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The Agency Business 2018 slides - breakout session 4

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Compliance is here to help you, Gail Bowden CLA / SAL
CPD and what's next in training, Elspeth Boyle LAS

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The Agency Business 2018 slides - breakout session 4

  1. 1. Sponsors: Breakout session 4 The Agency Business 2018 Compliance is here to help you Gail Bowden, SAL / CLA CPD and what’s next in training Elspeth Boyle, LAS
  2. 2. Gail Bowden SAL and CLA Compliance is here to help you
  3. 3. Topics • Code of Practice • letting agent registration • GDPR • compliance is here to help you • Q&As
  4. 4. Code of Practice
  5. 5. Specialist resources • SAL provides a suite of over 30 specialist documents to CLA members, inclusive in their membership fee. • These include a management contract and are all designed to assist members to comply with the letting agent code of practice.
  6. 6. Letting agent registration
  7. 7. Letting agent registration
  8. 8. Enforcement framework published Monitoring action will include: – • a fit and proper person test including a criminal record check on applicants; • monitoring of the nature of any letting agent code of practice enforcement orders issued and ensuring they are complied with; • mystery shopping exercises; • reviewing terms of business, policy and procedure documents; • compliance visits (where there are serious concerns about a business these may be unannounced).
  9. 9. Enforcement framework published Enforcement action can include: – • an application to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland for a determination on whether a letting agent has complied with the requirements of the code of practice; • refusing or revoking registration; • where there is evidence that there has been a serious breach of the requirements of the legislation, criminal proceedings can be considered; • full details of the framework can be http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2018/03/6722/1
  10. 10. General Data Protection Regulations • more information today 15:45 – 16:15 Data Protection and the law Alastair McKendrick, TC Young Letlaw • checklist and documents on the website
  11. 11. Remember we are here to help you! For example from SAL/CLA – • Code of Practice - specialist documents to CLA members; • GDPR checklist and documents on website; • SAL helpline; • training/qualifications with Landlord Accreditation Scotland.
  12. 12. Remember compliance is here to help you • decreases risks; • opens up business opportunities.
  13. 13. Q&As
  14. 14. Sponsors: Breakout session 4 The Agency Business 2018 Compliance is here to help you Gail Bowden, SAL / CLA CPD and what’s next in training Elspeth Boyle, LAS
  15. 15. Professional practice for letting agents CPD Elspeth Boyle, LAS Director
  16. 16. What is CPD? Continuing – because learning never ceases, regardless of your age or position in the organisation; Professional – because it is focused on competence in a defined role; Development – because it improves performance and enhances career progression.
  17. 17. Requirement for twenty hours of CPD over three years This must include at least 15 hours of formal training which could consist of: courses – all LAS CST 1 = 3 hours; conferences – this event = 5 hours; lectures; seminars; webinars.
  18. 18. Five informal hours Informal training could consist of: work shadowing and coaching; informal learning within your company; interactive discussions with experts; informal teaching for others; reading and writing articles on letting agency work.
  19. 19. Plan upcoming CPD activities and their expected outcomes Reflect on what was gained from the experience and plan your next activity Execute and record CPD activities Update your CPD record with the actual outcomes
  20. 20. LAS Core Standard Training Courses accredited agents and LETWELL qualifiers will automatically receive CPD certificates following confirmed attendance. LAS CPD series all attendees will automatically receive CPD certification following confirmed attendance.
  21. 21. CPD courses from LAS Based on the eight sections of the letting agent Code of Practice First courses available will be based on customer service including: communication skills; dealing with difficult situations; managing complaints.
  22. 22. Training in partnership with SafeDeposits Scotland LAS & SafeDeposits Scotland Training Academy Aim is to give property professionals training in tenancy deposit disputes, over two courses: registration, legislation and preparation; adjudication and dispute resolution. Courses designed with CPD in mind: each course provides 5 hours CPD; each course delivered over a full day; blend of education and interactivity.
  23. 23. Required but beneficial CPD is for you, to contribute to your own personal development. LAS will provide CPD which is relevant, manageable and compliant. It shouldn’t be a tick box exercise but completed LAS CPD training will give you that.
  24. 24. Sponsors: Breakout session 4 The Agency Business 2018 Compliance is here to help you Gail Bowden, SAL / CLA CPD and what’s next in training Elspeth Boyle, LAS