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Salesforce World Tour London Round-Up Infographic

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We crunched the content and analysed the presentations to bring you a selection of highlights from this Salesforce World Tour London 2015

Head over to the Salesforce UK Blog for more info: https://www.salesforce.com/uk/blog/2015/06/salesforce-world-tour-london-2015--infographic-round-up.html

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Salesforce World Tour London Round-Up Infographic

  1. 1. 50+additional expert talks across 4 theatres and zones A record-breaking year: Overheard: 1. Customer obsession –meet the new centre of your universe 2. 1 to 1–personalisation is here 3. Engagement beats transactions–relevance is power 4. Democratisation of tech –we’re all techies now 5. Security–in the cloud, trust is everything Five big trends: How did we get here? Salesforce World Tour London 2015 Here’s what you missed. A RECORD-BREAKING YEAR WITH SFWT LONDON 13,000+ registrants 60breakout sessions 1,400,000 people watching online $200,000 donated to CoderDojo 66cloud partners Mainframe Server Cloud | Mobile Social | Data Science 1000s 1,000,000s 1,000,000,000 of connected things 1,000,000,000,000 of customer interactions Uberisation is the new Amazonisation. The customer journey is all about 1:1, personalised interactions. The barrier to creative disruption has never been lower. Today, we are only limited by our own ideas, not technology. 70% of sales come from service. Focus on innovation, not infrastructure. Speed is the new currency of business. Largest software conference in the UK! Nobody wants to be in the upgrade business. Today every company is an app company, and everybody is a developer. The Customer Success Platform; drive deeper connections with your customers through sales, customer service, marketing, communities, apps, and analytics. What’s hot? “90% of data was created in the last year. Imagine what next year will bring.” Keith Block Salesforce President & Vice Chairman The most successful companies will be those that place the customer at the centre of their universe. Innovating for customer success See how major brands are putting customers at the centre of their universe: Barclays, Coca-Cola, Vodafone Thank you 41* Success 56* Technology 67* Customer 179* * Number of times used in the keynote Words of the day: www.salesforce.com/london Watch all the recordings at www.salesforce.com/uk/live Catch the highlights from Salesforce World Tour London world tour http://bit.ly/SFBarclays http://bit.ly/SFCocaCola http://bit.ly/SFVodafone