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Sandeep Mewada Pharmacology & medicinal Chemistry

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  1. 1. Monobactam • Monobactams are β-lactam compounds wherein the β-lactam ring is alone and not fused to another ring, in contrast to most other β-lactams. • They are effective only against aerobic Gram-negative bacteria. • (e.g., Neisseria, Pseudomonas).
  2. 2. Other examples of monobactams are •aztreonam. •tigemonam, •nocardicin A, •and tabtoxin.
  3. 3. Aztreonam. (The four-membered ring at the bottom is the β-lactam. There is a second thiazole ring, but it is not fused to the β-lactam ring.)
  4. 4. Tigemonam
  5. 5. Adverse effects to monobactams can include • skin rash • and occasional abnormal liver functions. • They have no cross-hypersensitivity reactions with penicillin but like penicillins can trigger seizures in patients with history of seizures.