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  1. Walter Lippmann, in 1943, defined it in terms of war saying that "a nation has security when it does not have to sacrifice its legitimate ínterests to avoid war, and is able, if challenged, to maintain them by war". A later definition by Harold Lasswell, a political scientist, in 1950, looks at national security from almost the same aspect, that of external coercion. There is no single universally accepted definition of national security. The variety of definitions provide an overview of the many usages of this concept. The concept still remains ambiguous, having originated from simpler definitions which initially emphasised the freedom from military threat and political coercion to later increase in sophistication and include other forms of non-military security as suited the circumstances of the time.
  2. state of the country in which it protects its integrity, stability and capacity for effective functioning and development through protection from any destructive internal and external influences.
  3. • Economic security • Military security • Political security • Environmental security • Security of energy and natural resources • Cybersecurity • Social security Elements of national security
  4. using diplomacy to rally allies and isolate threats marshalling economic power to facilitate or compel cooperation maintaining effective armed forces implementing civil defense and emergency preparedness measures (including anti- terrorism legislation) ensuring the resilience and redundancy of critical infrastructure using intelligence services to detect and defeat or avoid threats and espionage, and to protect classified information using counterintelligence services or secret police to protect the nation from internal threats
  5. National security should be based on ideological and theoretical basis, which allows to determine the main directions in ensuring national security. This is the Concept of national security. The concept of national security is a system of officially accepted views on the provision of a secure existence, functioning and development of society on the basis of the prevention and protection of all its real and potential danger from any destructive influences of internal and external order.
  6. The Concept of national security is a document by which the state and society is planning its development based on sustainability and stability. A system of legal norms to ensure national security, as well as programs and plans for ensuring security in some areas of activity are based on the General concept.
  7. timely forecasting and identifying internal and external threats to the national security of the Russian Federation; implementation of operational and long-term measures to prevent and neutralize internal and external threats; ensuring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, the security of its border space; the rise of the economy, independent and socially oriented economic policy; overcoming technical, scientific and technological dependence of the Russian Federation from external sources; provision on the territory of Russia the personal safety of a person and citizen of his constitutional rights and freedoms; improving the system of state power of the Russian Federation, Federal relations and local self-government legislation of the Russian Federation, the formation of harmonious inter-ethnic relations, strengthening the rule of law and maintain socio-political stability of the society; ensuring strict observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation, all the citizens, officials, state bodies, political parties, public and religious organizations; ensuring equitable and mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia, primarily with the leading States of the world; the rise and maintenance of a sufficiently high level of the military potential of the state; strengthening the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery; the adoption of effective measures to detect, prevent and suppress intelligence and subversive activities of foreign States, directed against the Russian Federation; radical improvement of the environmental situation in the country.
  8. personality social groups community organizations government agencies state and society as a whole
  9. The main functions of the national security system: identifying and forecasting internal and external threats to the vital interest of safety, the implementation of complex operational and long-term measures for their prevention and elimination. management of forces and means of security on a daily basis and in emergency situations. implementation forces measures to restore the normal functioning of the security objects in the regions affected by the disaster. participation in the activities of the security outside the country, in accordance with international treaties and agreements concluded or recognized by the Russian Federation.
  10. The criterion of economic security is considered stable growth in productivity not less than 5%. This is possible only on the basis of sustainable production, able to provide basic industries quality raw materials and equipment, and social services. Also as criteria for assessing the economic security are: • resource potential and the possibility of its development; • the level of efficient use of resources; • the competitiveness of the economy; • the territorial integrity and economic space; • social stability.
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  12. citizen and entrepreneur organization or enterprise separate region the state as a whole
  13. 1. Economic independence. Economic independence is not absolute because the international division of labor makes the national economy dependent on each other. The state will not be able to exist in isolation without economic interaction with other countries and regions. In these circumstances economic independence refers to the ability of state control over the rational allocation of their national resources. 2. The stability and sustainability of the national economy , This element involves the protection of property in all its forms, create reliable conditions for entrepreneurial activity, deterrence factors that can destabilize the situation (combating criminal organizations in the economy, control over the distribution of income). 3. The ability of self-development and progress. The creation of a favorable climate for investment and innovation, constant modernization of production facilities is the guarantee of a competitive economic system.
  14. External threats include: dependence on imports of many products for strategic purposes; the predominance of resource orientation of the export; discriminatory measures to domestic goods in foreign markets aggressive foreign policy of States in the conquest of markets.
  15. Threats to the internal nature include:
  16. There are a number of indicators of threats, which are used to detect threats in the economic sphere of life. Their level is to a certain extent, indicates the presence or absence of threats to economic security of the state. These indicators are: quality of life the rate of inflation the rate of unemployment the budget deficit public debt the activities of the shadow economy
  17. The main directions of the national security of the Russian Federation in the economic activities of the state are: • legal support of reforms and the creation of effective mechanism of control over observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation; • the strengthening of state control over the economy; • taking the necessary measures to overcome the consequences of the economic crisis, the preservation and development of scientific- technical, technological and production potential, the transition to economic growth by reducing the probability of technological disasters, increase the competitiveness of domestic industrial products, the rise of the welfare of the people.
  18. Economic issues in Russia is engaged in a number of ministries and agencies: Ministry of economic develop ment and trade Ministry of Finance Ministry of taxes and duties the Ministry of property relations the Federal Antimono poly service Federal financial markets service Federal tariff service the Federal energy Commissi on
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