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How the history of the humanity explains the difficulties of old companies are facing today. This story is the first part of the tribute to innovation trilogy.

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  • So valid your points, Sebastien. The strongest species to survive and thrive are those who constantly and quickly adapt to and lead change
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  2. 2. “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change” -C. DARWIN
  3. 3. Your company gives some signs of weakness.
  4. 4. Your revenues decrease slightly and consistently.
  5. 5. You constantly struggle to deliver the last features of your product.
  6. 6. But sadly, you are too late for your customers.
  7. 7. Your product, even with new features, does not stand out in competition with your competitors.
  8. 8. The competition with other companies is fierce.
  9. 9. The battle moves on to pricing….
  10. 10. … and it has a direct impact on your margin.
  11. 11. Your best efforts are not rewarded and it generates frustration.
  12. 12. All of your shareholders are unhappy and let you know it.
  13. 13. Don’t worry though, we know exactly what you are suffering from.
  14. 14. The diagnosis? A lack of innovation.
  15. 15. The good news (?!): you are not the only one dealing with this.
  16. 16. The bad news: it can kill you if you don’t act.
  17. 17. Let’s take some time to understand where this epidemic comes from.
  18. 18. If you had to select only three events in history that have significantly change the world, what would they be?
  19. 19. I assume that the first one would be the invention of the writing.
  20. 20. Writing has allowed knowledge to survive even through death, and be transmitted to the next generation.
  21. 21. And thus, it has enabled man to rule animals and the world.
  22. 22. I assume that the second one would be the invention of printing.
  23. 23. Printing has allowed knowledge to be spread among millions of people.
  24. 24. And as more people learn new things, innovations replace stagnation.
  25. 25. Let’s recap the process that occurred with the first two major events.
  26. 26. It has always started with major progress in information.
  27. 27. The progress regarding information improves the sharing of that knowledge.
  28. 28. And more knowledge shared increases the number and level of innovation.
  29. 29. Having this in mind, you will understand the impact of the third event on our world. (No, the third event is not the nuclear bomb…)
  30. 30. The third event that has changed significantly in our world is the internet.
  31. 31. With the internet, everyone can access more and more information : we have reached the Age of Information.
  32. 32. Now, innovation occurs every day and everywhere.
  33. 33. It’s no surprise that the number of competitors in your company has increased.
  34. 34. No surprise either is that they are more and more skilled.
  35. 35. The world is changing fast and constantly.
  36. 36. It is not only about product innovation. Truly, all domains are concerned. Sales Organization Marketing IS/IT Operations R&D
  37. 37. The world you were living in two years ago is now completely different.
  38. 38. You must be able to adapt to your company and to these continuous changes.
  39. 39. Innovation should be part of the DNA of your company: it is no longer an option.
  40. 40. Understanding that innovation is no longer an option is actually the easy part of the story.
  41. 41. Don’t miss the next episode of the “Tribute to Innovation Trilogy” “INNOVATION IS QUITE IMPOSSIBLE FOR OLD COMPANIES” Expected end of May 2015.
  42. 42. Thank you !!! Follow me on twitter : @SebastienJuras If you enjoyed reading this story, share it with your friends. Credit : photos – 123rf.com except 1 & 38