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Agriculture of Pakistan

This presentation includes Agriculture of Pakistan,its crops, its factors of production,seasons,regions of production,problems and solution of agriculture of Pakistan.

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Agriculture of Pakistan

  1. 1. Presented by; SAAMI HOUSESAAMI HOUSE
  2. 2. House Members • Asif Baloch(Captain) • Sateesh Hotchandani • Ahmed Mujtaba Shah • Zohaib Shaikh • Shahryar Brohi • Wajahat Khuhro
  3. 3. AcknowledgementsAcknowledgements • We would like to show our gratitude Ms. Fatima Shaikh,for giving us a good guideline for assignment throughout numerous consultations. We would also like to expand our deepest gratitude to all those who have directly and indirectly guided us in writing this assignment. • Many people, especially our classmates and team members itself, have made valuable comment suggestions on this proposal which gave us an inspiration to improve our assignment. We thank all the people for their help directly and indirectly to complete our assignment.
  4. 4. What We will Cover.................... • Introduction of Agriculture • Types of Agriculture • Crops and their types • Cash crops of Pakistan • Problems of Agriculture sector • Recommmendation • Conclusion
  5. 5. Agriculture • Agriculture is the practice of cultivating and farming animals, food and other life forms that are used to sustain life.
  6. 6. Types of Agriculture • Nomadic Herding • Shifting Cultivation • Intensive Subsistence Farming • Commercial Plantations • Mediterranean Agriculture
  7. 7. Crops • Cultivated plants or agricultural produce, such as grain, vegetables, or fruit, considered as a group.The famous crops of pakistan is wheat, rice,cotton,sugar cane and maize most of the countries importing rice and maize from PAKISTAN.
  8. 8. Types of Crops There are two crops season in PAKISTAN namely: • RABI CROPS • KHARIF CROPS
  9. 9. Cash Crops of Pakistan • The crops which are grown in Pakistan in abundance & earn foreign exchange for the country are called cash crops" • Cotton • Wheat • Rice • Sugarcane • Fruits and vegetables
  10. 10. Cotton  Cotton is called the plant of warm temprature regions.  It is said the for the first time cotton was planted in the Indo-Pak sub- continent 1500 years ago, before the birth of Christ.
  11. 11.  Greek Historian Herdotus, has mentioned that a plant is cultivated in India from which wool is obtained.  From this the information was obtained that Indian cotton was exported to Europe and Middle east Countries.
  12. 12. Wheat  Wheat is the grassy shaped plant and its height between 21/2 feet to 4 feet.  Pakistan and it occupies an important position in the crops of moderate regions wheat, compared to other crops.
  13. 13. • In the beginning was cultivated thousands of years ago and in the beginning it was cultivated in the Western Asian countries and in the Nile valley and valleys of Sindh and Dajla.
  14. 14. Rice  Rice is also considered as an important  element of human diet.  This grassy shaped plant is produced mostly in  the areas having of hot and moist climate.
  15. 15. Many varieties of rice are cultivated in the  world and these require different climate and  other conditions.  Rice plant has the height from 3 feet to 6 feet  and the grains in a plant ranges from 30 of 100  and sometimes this number increases to 400  grains.
  16. 16. Sugarcane  The people of advanced countries of the world use sugar as an  important part of the diet for many years.  The people of ancient times were not aware of sugar and were  not aware of sugarcane and other means of producing sugar.  However sugar was being sold in the markets of China in the  mid of eighteen century.
  17. 17.   In the European countries sugar was only found at  the tables of the nobles and rich people.  Sugar is obtained from the plant of sugarcane and in  the beginning this plant was found in India and later  on the Arab planted it in Egypt and in North  American countries.  It was taken to West Indians islands, Brazil and other  countries for cultivation.
  18. 18. During rainy season, gourds, cucumber, beans,  okra and brinjal are common.  The winter season is the most important for  growing a wide variety of vegetables  including, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce,  spinach, onion, potato, carrot, radish, turnip,  coriander, fenugreek and peas.
  19. 19. Sateesh’s Turn
  20. 20. Physical factors of Cash crops Crop Temperature Rainfall Soil Cotton  77 to 99F. 30 to 40 inches. Potash, Lime and  Nitrogen. Wheat 50 to 60F for  plantation and 80 to  100F for harvesting. 20 to 30 inches. Proper quantity of  sand ,clay &  Nitrogen. Rice  70F for sewing and  80 to 90f for  harvesting. 40 inches. Loam. Sugarcane  65 to 80F. 40 to 70 inches. Phosphorus & lime . 
  21. 21. Economical factors of Cash Crops • For All Cash crops these 5 Economical factors  are necessary: 1. CHEAP LABOUR 2. USE OF GOOD QUALITY SEEDS 3. MEANS OF TRANSPORT 4. ARRANGMENT OF PROPER MARKET 5. NEAR NESS TO MARKETS AND PORTS
  22. 22. Cultivation areas of Cotton in Pakistan Sindh Punjab Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Balochistan Sukkur, Khairpur and  Hyderabad. Vehari, Multan,  Bahawalpur, Sahiwal, Jhang,  Muzaffargar, Rajanpur, Okara, Faisalbad,  Toba Tek Singh,  Sargodha,  Mainwali, Bakkar,  Leiah and D.G  Khan. Peshawar, Mardan,  D.I.Khan. Lorali nad Lasbela .
  23. 23. Ciultivation Areas of Wheat in Pakistan • Less productive areas of wheat production are included in all the four  provinces of Pakistan. In these areas neither the land is fertile and smooth.  No arrangements of irrigation are possible, so the farmers have to depend  on rain. If it rains in time then it is possible to plant crop otherwise they  have to depend on other areas for food and their other requirements.  Punjab Sialkot,Rahim Yar Khan,Sargodha, Bahawalpur, Bahawal Nagar, Gujrat Muzaffaragarh,Leiah.
  24. 24. Cultivation Areas of Rice in Pakistan • Rice is not cultivated in all parts of the country. • 90% of the areas under cultivation is in the province of Punjab and  Sindh.  • In the province of Punjab, area under rice cultivation is increasing. • whereas in the province of Sindh,area under rice cultivation is  decreasing. 
  25. 25. • There is no area to compete with rice cultivation than the district of Gujranwala and Sialkot. • Beside these other district such as Lahore, Narowl, Kasur, Sheikhpura, Okara, Hafizabad are included in second number. • Sargodha, Hafizabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh possess secondry place in rice cultivation.
  26. 26. Cultivation Areas of Sugarcane in Pakistan Sindh Punjab Khyber pakhtunkhwa Balochistan Nawabshah, Hydrabad and Badin,Kharpur Thatha, Sukkur, Sanghar, Tharparker and Dadu. Gujrat,Rahim yar khan, Sheikhupura, Sahiwal, Vehari, Bahawalpur, Muzafarghar, Leiah,Sailkot, Gujarnwala, Rajanpur, Dera Ghazi khan, Mianwali, Bakkar, and Khushab. Pashawar and Mardan. No cultivation In Balochistan.
  28. 28. Limited Cultivable Area •Total area of Pakistan 79.6 million hectares. •23.7 million hectares used for agriculture.
  29. 29. Water Logging and Salinity
  30. 30. Low Per Hectare Yield
  31. 31. Inadequate Infrastructure
  32. 32. Uneconomic Land Holdings
  33. 33. Old Methods of Production
  34. 34. Ahmed Mutaba’sTurn
  35. 35. 2. Natural Problems
  36. 36. Various Plant Diseases
  37. 37. Natural Calamities
  38. 38. Under Utilization of Land
  39. 39. • 3.Socio-Economic Problems
  40. 40. Joint Family System
  41. 41. Illiteracy and Ill-health Literacy rate is 57.7 in Pakistan
  42. 42. Political Instability
  43. 43. • 4. Fianancial Problems
  44. 44. Lack of Credit
  45. 45. Poor Financial Position of Farmers He burns in debts,grown in debts and dies in debts.
  46. 46. Instability in Market Prices
  47. 47. MEASURES TO REMOVE THESE PROBLEMS  Supply of Agriculture Credit  Water Logging and Salinity Control  Construction of Dames  Provision of HYV Seed(HYV=High yielding variety)  Mechanization
  48. 48.  Agricultural Research  Agro-based Industries  Tax Concessions  Training of Farmers  Prices of Agricultural Productivities
  49. 49. Conclusion • Being an agrarian country,agricultural sector of PAKISTAN’s economy is still backward.Use of modern techniques,provision of credit facilities,basic infrasfucture and agriculture research facilities are needed to remove the all problems of agriculture sectors.