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Now We Have A Country

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Now We Have A Country is a that explain the atmosphere of change nigeria is experiencing. Long before now nigerians were in the shadow of themselves as regard the way our leaders are treating us. After many questions unanswered from President Goodluck Jonathan led executive, people were confused, dejected and downcasted. Now the atmosphere as changed. General Muhammadu Buhari is on the path of removing our fears. Wipe our tears and hug us with hope.

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Now We Have A Country

  1. 1. Now We Have A Country Once we belong to a country where no one matter Once we a land that operate on a brick of break up Once we were brutal, sold, forgotten and rejected Once we cried and no one care to listen Once our women were kidnapped, raped and tortured Once our children were not cared for by elders Once our youth roam the street to survive Once our food is tasteless and water is bitter Once they lied, stole and enriched their generation Once they enthrone injustice at the palace Once they don’t care we perish Once they build castle for their destruction Now we have a country that will yield Now our darkness can come to light Now we have voice to demand justice Now we can stand for peace and progress