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Kribhani Jobs- Nepal's best Job Agency

  1. Company Profile A Bridge between Peoples and Work
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  3. About Kribhani…  We provide best platform for both Job Seekers and Business House  We help empower human resource by guidance, counseling, and advices  We focus on lowering employee turnover, retaining the talent knowledge held by your work force. We do so by undertaking proper screening of the employees to best fit the job.  We have sophisticated Candidate Database Management System and vast network  Simply put, as your #1 source for the best jobs in Nepal.
  4. Major Highlights  Gave Job to more than 2000 peoples  More than 200 clients  More than 20 corporate clients  More than 1000 peoples trained  More than 10 big events partnered as HR partner  More than 50 agents  More than 10,000 database pool of candidates  Job placement on 7-15 days from Top Management to Low level Assistants
  5. Vision To bridge the gap between unemployment and corporate level Human Resource services in Nepal.
  6. Our Mission and Objectives Mission:  To be the one stop HR solution company by providing worthy career opportunities and resources to the people along with innovative staffing solution Objective:  Preparing the pool of best candidates for the available job opportunities  Offering opportunities that will fulfill most of the candidates on the database  To specialize in identifying talent in the labor market and making it available to organizations that requires skilled and talented people for various positions.  To assist the organization with a view to come up with an efficient human resource strategy.
  7. Our Values 1. We are committed in providing transparent recruitment service to our clients and candidates. 2. Our main concern is on providing prominent client services with a sense of urgency, quick respond to client needs, and meet our commitments to provide only the best staffing services. 3. We intend to empower, encourage and support people to achieve their goal and directing them to achieve our mission. 4. We strive to enhance the values of our team by conducting several skill development programs for continuous improvement and also encourage innovative thinking that will enhance our ability to reduce labor cost and find talent for appropriate position. 5. We are value driven and seek to maintain a strong sense of ethics, fair play and responsibility in all that we do. Any short coming and decision to be taken will be made prominently.
  8. Our team  Team Kribhani consists of people from various backgrounds. Our partners who are initially involved in their specialized field have proved to be expertise in the industry.  We have structured our team to grasp the expertise gained from the respective profession and prove our commitment to highest standard HR solution to our customers.  The team is founded by the veteran HR professionals with an aim of establishing a difference in the industry. With this vision we seek introducing some innovative service to our clients.  We have team of business strategist, financial analyst, trainers, skilled and professional web developers and people with dynamic PR. Our team also consists of advisors from various organizations who are professional managers and are expert business analyst.  We aspire to provide sensational services to our clients with professional expertise in the industry. We aim to build our organization a one stop HR solution company in the country.
  9. Our team  Chairman  Board Of Directors  Managing Director  General Manager  Marketing Head  Human Resource Manager  Accounts and Audit  Training and Development  Research and Search  Head Hunting and Database Center
  10. Services Provided  Executive Search Through Executive Search we obtain candidates with high, professional qualifications and experience in a particular industry. Knowledge of our consultants and high standards of ethical business practise carried out under the Executive Search are capable of delivering high efficacy in the recruitment of a wide range of professions, from the highest level executives to a more diverse set of specialist and precise business posts.  Search & Selection We are planning and conducting Search & Select for the mass recruitment projects aimed in medium and technical personnel. Searches are based on our database and advertising campaigns in the biggest Polish job portals and newspapers. We recommend the top candidates from all the applications we receive.  Try & Hire/ Temporary employment Try & Hire is a modern form of employment. This solution allows you to check the suitability of an employee before permanently employing them, following the principle: “first try, then employ”. The Try & Hire system means two services in one: recruitment and temporary employment.
  11. Services Provided  Assessment Center Our HR consultants lead candidates through practical exercises, which are directly related to the duties and responsibilities that the employee would perform in the vacant position. These preparations allow a deeper assessment of the true practical knowledge of postulants, to examine areas of competence that are must haves for the effective implementation of the appropriate tasks, and which also and identify areas for positive development. In addition, the Assessment Center gives candidates a chance for a closer insight into the specific job offer.  Psychological Tests Our psychologists can prepare a psychological review formulated on the basis of interviews and / or tests which assess the strong and weak facets of the candidates personality characteristics.  Skills Tests Depending on the requirements of the workplace, we conduct tests to assess the knowledge and professional skills of the candidates such as sales techniques, analytical, mathematical and language skills. These are developed or modified in consultation with the Employer's specific expectations of the position, with substantive support from specialists in the field.
  12. Top Recruitment Positions Accountancy & Finance  - Chief Accountant - Finance Manager - Finance Controller - Fund Accountant Marketing & Sales  - Area Sales Manager - Regional Sales Manager - Key Account Manager - Sales Representative
  13. Top Recruitment Positions Top Management  - CFO - CEO - Country Manager - Finance Director - HR Director - Sales Director Manufacturing & Operations  - Supply Chain Director - Logistics Director - Production Planning Director - Logistics Specialist
  14. Training Facilities Core Trainings 1. Accounting and Finance 2. Marketing and Sales 3. General Management 4. Human Resource Management 5. Business Development 6. Corporate Skills
  15. Training and Development Job oriented Training  Communications  Customer Service  Leadership  Conflict Management  Office Package  Personality  Resume Building
  16. Training and Development Corporate Trainings  Management Excellency Training  Job Preparatory Training  Personal Skill Development Training  Life skill Training  Front Desk Excellency Training  Banking Training
  17. Top Clients  Chaudhary Group  Triveni Group  Trishakti Group  Dugar Group  Sharada Group  Vaidya’s Group  Jyoti Group  Khetan Group  Murarka Group  Golcha Organizations  Banks and Financial Institutions  INGO | NGOs
  18. Contact Us Contact us at: +97701-6201326 E-mail: Website: Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal