Barnsley mbc approach to green deal

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  • By way of introduction – it is fair to say that the success of the Green Deal will, in no small degree, depend on the manner in which all local authorities respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the programme.
    Barnsley MBC recognises that the stance that it takes will have a major impact on how Green Deal works at a local level and we are keen to ensure that our actions are consistent with optimising the benefits of the programme for local residents and opportunities for business, both existing and new, in the Borough.
    Thank you to Liz (for preceding presentation) and just to reiterate that Barnsley Council is very much part of the evolving Leeds City Region Green Deal scheme and will continue to help to shape the final scheme, not least to ensure that local firms get a genuine opportunity to get involved in assessment and installation works.
    Over the first 3-years of LCR Green Deal Scheme the ambition, in Barnsley, is to:
    Inject over £6million into local energy efficiency market which should help to
    Improve energy efficiency of between 1,200 & 1,800 homes
    Creating & supporting over 50 direct & indirect jobs
  • 4 Key benefits
    Most obviously - improved housing conditions – a reduction in the number of cold, damp homes (living conditions that can give rise to illness and excess winter deaths). A real issue at the bottom end of the private rented and owner-occupied sectors in Barnsley; by comparison the 19,000 council homes in Borough in good condition as a result of investment via Decent Homes programme.
    2 ) Tackle fuel poverty – fuel poverty an ongoing concern for a growing number of households across the Borough; to repeat there are some 20,500 households in Barnsley living in fuel poverty, approximately 20% of all homes in Barnsley.
    3) Carbon Reduction – driven by legally binding targets under Climate Change Act 2008. A quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions comes from the energy we use to heat our homes and a similar amount comes from our businesses, industry and workplaces
    4) Boost to local economy (the most important) – especially relevant in Barnsley. Recently launched our economic growth strategy for the Borough covering period 2012-2033 and we anticipate that Green Deal will have important contribution to make. At a national level Govt. estimate supply chain could support 100,000 jobs within five years, there will be up to 60,000 jobs in insulation sector alone (up from around 26,000 today). Link with Barnsley College – product development & testing, training & skills development. Would be great if Barnsley could become a low carbon hub / centre of excellence, driving the development of the low carbon sector – this represents a challenge & opportunity for all of us.
  • Barnsley council are working across City Regions to maximise the benefits derived from Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation, and to focus those benefits locally. This slide sets out the potential size of the business opportunity
    You can see form these big numbers that local businesses have a key role in delivering a more energy efficient housing stock.
    Opportunities to Install Renewable Energy Technologies
    The LA has been at the forefront of renewable energy development. Our ALMO Berneslai Homes was actually the nations’ pathfinder in Biomass technology ( a low carbon alternative to traditional coal or gas boilers). We are now developing District Heating Networks for example for sheltered homes. The authority has trialled an tested a wide range of renewable solutions including heat pumps and solar systems, taking advantage of Feed In Tariffs and Renewable Heat Premium payments in order to make these investments work.
    Barnsley has great potential for renewables, particularly in off the gas grid communities of the rural west. Technologies are constantly evolving as is our knowledge in this area.
    The next slide demonstrates some of the good work done around solar
  • <number>
    Trusted brand
    Its widely recognised that no housing retrofit scheme works well without LA endorsement
    Schemes must be LA led, focus on genuine customer need provide robust customer
    safeguards to give confidence in their quality.
    Local Housing Intelligence
    The LA is best placed to understand local geography, helping to target interventions to those
    who need it most. Our approach will consider low income and vulnerable fuel poor as well as
    the more affluent Able To Pay households who can afford a Green Deal property loan.
    Energy Performance Certificate data has recently become available to assist in that regard.
    Participation in Green Deal Pioneer Places pilot-
    The Authority is working in partnership with Keep Moat Regeneration and University of
    Sheffield to deliver a pilot in Barnsley Town Centre, Darton & Dodworth areas that will test
    and enable us to understand the customer appetite and to test the green deal finance
    mechanism. Findings will be available in October.
    Building on track record of partnership working
    Management and delivery of Green Deal has been informed by previous experience of
    delivering Govt. funded programmes, and by strong working relationships with delivery
    partners and energy companies.
    Training and Skills
    Key agencies like Barnsley College and Groundwork Trust continue to assist us in educating
    tomorrow’s workforce & upgrading the skills & capacity of local industry to meet the challenge.
    Barnsley MBC Economic Strategy
    The LA plays an enabling role with the objective of generating local jobs, boosting the local
    economy, strengthening supply chains and attracting inward investment. Our aim is to
    encourage local business to fully participate in Green Deal by providing direct support eg. through
    the Enterprising Barnsley programme, to help grow businesses and jobs in the Borough.
  • Notes about:
    John & Richard:
    Barnsley MBC are working as an active partner in Green Deal, focusing on :
    Policy development
    Scheme development and delivery
    Andrew & Rob:
    A bit more detail about business support on offer etc…
  • Taken from Leeds Climate Change Strategy 2011-2015
    Carbon Reduction Target – Reduce total carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and 40% by 2020
    Priorities for Domestic Energy Efficiency
    Green Deal is a priority action for home energy efficiency to widen the focus on technologies such as solid wall insulation and hard to treat homes, micro-renewables and to encourage more affluent households to invest in improvements
    Economics of Low Carbon Cities
    The 2011 energy bill for city region was £5.4 bn and is projected to rise to £7.4 bn by 2022.
    Every £1 billion of investment in low carbon options would generate :
    £220m of energy cost savings, payback on commercial terms in just over 4 years.
    1,000 new jobs and wider economic benefits of a further £50m per year.
    Protect competitiveness, improve energy security, reduce fuel poverty improve public health.
    (The Economics of Low Carbon Cities – Mini-Stern Review for Leeds City Region)
    Leeds Future Vision:
    By 2015, the Green Deal will be making whole house improvements to over 10,000 homes every year,
    Green Deal will provide a way to finance, promote and deliver energy efficiency improvements to all properties to create a step change in emissions reductions.
    City Priority Plan 2011-2015 :
    Best City For Business
    Support sustainable growth of the Leeds economy
    Improve the environment through reduced carbon emissions
    Best City to live in
    Maximise regeneration investment to increase housing choice and affordability within sustainable neighbourhoods.
    Improve housing conditions and energy efficiency
  • Barnsley mbc approach to green deal

    1. 1. THE GREEN DEAL A Local Authority Perspective Stephen Moralee, Head of Planning, Building Control & Sustainability Development Service Barnsley MBC
    2. 2. Barnsley MBC and the Leeds City Region Green Deal Scheme • Benefits of Participation – Improvement in housing conditions – Tackle fuel poverty – Reduction in carbon emissions – Jobs and business growth
    3. 3. Potential scale of Green Deal and ECO funded work in Barnsley • The housing stock in Barnsley: – 105,000 homes in total – 18,500 council owned + 3,500 Hsg Assoc. (social housing sector) – 83,000 in private sector (owner-occupied or private rented) • Condition of some of the homes in the private sector presents a major opportunity: – 35,780 require loft insulation – 14,000 require cavity wall insulation – 23,000 require solid wall insulation • Opportunities to Install Renewable Energy Technologies
    4. 4. Renewables Solar Systems Take-up • 362,000 homes have installed solar panels in UK since April 2010 • One roof in 70 or 7% of households • Affluence is a weak factor in determining installation rates. Location is key. • Rural areas are fitting far more solar panels than UK cities Position in Table Local Authority Installations per 10,000 50 Barnsley 243 124 York 178 127 Craven 178 163 Wakefield 149 167 Harrogate 146 173 Kirklees 143 230 Calderdale 113 297 Leeds 76 301 Bradford 74
    5. 5. 5 • Trusted brand – encourage take up • Local housing intelligence • Participation in Green Deal Pioneer Places pilot • Build on track record of partnership working • Training and skills – Barnsley College • Barnsley MBC Economic Strategy Helping to develop a mature low-carbon market
    6. 6. Assistance within Barnsley MBC • General advice on Barnsley MBC engagement in Green Deal schemes – Richard Kershaw – tel. 772534 – John Mallinder – tel. 772798 • Business development support tel. 772534 – Andrew Ainsworth – tel. 776536 – Rob Hignett – tel. 772746
    7. 7. Local Employment Support Barnsley Development Agency • Economic strategy ambitions to create jobs via support for local businesses. • Supporting development and expansion. • Ambition to create employment opportunities for Barnsley people. • Bespoke support from Business Development Managers within the Enterprising Barnsley Programme • Specialist coaching to a wide range of companies with growth potential based in Barnsley • Includes new start businesses • Specific construction industry help eg. • One-to-one coaching, • Business workshops, • Seminars promoting BMBC procurement opportunities
    8. 8. Key Messages from Leeds City Region Reduce total emissions by 40% by 2020 leading to 80% by 2050 Deliver domestic energy efficiency priorities through Green Deal Economics of Low Carbon Cities • The 2011 energy bill for city region was £5.4 bn and is projected to rise to £7.4 bn by 2022. • Every £1 billion of investment in low carbon options would generate : £220m of energy cost savings, payback on commercial terms in just over 4 years. 1,000 new jobs and wider economic benefits of a further £50m per year. Protect competitiveness, improve energy security, reduce fuel poverty improve public health. (Source : Mini-Stern Review for Leeds City Region) Leeds Future Vision: • Deliver 10,000 Green Deal homes per year by 2015 • Create a step change in emissions reduction • Be the best city for business and the best city to live in