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How Successful Companies Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins

If you want to boost your web presence and achieve online success, combining your SEO and content marketing strategies is a must.

Join ScribbleLive’s Christopher Hart and Christoph Trappe as they talk about how you can break down organizational silos and align SEO and content teams to ensure maximum impact.

Read our recap here for more info: http://bit.ly/2jihuar

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How Successful Companies Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins

  1. 1. #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe Successful Companies Combine SEO & Content For Bigger Wins Christopher Hart and Christoph Trappe
  2. 2. • Introductions • Market Opportunity • Use Case Discussions • Q&A
 Agenda ctrappe@scribblelive.com Christoph Trappe VP – Content Marketing Strategy chris.hart@scribblelive.com Christopher Hart Head of Client Development, US - Search #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  3. 3. 1. Overall Marketing Strategy 2. SEO 3. Content Strategy/Production 4. Social Media 5. Other #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe Poll 1 What best describes your role in your organization’s marketing operation?
  4. 4. We live in a customer-driven world 
 #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  5. 5. Their journeys change #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  6. 6. And it’s complicated #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  7. 7. The evolution of customer-driven communications Broadcast Media 
 1980’s Internet 1.0 
 1990’s Mobile & Social 2000’s Content Experiences
 Today #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  8. 8. Content Experiences fuel the new demands of Marketing #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  9. 9. The Content Experience Economy 71% of buyers begin their purchase journeys by using a search engine The average B2B purchase has 5 stakeholders, each with different content needs #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  10. 10. Competing on Content Experiences Data driven Strategic Relevant Engaging Omni channel #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  11. 11. We believe content is the fourth dimension of competition and the key differentiation opportunity for today’s enterprise. #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  12. 12. EvaluationConsideration Trigger Purchase ADVOCATEADOPTION THE LOYALTY LOOP Ebook Microsite White paper Infographics Case Study Presentation UGC Social Content Video Product Guide Product Video Own the Journey #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  13. 13. Use Case Discussions Breaking Down Internal Silos Build and Monetize Audiences More Effective User Engagement A Better Way to Create Content #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  14. 14. 1. Yes 2. No 3. Not Applicable #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe Poll 2 Do your SEO and Content teams currently collaborate?
  15. 15. Employee • Requires them to be motivated • Heavily reliant on tribal knowledge • Systems disjointed Individual Marketing Channels and Content Teams Talent = Brand • Challenge to keep all content updated • Incomplete data • Long ramp times Breaking Down Internal Silos Shorten ramp times – increase efficiencies #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  16. 16. Breaking Down Internal Silos Shorten ramp times – increase efficiencies Talent Individual Marketing Channels and Content Team Employee • Personalized content tailored to role • Easy to consume & relevant • Updated real time Brand • Applies across multiple disciplines i.e. sales, product marketing, HR, engineering etc. • Increase revenues • Puts employees on rapid path to success • Increased productivity and employee’s speed to value X #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  17. 17. Content Team Spreadsheet Internal Agency/Freelance Distribution Audience • Disconnected messaging leads to confusion • Content doesn’t speak to “me” • No way to truly engage Brand • Content creation happening in silos • Lack of transparency across teams • Wasted resources, budget Building and Monetizing Audiences Through Content Data-driven strategy, integrated channels #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  18. 18. Content Team Audience • Consumes content that adds value • Multiple opportunities to engage • Builds relationship with brand Brand • Data informs strategy, validates content ideas • Strategic content creation • Integrated channels serve business objectives Data Insights Brief Strategy & Workflow Content Creation Interest Leads $ Opportunities Performance Insight Talent Building and Monetizing Audiences Through Content Data-driven strategy, integrated channels #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  19. 19. More Effective User Engagement Implementing strategy and experiences Sales Demand Gen Events Team Marketing Execs Spreadsheet Agencies Freelance Agencies Freelance Agencies The Event In person Audience Audience • Limited opportunity to engage with content, brand • Social experience is out of context Brand • Lack of central strategy leaves key stakeholders out of the loop • Audience, customer reach is limited to in person attendees Social ? #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  20. 20. Audience • Attendees are able to interact, in person and virtually • Consistent content experiences, across all channels Brand • Key stakeholders are central to success of event • Central strategy drives consistent content and messaging • Maximized audience reach and engagement Data Insights Demand Gen Events Team Sales Marketing Execs Strategy & Workflow Brief Content Creation Talent The Event Interactive / Live Experience In person Audience Social More Effective User Engagement Implementing strategy and experiences #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  21. 21. A Better Way To Create Content Software & Talent to maximize the creative process Agencies & Freelancers Agencies & Freelancers • Numerous people & process hurdles • People overhead + additional cycles = $$$ Content Experience Platform • Strategic creative brief + collaborative platform to streamline process • Spend $ on experienced, specialized talent Internal Content Team Content Experience Platform Creative Development & Production Creative Development & Production Creative Development & Production Internal Content Team • Content strategy often overlooked • Internal distractions lead to long project timeframes #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe
  22. 22. 1. Yes 2. No #SEJThinkTank @chris_hart @CTrappe Poll 3 Are you interested in learning about the tools we use to help brands and agencies with SEO and content?
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