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360 Strategy and Communication for Real Estate Brand

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Integrated Communication and Business Development for US1.7Billion Salam Yiti, Integrated Resort Development in
Oman by Sama Dubai, part of Dubai Holding

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360 Strategy and Communication for Real Estate Brand

  1. 1. Client Success Story<br />– Brand Development and Launch Communications of a <br />Real Estate Brand <br />Click here for some music to go along… <br />
  2. 2. Salam Yiti, Sama Dubai, Dubai Holding<br />My role with Bluegill<br />Project Director representing the agency<br /> <br />Locally Produced Global Real Estate Brand<br />First Destination – Salam Yiti<br />Salam Yiti, a US1.7Billion Integrated Resort Development in Oman by Sama Dubai, part of Dubai Holding, is a joint venture with the Oman Ministry of Tourism. A new real estate brand, “Salam Resorts & Spa” established Sama Dubai’s global reputation for innovation, excellence and vision to create integrated resort communities worldwide. Each Salam aims to deliver a luxurious and authentic local experience; inspired by the unique site assets of its outstanding strategic location. The first destination - Salam Yiti - offers a combination of three exclusive luxury resort experiences within one project: beach, spa and golf & mountain resorts. Yiti was handpicked; nestled between Oman's dramatic Al Hajar Ash Sharqi Mountains and the pristine beach, covering 420 hectares of land and rises as high as 140 metres above sea level.<br />
  3. 3. Salam Yiti, Sama Dubai, Dubai Holding<br />Action<br />The first challenge was to paint a global vision of Salam is. We built the Yiti brand around the idea of what Salam is – an integrated resort community that is uniquely defined by two elements –location and the local experience. We then built a visual system that will allow all Salam’s to be defined universally by embracing the two USPs at all times, yet injecting the local experience. We also shared an initial brand-led innovation framework that ensures that each Salam venture protects the Salam brand and that leverages Sama Dubai as a critical brand asset.<br /> <br />Brand Campaign<br />We developed an integrated brand campaign that positioned Salam Yiti as a luxury resort city that delivers an exclusive lifestyle within an authentic Omani experience. We created the brand language, communications style, packaging and all brand applications for Salam Yiti. <br /> <br />
  4. 4. Salam Yiti, Sama Dubai, Dubai Holding<br />Results<br />The launch ceremony was attended by HH Sheikh Majed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Yiti was voted as 'Destination of the Year 2008' by renowned Vogue magazine/Conde Nast publication, Oman's lush wadis, diverse landscape and rich culture attract a consistent stream of eco-tourists. Sama also announced that $2bn Salam Yiti project will generate more than 2,000 jobs, while contributing substantially to tourism development in Oman. <br />
  5. 5. Research &Messaging<br />
  6. 6. 3 distinct residential market segments were identified<br /><ul><li> Omani Nationals / expatriates will constitute the bulk of primary home buyers, while Britons and Europeans will constitute nearly half of second home buyers. </li></ul>Buyers of Residential Units<br />Investors 40%<br />Second home buyers 25%<br />Primary home buyers 35%<br />Origin:<br />
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  8. 8. CHECKLIST FOR THE CREATIVE TEAM1. ‘enjoyable’, not ‘experiential’. Allude to the experience.<br />2. Salam brand USPs: Uniquely located, global and luxury<br />3. Sama Dubai 6 guiding principles: best practice, best people, best companies, strong local partners, highest quality, CSR <br />4. Addresses key motivators for the 3 target audiences: <br />investors, 2nd home buyers, primary home buyer<br />
  9. 9. CHECKLIST FOR THE CREATIVE TEAM 5. Tackles the negative perceptions:<br /> a. perceived distance from Muscat & the airport<br /> b. excessive scale/density of master plan<br /> c. absence of unique offering compared to competition<br /> d. environmental concerns [damage]<br /> e. density of existing yiti village<br /> f. late delivery expectation<br />6. Tackles the mixed opinion<br /> a. traditional architecture a negative for Omanis, a positive for <br /> Expats<br />7. Addresses amenity expectations/preferences<br /> a. Most impt for Omanis: mosque, medical, souk, shopping, green<br /> b. Most impt for Expats: pool, beach, green, eco, sports, transport<br />8. Tagline:<br /> a. Combination of what Sama represents<br /> - Tagline:’Reaching for the sky’<br /> - Intepretation: figurative sense, conventional limits of quality <br /> service and design, dynamic, ambitious, premium, distinct, <br /> timelines concepts<br /> b. With what Salam represents<br /> - Tagline: none<br /> - Logo rationale - water ripple effect from white <br /> stone / key message of harmony <br /> and peace, luxurious, authentic<br /> local experience<br /> c. The tagline should not just emphasise Salam Yiti’s residential and holiday experience<br /> d. X is a tagline that represents (a) and (b), not Yiti (project specific)<br />9. No reference to the word resort<br />10. Defines the Salam brand -allow Yiti to talk with relevance to phase 1/2 target markets<br />11. Phase 1: <br /> a. Talks with relevance to sell 150 hilltop villas, <br /> townhouses and apartments<br /> b. Addresses the 5 components of Yiti:<br /> - Garage<br /> - Neighbour<br /> - Balcony<br /> - Garden<br /> - Grocery Store - Souk<br />12. Images used relate to residence, not hotel of resort<br />
  10. 10. Ads<br />
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  17. 17. Brand Brochure<br />
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  23. 23. Hillside Brochure<br />
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  29. 29. ContactSatvinder SandhuBluegill Communicationshttp://www.linkedin.com/in/satvinder6Skype: bluegill.communicationsMobile +971 50 508 1969www.blue-gill.comsatvinder.sandhu@blue-gill.com<br />