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Spanning the Globe with Google: How to Scale your Content Marketing Globally

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Do you care if your customer is from Detroit or Dubai … Chicago or Copenhagen?

Online marketing doesn't stop at your front door, town boundary or state lines, so why should it stop at national borders?

Is your site ready to be found, browsed and shopped by these hot prospects?

One answer is the same as at home: Content. And if Google loves your content, the world will love your content and your marketing!

Check out the deck Natlie Kelly of Smartling and I presented at a recent webinar hosted by Target Marketing Magazine to learn how to enable your website to seize these cross-border opportunities and grow your customer base and ROI, including:

What is the global opportunity for marketing online, and how can you tap into it?

How can you create, adjust and optimize your content marketing to be appealing in international markets?

How do companies make their translation processes easier, faster, and more efficient?

How can you make sure Google recognizes your web content in international markets?

You can also view the deck and listen to the recording here: http://www.targetmarketingmag.com/webinar/how-make-google-love-your-global-content

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Spanning the Globe with Google: How to Scale your Content Marketing Globally

  1. Spanning the Globe with Google August 19, 2014 A special thank you to: Thank you for joining us – we will be starting at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT If you are unable to hear music at this time, please make sure that your computer speakers are turned on and that your system has not been muted. #TMGWebinar
  2. Today’s Speakers Thorin McGee Editor-in-Chief Target Marketing Moderator #TMGWebinar Nataly Kelly VP of Marketing Smartling Matthew Capala Founder SearchDecoder
  3. Tips for Webinar Attendees • Technical difficulties? Let us know by using the “Q and A” box, or trouble-shoot by clicking the “Help” widget below → Quick tip: Common problems (like loss of sound and/or stall in the slides) can often be fixed by a quick refresh of your browser. • Have a question for today’s speaker? Submit via the “Q and A” box • Please disable pop-up blockers • See what this console can do! Click on the “Tips for Attendees” widget for the complete rundown. Don’t forget to “share” this webinar! #TMGWebinar
  4. SPANNING THE GLOBE WITH@smartling#TMGWebinarpresentsMatt Capala | Founder of SearchDecoderwith Nataly Kelly | VP of Marketing
  6. 10+ YEARS TRANSLATION AND GLOBAL BUSINESS EXPERIENCE •VP of Marketing at Smartling •Clients include GoPro, Pinterest, Shutterstock, Hubspot •Certified court interpreter and translator (Spanish) •Fulbright scholar in sociolinguistics •Author of “Found in Translation” (xl8book.com) •International Speaker
  7. •9 out of 10 Internet users said that when given a choice of languages, they always visit a website in their own language •1 in 5 Europeans said they never browse in a language other than their own •42% never purchase products or services in other languages •Read more: Gallup/EU survey of language preferences (2011)
  8. There are 6,000 to 7,000 languages spoken throughout the world.
  9. Adding 5 languages can double your online selling potential.
  10. HOW YOU CAN REACH 90% OF GLOBAL ONLINE OPPORTUNITY •13 languages •English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Swedish
  11. “Global expansion doesn’t mean just translate new content and publish new pages. It’s about creating a great experience for your new users. An experience tailored to their language, market, and culture.” – Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google
  13. 10+ YEARS GLOBAL DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERIENCE •Founder of SearchDecoder.com •Results for LG, Western Union, Smirnoff, Apple, Unilever •Global SEO, content marketing, and growth consultant •Adj. Professor at NYU •Author of “SEO Like I’m 5” (SEOLike5.com) •International Speaker
  14. •Where to start •3 models for scaling global content •Case studies
  15. “Many of us treat the worldwide web like the Ohio web or the American English web. Marketers are overwhelmed and unprepared to produce content for a global audience.” Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
  16. “The global market for international domain names (IDN) is greater than 2.5 billion people” John Yunker, Author and Founder of Global By Design
  17. ENTERPRISE-LEVEL •Centralized vs. decentralized approach •Agency and staff resources •Some translation services •Coordination, tools and process design
  19. SMALL TO MID SIZE BUSINESSES •Centralized model •Local market partnerships •Translation and localization services
  20. BEFORE YOU START TRANSLATING •Google Analytics •Identify your existing International audience •Identify metrics
  21. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION TO ASK Do the potential traffic and conversions from additional countries and languages compensate to develop a new Web presence?
  22. YOU CAN LOCALIZE YOUR ‘NATIVE’ CONTENT TO REACH INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE Source: http://www.searchdecoder.com/social-networks-in-china-sina-weibo/
  23. •Transcreation –Winner, expensive to maintain, need local teams •Localization –Scalable solution, human translation and adjusting content for local audience •Translation – Automated translation may result in lower quality content
  24. LOCALIZATION •Localization entails translation and adjusting content to increase relevance for the local audience •International SEO makes sure that your content is ‘geo-targeted’ and optimized
  25. AUTOMATED TRANSLATIONS Online translation tools like Google Translate will not capture the nuances of language that are essential to engaging an audience with your content marketing, such as colloquialisms, humor, and cultural sensitivities.
  27. WHAT WE’VE LEARNED… •Pick the right model •Look at data and analytics •Do not use automated translations without a human element •Be mindful of local culture and differences •Be creative!
  28. Here are five tips for creating global content more efficiently…
  29. TIER AND CURATE CONTENT FOR GLOBAL MARKETS •Don’t feel the need to translate everything •Translate (or transcreate) only what is relevant for each market •Consider creating a limited amount of custom content for each market •Prioritize relevance (quality) over volume (quantity)
  30. CHOOSE TRANSLATION SERVICE PROVIDERS WITH CARE •Know the link between quality and price •Don’t think of it as translation, but rather multilingual content creation •Look for providers with expertise in your subject matter + target locale •Make sure your technology prevents vendor “lock-in”
  31. DOCUMENT WHAT MAKES YOUR CONTENT UNIQUE •Every brand has a “voice” •What does yours sound like? •How would you like it to sound when it moves to another country/language? •Create a simple style guide •Develop a basic glossary of company-specific terms
  32. AVOID TREATING BILINGUAL STAFF LIKE TRANSLATORS •The ability to speak English doesn’t make you a professional copywriter •Use bilingual staff to advise on your company’s tone and style •Look for providers with expertise in your subject matter + target locale •Make sure your technology prevents vendor “lock-in”
  33. AUTOMATE THE NON- LINGUISTIC TRANSLATION TASKS •Stay away from automated and non- professional linguistic transfer •But don’t be afraid to automate the manual, inefficient steps •Use technology instead of internationalizing code •Centralize the delivery of multiple websites
  34. IN REVIEW… •Tier and curate your global content •Decide what makes your content unique •Choose translation providers with care •Avoid treating bilinguals like translators •Automate non-linguistic tasks
  35. •International SEO = geo-targeting content –Localized domain targeting –Localized keyword research –Localized content •Ex. Currency, Shipping Rates, Language, etc –Localized metadata •Ex. Page Title, Meta Description, Alt Text
  37. VIEW GOOGLE RESULTS IN ANY MARKET AND LANGUAGE Use Google’s Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool, selecting any local domain, geography, and language to view market level search visibility for any keyword.
  38. HOW TO LOCALIZE KEYWORD RESEARCH •Google’s Keyword Planner •Google Trends
  42. •Subdomain, Subdirectory, or ccTLDs –country.domain.com, domain.com/country, domain.pl •Hosting on Local IP •ccTLD shows users and search engines in what country, sovereign state, or dependent territory a website is registered.
  43. CHOOSE YOUR INTERNATIONAL DOMAIN SET-UP WISELY Source: http://moz.com/learn/seo/cctlds
  44. INCREASE LOCAL INBOUND LINKS •Increase inbound links i.e. from blogs/social to local sites from sites of the same country (get sites in the UK to link to co.uk extension)
  45. “We’re inching closer to a linguistically local web, in which people no longer have to leave their native languages to get where they want to go” John Yunker, Author and Founder of Global By Design
  46. WHAT WE’VE LEARNED… •How to geo-target your content •Tools for local keyword research •International domain best practices
  47. Contact us: hi@smartling.com or 866.70.SMART
  48. Contact us: hi@smartling.com or 866.70.SMART
  49. Find it at http://www.SEOLike5.com
  50. http://www.SearchDecoder.com/Newsletter
  51. Questions?
  52. GET IN TOUCH! •Nataly at Smartling –hi@smartling.com –www.smartling.com –@smartling •Matt at SearchDecoder –matt@searchdecoder.com –www.searchdecoder.com –@SearchDecoder
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