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Assignment on international relation by seerat abbas

this is international base assignment i hope you like it

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Assignment on international relation by seerat abbas

  1. 1. Topic :- International Relation Name : Seerat Abbas Roll No : 13 . . . Superior University Lahore(Multan Campus)
  2. 2. Flow of Presentation Introduction to IR History of IR IR and International Politics Importants of IR Scope of IR Summary
  3. 3. Introduction to IR   International Relations as a field of study covers the factors and processes  that affect the interactions among states and non-state actors across  national boundaries  International  Relations  is  the  study  of  conflict  and  cooperation  by          international  actors,  as  furthered  by  the  development  and  testing  of  hypotheses about international outcomes.  International relations refers to the collective interactions of the  international community, which includes individual nations and states,  inter-governmental organizations such as the United Nations, non- governmental organizations like Doctors Without Borders, multinational  corporations like Coca Cola and so forth.
  4. 4. Introduction to IR(cont)  International relations (IR) is the study of relationships between countries,  including the roles of States, Inter- governmental Organization (IGOs),  International Non- governmental Organization (INGOs), Non- governmental Organization (NGOs) and Multinational Corporations  (MNCs).  A strict definition of International Relations would confine itself to the  relationships between the worlds national governments, conducted by  politicians at the highest level. However, this is a far too simplistic and  narrow perspective of international relations.
  5. 5. Beginning of IR  Historical starting point of modern IR—Treaty of Westphalia, 1648.  Established the principle of sovereignty as the foundation for relations among  states  Up to the late 19th century—limited focus on the study of IR in academic  institutions and scholarly literature  Most political theorists dealt with IR as a side-kick of domestic politics, or as an appendix of other disciplines Practice of principal aspects of IR (war, diplomacy,, international trade) was  widespread, but the scientific study of these matters was disconnected and relied  on different disciplinary aspects and methodologies
  6. 6. Importance of International Relation  To avoid world wars- The 20 century witnessed two world war which was very danger in their destruction of man and material. It is feared that a third world war would wipe out the human race on earth if it comes. The study of IRS helps us to analyze and aims of the states in the world affairs, the methods adopted for that attainment of these objects and the factors which ultimately lead to their success or failure. The international understanding helps us to analyze helps the all states to live boldly and confidently in the world of diversity with peacefully.
  7. 7. Scope or Sbject matter of INTERNATIONAL POLITICS  The scope of international Politics is not yet well settle. It is continuously expending. H. Morgenthau holds that struggle for power among Nations forms the scope of international Politics whereas Burton holds that besides other things, the study of International Relations includes all conditions and factors which influence the behaviour more than one state. These views highlight the diversity that prevails among scholars regarding the scope of International Politics.
  8. 8. IR and International Politics (IP)  IP is not IR- different  International politics is the way in which sovereign states interact with each other on political level  According to H.J. Morgenthau, “International Politics include analysis of political relations and problems of peace among nations. Further he writes, It “is struggle for and use of power among nations.”  According to Charles Schleicher, “ All interstate relations are included in international politics, through all the inter-state relations are not political  His famous book is Politics among nations
  9. 9.  IR is broader and includes a wide variety of political, non-political, official and unofficial, formal and informal activities and relations (Palmer & Perkins)
  10. 10. Summary  Meaning of IR  Definition and Two views about IR  Scope of IR: Diplomatic, international law, International Organizations, Post World War II- Decline of Europe, independence of colonies, armament, bi-polar world, nuclear proliferation, rise of representative government, concept of welfare state  Importance of IR: understanding the present world, understanding the problems, international cooperation, encouraging peaceful relations, proper economic relations, human culture.