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27 Top Free Wordpress Plugins to Optimize Your Website

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Using the right WordPress plugins will better your website in ways you couldn’t imagine! Whether it’s a matter of boosting your email list, optimizing for SEO or making your page run more efficiently, there’s a plugin that meets your need. We’ve complied a list of the tried-and-proven, top rated plugins available on WordPress today.

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27 Top Free Wordpress Plugins to Optimize Your Website

  1. 1. Brought to you by ALPHAMETIC SEO Visibility Profitability 27 TOP FREE WORDPRESS PLUGINS TO OPTIMIZE A WEBSITE @SearchDecoder
  2. 2. Using the right WordPress plugins will better your website in ways you couldn’t imagine! Whether it’s a matter of boosting your email list, optimizing for SEO or making your page run more efficiently, there’s a plugin that meets your need.We’ve complied a list of the tried-and-proven, top rated plugins available on WordPress today. CHOOSEYOUR WP PLUGINS WISELY @SearchDecoder
  3. 3. Text YOAST SEO Get even better SEO on your WordPress site with this plugin. Yoast creates more optimized content by helping you choose focus keywords and employ them throughout your articles. @SearchDecoder
  4. 4. Text DUPLICATE POST This is just what it sounds like- you can actually clone any of your posts or pages. This is useful when you create a page template you want to reuse- just create a new draft of the same page each time you need it. You can choose which page roles have access to cloning pages. @SearchDecoder
  5. 5. Text AKISMET Akismet checks your comments and lets you review those that seem like spam. You can choose to clear comments that you determine to be spam, and the plugin will keep a status history so you can track changes. @SearchDecoder
  6. 6. Text CONTACT FORM 7 Previous users say this one is a necessity and is very easy to install and use. It is a simple plugin that allows you to manage and customize multiple contact forms. There are many plugins like this out there but choose this one for simplicity and efficiency. @SearchDecoder
  7. 7. Text WP SUPER CACHE WP Super Cache generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. It serves this lighter html file as opposed to processing the more weighted WordPress PHP scripts. @SearchDecoder
  8. 8. Text WORDFENCE Wordfence will check your site for infection, secure your site, and make it faster. The plugin can protect your site from being hacked, block attacks, and help recover from previous hacks. @SearchDecoder
  9. 9. Text WOOCOMMERCE WooCommerce gives you the ability to integrate ecommerce on your site in a seamless manner. It was built to work perfectly with WordPress sites and is used by 30% of online stores. @SearchDecoder
  10. 10. Text GOOGLE XML SITEMAPS This plugin helps search engines better index your content by creating an XML sitemap for engines to examine your site more efficiently. @SearchDecoder
  11. 11. Text DISABLE COMMENTS This can be used to disable comments on an entire network or just on certain post types. Good for avoiding spam issues on content where comments are unnecessary anyways. @SearchDecoder
  12. 12. Text ITHEMES SECURITY Without some sort of protection, your WordPress site is vulnerable to attacks. You will have access to over 30 ways to secure and protect your website when you install this plugin. @SearchDecoder
  13. 13. Text UPDRAFT PLUS BACKUP AND RESTORATION Updraft schedules backups and makes restoration simple, if needed. This way if somehow you have a server crash or a security breach, you have a reliable backup for your site and all related files. @SearchDecoder
  14. 14. Text DUPLICATOR With this plugin you can basically take an entire site and move it to a different location. This is another way to create backups of your site if necessary. @SearchDecoder
  15. 15. Text ADVANCED CUSTOM FIELDS If you want more flexible data, use this plugin and discover powerful, professional, and intuitive fields. You can chose from multiple input types and create new fields visually and simply. @SearchDecoder
  16. 16. Text GOOGLE ANALYTICS DASHBOARD When you start your website, you’ll definitely want to employ Google Analytics to track all aspects of your site and its functionality. @SearchDecoder
  17. 17. Text REDIRECTION Redirection helps you tidy up and loose ends your site may have. In particular, it keeps track of 404 errors and 301 redirections and keeps a full log for all redirected URLs. @SearchDecoder
  18. 18. Text WP-OPTIMIZE This plugin helps you optimize your site by cleaning it up without much manual labor. @SearchDecoder
  19. 19. Text SHORTCODES ULTIMATE Install more than 50 short codes which help easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, different sliders, responsive videos and much more. @SearchDecoder
  20. 20. Text FAST SECURE CONTACT FORM Easily add, remove, and reorder fields and create contact forms that allow users to send an email to your site admin. Includes multiple forms, confirmation emails, and post-message redirect. @SearchDecoder
  21. 21. Text BACKWPUP FREE Schedule complete automatic backups of your site and decide where and which content will be stored. @SearchDecoder
  22. 22. Text MAILCHIMP FOR WORDPRESS With this plugin, you can easily connect your MailChimp and WordPress accounts. @SearchDecoder
  23. 23. Text NINJA FORMS The Ninja Forms framework provides a drag-and-drop method for easily creating forms and managing submissions. @SearchDecoder
  24. 24. Text WP SMUSH With WP Smush, lighten the load with image file size reductions, performance improvements, and SEO boosting. @SearchDecoder
  25. 25. Text SUMOME SumoMe offers free tools needed to grow your WordPress site. This plugin makes joining your e-mail list, sharing your articles, and optimizing with analytics easy. @SearchDecoder
  26. 26. Text AMP AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, helps you optimize content for mobile. The plugin creates dynamic AMP- compatible versions of your posts. @SearchDecoder
  27. 27. Text CONTENT UPGRADES Content Upgrades creates shortcodes that you can use to create basic link texts within your posts. Visitors click on that link, and a popup appears asking them to leave their e-mail. They’re then redirected to the page of your choice. @SearchDecoder
  28. 28. Text NINJA FORMS Ninja Forms is a simple way to create forms! There are dozens of types of fields you can add, and no limitations on the number of forms, email actions or submissions. @SearchDecoder
  29. 29. Text DISABLED COMMENTS This plugin allows you to enable or disable comments for any particular post or page. @SearchDecoder
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