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15 Methods for Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Do you want to learn how to get better results on Facebook? View Rocco's #SEJThinkTank webinar to learn 15 methods to optimize existing campaigns and dive into more complex and effective Facebook Ads marketing strategies

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15 Methods for Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

  1. • Digital Nomad • “Most Valuable Professional Award” by Microsoft for work on Bing Ads • Google Partners All-Stars Winner • Google Success Panel Speaker • Stevie Awards, SEMY Awards, European & US Search Awards • SEJ Contributor
  3. CROSS-CHANNEL REMARKETING Optimize targeting by leveraging existing traffic: Retarget people on Facebook who first came via Google AdWords/Organic/Etc with remarketing & custom audiences. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  4. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  5. OPTIMIZE DESKTOP NEWS FEED & RIGHT-COLUMN ADS SEPARATELY • Optimizing campaigns by device, placement and any other targeting option. • Facebook allows you to customize your targeting for desktops in a submenu of the Placement menu at the Ad Set level. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  6. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  7. TEST DIFFERENT IMAGES @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  8. 1.1% CTR 2.2% CTR 1.4% CTR @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  9. KEEP MOBILE & DESKTOP SEPARATE • Optimize your ads, bids and conversions based on device. • Ads and calls to action are likely to perform differently on desktop versus mobile, and any ad setup should take that into account. • Power Editor: select the device targeting directly from the Ad Set Menu. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
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  11. #3 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  12. SEGMENT AUDIENCES INTO AD SET @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  13. AD SET 1 • AdWords • AdWords Export • Google Certification • Program • Facebook Ads • Facebook Marketing • Facebook Marketing Solutions • Facebook Marketing Hour Day • Online Advertising • Digital Marketing • Marketing Online AD SET 2 AD SET 3 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  15. #1 #2 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  16. OPTIMIZE BY CONVERSION TYPE @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  17. #1 #2 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  19. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  20. TARGET BY BEHAVIORS @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  21. #1 #2 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  22. #3 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  23. #4 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  24. TARGET BY INCOME @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  25. #1 Behaviors @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  26. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  27. SET UP A REMARKETING PIXEL @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
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  29. #3 #4 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  31. #1 #2 #3 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  32. TEST LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  33. #1 #2 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  34. #3 #4 @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  35. TARGET AN EMAIL LIST Facebook allows you to create a custom advertising audience based on email lists. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
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  37. .csv .txt Phone Numbers Facebook User IDs Mobile Advertiser IDs Email Addresses @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  38. TEST BIDDING STRATEGIES Find out what reduces the cost per conversion but still gets enough volume. Recommend start with CPC & Conversion Optimizer. Set up your bidding method at the Ad Set level in the Optimization and Pricing section, shown here. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  39. The three main bidding types: • cost per click • cost per thousand impressions • conversion optimizer (requires conversion code) @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  40. Whenever you bid per click or use the conversion optimizer, you can decide your maximum cost per click or target cost per acquisition, or let Facebook pick a value for you. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  41. SCHEDULED ADS Facebook allows you to segment your ads by days and hours. This option is available only with a lifetime budget and not with the daily budget option. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  42. Lifetime Budget: total budget of an ad set, technically no daily limit. Right choice if the campaign has a reliable performance pattern that has been proven successful over time. @Rocco_Zebra_Adv #SEJThinkTank
  43. R O C C O B A L D A S S A R R E Founder & CEO Zebra Advertisement r.baldassarre@zebraadvertisement.com www.zebraadvertisement.com T W I T T E R : @Rocco_Zebra_Adv