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The Challenge of Change - Mohamed Hossam

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..يعنى ايه SEO, و ازاى تواكب التطور اللى بيحصل فى العالم فى المجال ده.

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The Challenge of Change - Mohamed Hossam

  1. 1. SEO 2014 The Challenge of Change Mohamed Hossam By: Mohamed Hossam /Mhossamd /Mhossamd
  2. 2. Mohamed Hossam What is SEO??
  3. 3. SEO Definitions SEO is the ongoing process of uncovering and discovering non-branded keywords that are driving organic search traffic and conversions, then publishing content optimized for those keywords. SEO is the process of producing optimized content that is discoverable by the target audience as they progress through the buying cycle. SEO is about a prospect discovering a brand's content and web presence through search and social, and the owner of that content being able to understand who consumed the content and the impact of the content across the organization. SEO is the outcome of a content marketing strategy that makes use of highly converting keywords that your target audience is searching on. Mohamed Hossam
  4. 4. SEO IS The Whole Experience of… What you’re doing ONLINE “Mohamed Hossam – 2014”
  5. 5. Years 2011 2012 2013
  6. 6. • Google Instant — Sept 2010 • Social Signals — Dec 2010 Panda – Panda 3.1 Penguin – Penguin #3 + Panda #23 Humming Bird + Penguin 2.1 • Panda 4.1 • Authorship Removal • Paydayloan 3.0
  7. 7. Dealing With Updates… Matt Cutts Keep Yourself Updated ”head of Google's Webspam team” Follow Him
  8. 8. Conventional SEO! doesn’t make you rank better. It just keeps you from doing worse.
  9. 9. Mohamed Hossam
  10. 10. What’s Next ?! Everything You Learned is Still Relevant, Just Amplified. it's time to take a plunge into the change.
  11. 11. 1. Content Marketing It’s popular to say “Content is King.” It’s time to believe that “Content x is King.” Marketing
  12. 12. Here is Why… Complying standards is great but then what ?!
  13. 13. Content Marketing Gives you the real Linkable power! You get a killer link profile by creating epic stuff that people want to link to.
  14. 14. The real wins come through Content On-site Content Off-site Content • Home Page • Landing Pages • Category Pages • Product Descriptions • Blogs / Posts • White Papers / Resources • Error Pages …etc • Emails • Social Media • Guest Posts • Brochures • Packaging • Invoices • Voicemail messages
  15. 15. Different Content Types… Mohamed Hossam
  16. 16. 2. Go SOCIAL Here is Why… 2nd largest Search Engine Manages 2.1B Queries/Day Handles 0.5B Queries/Day
  17. 17. So… The New SEO is Completely Social! Then… • Are we taking our social media seriously? Are we employing the pillars of strong profiles, good content and engagement? • Is easy social sharing enabled for all of our CONTENT? • Are we active on the social networks that matter in our INDUSTRY? • Are we active on the social networks that matter to our CUSTOMERS? • Are we active on the social networks that matter to the SEARCH ENGINES? • Does our social media marketing strategy stimulate the level of social signals required to achieve our goals? Mohamed Hossam
  18. 18. Keep Your Analysis Going Keep Your consistency!
  19. 19. Thank YOU SEO 2014 The Challenge of Change By: Mohamed Hossam /Mhossamd /Mhossamd Mohamed Hossam