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4. Pre-Production.pptx

  1. Pre-Production By Ben Brown
  2. Pre-production Assessment
  3. Locations I plan to film exterior shots of a house outside our neighborhood because it perfectly fits with the slasher location stereotypes (it’s an abandoned looking structure in an isolated place), I did reconnaissance by going around York and looking at many rustic and old areas for my establishing shots but then I found a house in a perfect empty location with many good angles to film from. I tried to find the perfect place to film interior shots from but none of them were easy to access and they didn’t feel like a horror location, I will film in my home and use lighting effects, different camera shots and a variety of locations such as the garage to create the effect of a horror film. The iPad I film everything on will also be used to edit everything with the help of iMovie. I’ll edit the project in my house and York College.
  4. Locations The two limitations of my project are the lighting and the lack of crew members for my filming and acting roles. The whole project must be filmed at night, but I’ll have to wait for it to get dark which will slow production, and the day lasting longer which leaves less night leaves me with a smaller window to film. I can deal with this problem by either filming before the day gets longer or by using the blinds and curtains in my house to make everything dark even when its daytime. My crew is only limited to me and my parents which leaves us with less actors and a lot of film roles will have to be managed by the same people which make everything complicated, all of this will slow down production. I can deal with this problem by making an organized routine and project management schedule setting out who will manage what role when to make the filming and editing completed on schedule.
  5. Equipment 1. iPad: I’m going to use my iPad to film all the scenes and establishing shots I need. 2. Tripod: I’m going to use my tripod to hold my iPad properly to get steadily filmed footage. 3. Microphone: I’m going to use my microphone to record all the dialogue in my project. 4. iMovie: I’ll use iMovie to edit my project together. 5. Computer: I’ll use my college computer to access my publishing websites to upload my film 6. YouTube: I’ll use YouTube to publish my film. 7. Wix: I’ll use Wix to upload my film so my teachers can see it and mark it.
  6. Personnel Crew: My team is comprised of my parents and I where job roles are going to have to be allocated between each of us because we have a lack of crew. My dads' strengths are that he’s good at acting and somewhat talented with using a camera, but his weaknesses are he stops acting or can’t focus in public because of embarrassment. My mum’s strengths are that she’s talented with camera using the camera for artistic shots and transitions, she’s also good at helping me edit, but her weaknesses are she can’t act properly and is a perfectionist when it comes to camera shots and editing. My parents are working on weekdays but they’re available on weekends and somewhat available on Monday’s and Tuesdays.
  7. Personnel Cast: Like my team my cast also is comprised of me, and my parents, we must portray many different character roles. I don’t need external performers because I have arranged which person will portray what character, but if I have the chance to recruit college students or performers, that’ll help me with the actor gap. My parents are available on weekends when they’re not working, and If I use external actors, I’ll have to learn when they’re available when the opportunity arises. Most of the project will take place in my house, but my parents can drive our car for transport and if I use external actors, they can take the bus.
  8. Props/Costume/etc Clothes: While this project may take inspiration from slasher films of the late 1970s or early 80s, it’s going to be set in the modern day, so I’m going to make my victims wear modern clothes while the slasher wears his most modern look. These clothes will still represent the character stereotypes my actors will play e.g.: a nerd will wear glasses, or the bad girl will wear revealing clothes, the slasher will wear bland clothes over the body but have an iconic mask hiding their face. I already have a Michael Myers costume which I can get from my garage, or I can use my vast collections of masks combined with other clothes for the slasher, I’ll get most of my costumes (mostly the victim's attire) from wardrobes and drawers from my house.
  9. Props/Costume/etc Weapons: The melee weapons wielded by the slasher will mostly be knives but there will still be a different variety of weapons that are used for killing even if that wasn’t the purpose they were made for. Most the weapons will be made of plastic or foam to not cause injury, but for the weapons that aren’t made of nonlethal substances will have to be used carefully to not injure anyone. I can use the fake weapons from my past films for this project which I’ll take from my garage, I will also borrow tools and gardening equipment from the same place or elsewhere in my house. Gory Practical Effects: This last point will be hard to accomplish because me or my team aren’t experienced in gory practical effects. We’ll have to use the internet to learn how to make gory practical effects (e.g.: fill a balloon full of blood to make an exploding head) or I could get help from the college art group to make gory practical effects for me, if all else fails I can use my endless supply of fake blood to make the most convincing effects. I can get the resources to make the gory practical effects from the art group, buy them from the internet or the local costume shop in town and I have a good supply of fake blood.
  10. Visual Planning
  11. Storyboard
  12. Shot List Shot List on Wix
  13. Organisational Planning
  14. Schedule Date Location Cast/Crew Activity Notes 18-26 of March Fulford: My house Askham Bar: York College Me and My Parents Filming and Editing Project 27-2 of April Fulford: My house Askham Bar: York College Me and My Parents Filming and Editing Project 3-9 of April Fulford: My house Askham Bar: York College Me and My Parents Filming and Editing Project 12-14 of April Askham Bar: York College Me Editing and Evaluating Project Editing may be finished before Evaluating 19-21 of April Askham Bar: York College Me Editing and Evaluating Project Evaluating may include tutor as crew
  15. Health and Safety Potential Issue How will the issue be avoided? Equipment I will make sure the equipment is safely set up and working before production. Costumes I will get costumes that are easy to wear and worn in a private place before production starts. Filming set I will make sure everything in my house is clean and stable for production. People getting in the way I will go early in the morning or late at night to an isolated place to film. Making Practical Effects I will either get the make-up department to make some for me or I’ll buy safe ones. Time of Day I will check the weather to make sure it is not too dark or cold when we’re filming.