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Time Saving Technology

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Time saving technology tips
Time saving technology tips
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Time Saving Technology

  1. 1. Time Saving Technology!Work Smarter, Not Harder!<br />Gavin AlldayScabbyGadgets.co.uk<br />
  2. 2. The Ultimate TimesaverSmartPhones<br /><ul><li>Keep in touch whilst on the move
  3. 3. iPhone and Android phones have most Apps
  4. 4. Ensure good screen size and resolution (800 x 400 pixels)</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Remotely access home / office based computers
  5. 5. Free Personal version
  6. 6. Access computers via mobile phones</li></ul>LogMeIn Remote PC/Mac Access<br />
  7. 7. <ul><li>Synchronise files between multiple devices automatically
  8. 8. Works for Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile devices
  9. 9. Share files online easily
  10. 10. Free 2GB version</li></ul>DropBoxSynchronised File Sharing<br />
  11. 11. Working Environment<br />Video yourself working to see where you spend your time<br />Have most useful objects close by<br />Dual Monitors on your PC<br />
  12. 12. Scan and Index Documents<br />Fujitsu ScanSnapScanner<br /><ul><li>One button scanning
  13. 13. Searchable PDFsearch for text within pdf document
  14. 14. Up to 20ppm, double sided (duplex)</li></li></ul><li>Social NetworkTribes<br />Social Networks - Top Tips:<br /><ul><li>Use Social Networks to build tribes of followers
  15. 15. Built rapport and trust – educate your followers
  16. 16. Encourage sharing and interaction
  17. 17. Reward successful referrals – Affiliate Schemes</li></li></ul><li>Example – Starbucks.com<br />
  18. 18. Features:<br /><ul><li>A browser with Social Networking built in
  19. 19. Sidebar shows latest updates from your favourite social networks
  20. 20. Update Facebook, Tweet, post on your Blog</li></ul>Flock Social Web Browser<br />
  21. 21. Social NetworksMultiple Updates<br />Ping.fmUpdate multiple Social Networks for free<br />TubeMogul.comDistribute videos to multiple sites for freeTracking and analytics<br />
  22. 22. ScabbyGadgets.co.ukGavin Allday (Gavin@ScabbyGadgets.co.uk)<br />Thanks for listening!<br /><ul><li>See website for more details of topics covered
  23. 23. Follow our Facebook page for latest gadgets and devices</li>

Notas do Editor

  • IntroductionGavin AlldayScabbyGadgets.co.ukTechnology Blog for Small Business Owners and busy peopleBriefly summarises what technology is available right now(in about 2 mins)Technology that Saves TimeWork Smarter, Not Harder!Slideshare!
  • SmartphonesUpdate Social Networks whilst waiting for meeting, sat on train, during breaksConsiderations iPhone and Android phones have most Apps Screen resolution (not size) – 800 x 400 pixelsAll business owners should have Smartphones!
  • LogMeIn (Similar to GoToMyPC)Access your Home or Office based computers from anywhere in the worldUsing any PC with an internet connectionAnd even using your mobile phoneFree Personal version and Free Trials of commercial solutions
  • Dropbox allows you to synchronise your files online and across multiple computers and mobile devices automaticallyActs as Online Backup - File versioningShare files with clients
  • Use a video camera to see where you spend your timeSmartphone?Have most useful objects close by – printer, filing cabinetSwapping between applications - Dual Monitors on your PC
  • Bin the Filing Cabinet!One button scanning Searchable PDF creation – search in Explorer for text within pdf documentHave the text read to you whilst on the move via smartphone
  • Social Networks Turn your fans into your Sales TeamUse Social Networks to build tribes of followersBuilt rapport and trust – educate your followersEncourage sharing and interactionReward successful referrals – Affiliate SchemesFree!
  • Starbucks.com Homepage (US Version)Buttons for SharingLinks to other sites15,000,000 people like this!My Starbucks Idea – Empowering for customers
  • Integrate Social Networking into normal routine – mobiles etcPlugin for Firefox or Internet ExplorerFlock Social Web Browser – Brand NewTrackand update Social Networks from within browser – Twitter, Facebook, Blog PostsCreate Groups of important contacts
  • Three solutions for updating numerous Social Networks at once:Ping.fmSimultaneous updates on multiple Social NetworksApprox 40 Social Networks supportedTubeMogulDistribute videos to multiple sitesIndustry leading tracking and analyticsApprox 30 Video sites supported
  • See website for more details of topics coveredSlideshare!Why not share your favourite gadgets? Via site or emailI will write a review!ScabbyGadgets.co.ukAll you need to know in about 2 mins