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Forte Portfolio

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Forte Portfolio

  1. 1. communications portfolio To view online, visit http://samanthaforte.wordpress.com SAMANTHA FORTE
  2. 2. Robbie Page Memorial Fund campaign poster (Adobe Photoshop) Vitamin Shoppe branded social media infographic (Adobe Photoshop) Barkley’s Gourmet Dog Treats logo vector (Adobe Illustrator) Branded Barkley’s website mock-up (Adobe Photoshop) Graphic DESIGN
  3. 3. Photography
  4. 4. Engagement Content Marketing Strategies As an intern at the Vitamin Shoppe, I was given the opportunity to create original social media content which was used regularly on the brand’s social channels. Here are some examples of the content and the skills I gained on the job. Pinterest: Tint Contesting: Twitter Party Scripts: Pairing lifestyle pins with relevant product pins, which link back to retail website to drive traffic & sales. SEO through text-rich descriptions Moderating and streaming fan generated content to Vitamin Shoppe’s “snap and share” section on the retail site, enabling direct CTA links based on products mentioned. Working with vendors to promote products through social media contests and engagement with community Themed conversations promote products while simultaneously and directly connecting consumers and community with brands MEDIA Social
  5. 5. Social MEDIA Post Samples #FitFunSun 2015 Summer Social Campaign Photos Engagement Content (Continued)
  6. 6.   Monsters University takes over Ramapo for Greek Week  Ramapo College, are you ready for the annual Scare Games?!  Well, not exactly.  Next week, hundreds of members from Greek organizations across campus will compete in  Greek Week, an Olympic­style competition where fraternities and sororities team up and fight  for the bragging rights of best organization.  This year’s event is themed after the Disney­Pixar movie Monsters’ University, a prequel to the  2001 hit, Monsters Inc. Each organization will be grouped into teams named after Monster’s  University’s Greek organizations, like Oozma Kappa, Eta Hiss Hiss, Jaws Theta Chi and Roar  Omega Roar. Throughout the week, each team will be seeking out ways to low score their  competitors. For instance, all week a Penny Wars will be going on in the student center. The  team with the highest amount of pennies at the end of the week wins all of the money.  However, putting in silver coins will automatically deduct the coin’s worth from the total of  pennies.  And despite the lack of games like “Avoid the Parent” and “The Toxicity Challenge” like the real  Scare Games, there will still be plenty of events for Greeks to compete and earn points.  Sporting events, like basketball, volleyball, football, and rock climbing provide opportunities for  teams to earn points and rankings. Greek Week also provides unique opportunities for teams to  earn points in competitions like Jeopardy. One of the week’s most popular events is Greek Sync,  where each fraternity and sorority choreographs a dance routine, and the participants must lip  sync as well.  At the end of the week, the team with the highest cumulative amount of points will take home  the title of Best Scarers…oops, I mean winners. Many students love Greek Week because it  brings the Greeks together for a greater cause. Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life staff  member, Emily Schnier, says it’s a great way to unite the community as a whole. “Greek Week  always brings a sense of unity among all of the organizations,” she says. “It gives us a chance to  work together as a team and just have fun.”  Greek Week runs from April 5 through April 12. So, Ramapo Monsters, be ready for your scales,  paws, and claws to get down and play dirty!  SAMPLES Writing Newswriting - Feature Story Ore-Ida Foods, Inc. For Immediate Release For More Information: September 30, 2014 Samantha Forte Director of Media Relations 123-456-7890 sforte@oreida.com ORE IDA TO OFFER STADUIM PROMOTION BOISE, ID—The Ore-Ida French Fry company will begin offering a promotion in conjunction with several sports arena and stadiums, offering a free ketchup holder with the purchase of a large container of fries. The offer will be effective starting October 1, 2014. “We know how inconvenient it can be at a venue balancing a large fry in one hand and a mound of ketchup packets in the other,” said John Smith, brand manager for Ore-Ida potatoes. “Our new free ketchup holder easily clips onto the side of the container, so you no longer have to maintain a balancing act.” The plastic clips will be printed with both Ore-Ida and Heinz logos. The ketchup holders are reusable and can be used in future food ventures. Since 1952, Ore-Ida is the most trusted name brand in frozen potatoes for its value, convenience, great quality and family-friendly foods. Ore-Ida is a subsidiary of H.J. Heinz Company, producer of The World’s Favorite KetchupTM . # # # For more information, or to schedule an interview with John Smith, please call Samantha Forte at 123-456-7890 or email Samantha at sforte@oreida.com. Mock Press Release
  7. 7.             The Sports Factory (TSF) Announces Tryout Dates for 2015 Season    Overview  TSF Academy announces its tryout dates for the 2015 season. The tryouts will be sponsored by  Nike and will be held in The Sports Factory on Saturday December 6th. All players wishing to  tryout will be required to reserve their spot by paying a small fee of $25 before December 1st.    Core Facts   ­ TSF Academy will hold tryouts for the Spring 2015 season on December 6th, 2014 from  10am until 4pm.  ­ TSF Academy is seeking dedicated and talented players for U8 ­ U18 boys and girls  teams.  ­ All players wishing to try out must pre­register online before December 1st and will be  contacted by the coach prior to attending the tryout.  ­ Tryouts will be held in our climate­controlled facility in Lincoln Park, NJ.  ­ TSF Academy has a philosophy in which players are developed without the help of  parent coaching.   ­ Each coach at TSF has a European Coaching license.      Links / Connect   Homepage: ​http://www.tsfacademy.com/  Registration: ​http://ecommerce.tsfacademy.com  Apparel:  http://ecommerce.tsfacademy.com/Apparel_c3.htm  Locations: ​http://www.tsfacademy.com/directions.shtml  Contact Us:  http://www.tsfacademy.com/contactus.shtml  Girls Try­Outs:  http://www.tsfacademy.com/tryouts.shtml  Boys Try­Outs: ​http://www.tsfacademy.com/tryouts.shtml    Social Media News Release