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Parking Map

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A map to what parking lots are allowable for which parking tags at both campuses.

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Parking Map

  1. 1. 2010-20011 Parking Map Loop 1604 Valero W Main Campus J oh ve. ay t Tobin A n Pe Margare ace Spring 2011 East Garage Bl Wal vd North Construction Begins ter Margaret To Garage B bin Ave. Lot 3 Lot 4 ren NPB Bldg an A LV Tobin AC Lot RRC Construction Lot 14 Lot 1A ve. Lot AC 1 t Lo Fr ed CH PP BB Co ine Dev Lo as om o Th Babcock Rd. k TEP1 MB t1 MBT SRL1 HSS CV UC JPL B SAL Lot SRL2 TENNIS PSD Softball COURTS UC SC MS p us Dr. East Cam CRW Baseball Field Lot 13 Tra Sculpture/ Field PE ck Ceramics BSA Construction UC ART &F CAR W Lot 12 SB ield alt HS y Ke Lot South ick er er Br CC Garage ho d FSA e EB R pos en BSB pur an ulti elds RWC TEP2 James B M Fi BSE Av Lot 1 Lot 8 e. Lot AET Sa auerle 6 m 2 Valero W Ba A Edw rsh op Lot 5 Blv Lot 7 ard X Lot 10A d. imen ay Lot 5 rd ge O’Neil Fo es Av s nrid ace UTSA Blvd. Sp CDC Lot 10 Ge org e Bra cke Shu ttle IH-10 e. Lot 11 University Oaks Phase III Phase I Phase II Faculty/Staff Reserved Parking Visitor Short Term Paid Parking UTSA Blvd. Faculty/Staff A Permit Parking Disabled Parking BUILDING KEY Faculty/Staff B Permt Parking Campus Buildings AC ACTIVITY CENTER CC CONVOCATION CENTER PE PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING AET APPLIED ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY DB DURANGO BUILDING PP PHYSICAL PLANT BUILDING Resident Housing Permit Parking Construction Projects ART ART BUILDING EB ENGINEERING BUILDING PDS POWER & DYNAMIC SYSTEMS LABORATORY BB BUSINESS BUILDING FSA FACILITIES SERVICES ANNEX RRC ROADRUNNER CAFE Commuter Surface Permit Parking Motorcycle Permit Parking BSA BUSINESS SERVICE ANNEX FSB FRIO STREET BUILDING RWC RECREATION & WELLNESS CENTER Twilight Permit - Evenings BSB BIOSCIENCES BUILDING HSS HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES SB SCIENCE BUILDING Visitor Booth BSE BIOTECHNOLOGY SCIENCES & ENGINEERING JPL JOHN PEACE LIBRARY SC SCULPTURE/CERAMICS Garage Permit Parking BVB BUENA VISTA BUILDING LV LAUREL VILLAGE COMPLEX SAL SMALL ANIMAL LABORATORY (Fac/Staff, Student Garage, CAR CENTER FOR ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH MB MAIN BUILDING SRL1SCIENCE RESEARCH LABORATORY #1 NightRunner- Evenings, South CH CHISHOLM HALL MBT MARGARET BATTS TOBIN LABORATORY SRL2SCIENCE RESEARCH LABORATORY #2 Garage Evening) CRW CENTRAL RECEIVING & WAREHOUSE MS MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES BUILDING TEP1 THERMAL ENERGY PLANT 1 CVC CHAPARRAL VILLAGE COMPLEX MTB MONTEREY BUILDING South Garage Permit Parking TEP2 THERMAL ENERGY PLANT 2 CDC CHILDCARE CENTER NPB NORTH PASEO BUILDING UC UNIVERSITY CENTER MTB Frio Street Frio Street W Commerce Stret Buena Vista Street FSB W Durango Blvd BVB Durango Loop Lot DB uare man’s Sq Parking Garage Cattle Lot S Pecos-La Trinidad Street S Pecos-La Trinidad Street Lot D-5 Lot D-4 Lot D-3 Lot D-2 Lot D-1 Downtown Campus Business Auxiliary Services reserves the right to make changes to the con guration of any lot.