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The 5 Minute Guide to Shine on the Web with the new Scoop.it

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Welcome to the new Scoop.it!

We’ve long felt that robots and algorithms alone were not enough to make meaningful organization of the web possible. People and their unique ability to differentiate quality and semantic ties were needed, and that has been proven by you, our incredible community of curators. Since launch, you’ve attracted an audience of more than 80 million unique visitors through the thoughtful, people-powered curation of content.

Discover what's in it for you in 13 slides and see how you can become even more visible through your curated content thanks to:
- Our brand new reader-friendly design
- Interest channels
- Recommendations
- Badges


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The 5 Minute Guide to Shine on the Web with the new Scoop.it

  1. The 5 Minute Guide to Shine on the Web with the new Wednesday, October 2, 13
  2. New Look & Feel Some of you will miss the dark background but hey... we ran out of black. Wednesday, October 2, 13
  3. Dashboard Our messages are set aside to make room for your content. Discover highly recommended topics Wednesday, October 2, 13
  4. Profile Showcase your areas of expertise and expand your Community of Interests Pageview-focused metrics Wednesday, October 2, 13
  5. Topic Pages Curators and insights take precedence Reactions are just a mouse-over away Wednesday, October 2, 13
  6. Now... The Big DeaI! Interest Channels Wednesday, October 2, 13
  7. Interest Channels The best curations. Organized by interests. Wednesday, October 2, 13
  8. Interest Channels Wednesday, October 2, 13
  9. Earn Your Spot Within Interests The NSA isn’t the only one watching you. Our robots will soon spot your awesome work. Wednesday, October 2, 13
  10. Topics can be recommended by experts in your field. More recommendations = better ranking in search and within interest channels. Recommendations Wednesday, October 2, 13
  11. With great power comes great responsibility. When you too earn this right, make sure you give back by recommending other curations. Recommendations Wednesday, October 2, 13
  12. Peer recommendations + our algorithm = Silver or Gold badge Badges Wednesday, October 2, 13
  13. #curatethecurators Wednesday, October 2, 13