Form Failed, you need to visit the state government tax website, generate the logistic form manually and enter its serial number in the text box on the order card. Then click update for order to move to COMPLETED status. Then just download label.
  17. 17. The Pack Tab Orders Pack
  18. 18. How to Mark Orders as Ready To Dispatch Option 1: In the Pack Tab, once the orders are ready to be dispatched, click on the Ready to Dispatch button Ensure the shipping label have been pasted on the shipment and Customer Invoice and applicable Logistic forms are attached.
  19. 19. How to Scan and Mark Orders as RTD Option 2 : You can also click on Scan & RTD to start scanning the labels of your packed shipments to mark them Ready to dispatched. Click here to sort orders by Order Date or Dispatch Date You can also filter orders by Urgency, Dispatch Type, Logistic Partner, Special Filters such as Multi Quantity, Replacement order and forms required You can also raise a Seller Support Ticket by clicking on Contact SS
  20. 20. How to Scan and Mark Orders as RTD All the orders successfully RTDed by scanning are listed here. Scanning can fail for the following reasons: If the Tracking ID is Missing If the order was marked RTD earlier If the order has been cancelled You can download a complete report of all scans by clicking on Download Report
  21. 21. The Handover Orders Tab Orders Handover
  22. 22. How to Download the Manifest In the Handovers Tab, you will be able to view the Logistics Partner, the Pickup date and No. of Orders. Click on Show Orders to view the orders to be picked up Search through Orders by Order Id/Item Id You can filter orders by Pickup Attempt, Ready to Dispatch Date and Order Date You can download the manifest by clicking on Download Manifest You may get a notification on issues in Fulfillment. The fulfilment health indicator is a prompt which appears whenever some of your pending orders need urgent action.
  23. 23. The Fulfillment Health Indicator The Fulfillment Health Indicator will warn you when you have the following issues: Following are the issues due to which you might be seeing this: - A high percentage of pending orders - Orders Breached SLA - Orders having pickup attempts - Large number of orders Breaching SLA in a day
  24. 24. Downloading the manifest will help in many ways, such as:  Getting better control over dispatching of orders  Reducing the number of reattempts as you know what needs to be handed over to which logistics partner  Arranging for handover of all items marked as ‘Ready to Dispatch’ on time This is the proof of pickup of your shipments. Make sure to cross-verify that you are handing over to the logistic partner the exact same shipments that are mentioned in the manifest. Take signature of the field executive and keep this manifest copy safe as proof of pickup. The Importance of the Manifest
  25. 25. How to Reprint a Label and Download a Pick Up report You can view order details, price and quantity, tracking and Buyer Details In case you misplace the label, you can select the order and click on Reprint Label to reprint the label. You can also click on Pick up report to download the pickup report
  26. 26. How to Download a Pick Up Report Click on Download to Download the Pick Up Report Add the date of the pickup
  27. 27. The In Transit Tab Orders Transit
  28. 28. The In Transit Tab Click on View Details to Track the Shipment In the In Transit Tab you can filter orders by Status, Ready to Dispatch On Date, Order Date
  29. 29. Tracking your Order You can Track the Shipment by Date A pop up screen with Order and Buyer Details will appear You can Raise an SS Ticket if you have an issue to report
  30. 30. How to Raise a Seller Support Ticket You can also raise an SS ticket by clicking on Contact SS
  31. 31. How to Raise a Seller Support Ticket Please fill all mandatory details in this page, this will ensure the seller support have all the required information to resolve your issue Once the details are added, click on Submit
  32. 32. The Delivered Orders Tab Orders Delivered Orders
  33. 33. How to Download a Report in the Delivered Tab You can also raise an SS ticket by clicking on Contact SS under View Details In the Delivered Tab, you can download the orders report by clicking on Download Orders. Use the filters to sort the orders you want details on
  34. 34. How to search an Order You can also search for orders using the order ID or Order item ID with the search bar
  35. 35. Thank You