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  1. 1. Joshua Scholten ~. .,..-r&k~.t:1,M:" D's _._= i•.$el~;·""" irector ~ ~!<adl>l<we"51--' .- ~ '. . . .,h~p'"~;jo. ~~,:Ç;.·~ej~, . ,/ .,: .' - --- -- ~.Ol'.', ~ ~*~t~ peony NIJI'Sen/ To whom it.may concern Mr. Sanjib Bashir Ahmad has been working with "Paionia" Peony Nursery V.O.F. Scholten - Keeman since 2009 till present day as a freelance web development and technology specialist. He has implemented the www.peonyshop.com site which providescontent management and e-commerce capabilities. He has also helped us develop various back- office functionalities for rnanaqinq inventory, suppliers, customers, order management and more. "Paionia" Peony Nursery V.O.F. Scholten - Keeman is located in the Netherlands but outsourees the software development tasks to Mr. Ahmad who is located in Bangladesh. The following list summarizes the various roles and responsibilities he carries out: - Oedicated server-ïdv) administration hosted with MediaTemple. Server operating system is Linux CentOs with Parallels Plesk. - Peonyshop.com site development and maintenance. Site is developed using PHP and MySQL database as the backend. Web server used is Apache. The following are a list of features he has implemented: - Joomla extension development, includes component, modules and templates - Newsletter and customer list integration with MailChimp - Peony flower catalog system with various specifications, prices, region based availability, automated POF catalog generation, etc - Customer management, membership system, order tracking - Order management, automated POF invoicing, supplier integration - PayPal integration - Social media network integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc - SEO programming related development tweaks - Automated custom backup script implementation for code and database Kind regards, "Paionia" Peony Nursery V.O.F. Scholten - Keeman Kadijkweg 51,1614 MA, Lutjebroek The Netherlands Phone:+31623236056 Fax:+31228523792 Web: www.peonyshop.com Email: info@peonyshop.com